Connery's newest fail favorite "A2AM"

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  1. phungus420

    What server are you playing on? Keep in mind Connery is in the thread title.

    On Connery the solo play air game is just dead, dead, dead.

    Invisible god mode cloaked Mossy swarms will find and kill you before you can even see them any time you aproach TR borders. If you play TR all the enemy ESFs are forced to stay behind TR borders because they just get killed by Strikers and the aformentioned invisible god mode cloaked Mossy swarms, so if you try to solo as an mossy you have to go deep into enemy territory if you want kills/XP and then you just get swarmed by reaver and sythe A2Am using swarms that have begun taking over the air game in response to TR's total air dominance.

    It's just boring or instant death to invisible enemies.

    There is no solo air game on Connery.

    I still do plenty of solo work in the morning. It's more near prime time that being a solo ESF pilot becomes difficult and less profitable. And I usually see a massive spike of A2AM usage as well near prime time as all the outfits start getting the airwings up and going.
  3. Degenatron

    It is foolish to bind yourself to a set of rules your enemy need not follow. It is doubly foolish to expect your enemy to bind themselves as well.

    Sun Tzu didn't say that, but he should have.
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  4. Tricky

    Invisible death swarms, hahaha. If you see my signature I play on TR Connery in MERC, the same outfit/server as SNAFU who started this thread. We're not invisible, we're probably just above you just coasting through the air waiting the drop down and strike like vultures and we're not always in groups, we'll at least I'm not. I guess what I'm trying to say is stop trying to lolpod the ground and look up every once and a while and you might see we're not as invisible as you think.
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  5. TeknoBug

    Connery's air is a mess but amass, I pull AA as often as I can as it's rich with xp if I get a clear shot. Everytime I jump in someone's Lib or fly an ESF myself it's bleepbleepbleepbleep 2 seconds from leaving the dock til the aircraft blows up or I die, A2AM is back because of the Bursters nerf.

    :cool: with it.
  6. rickampf

    If you try to lolpod our glorious terran troopers... and survive our anchored bursters maxes, vulcans and strikers, you will be hunted down by our almighty Mosquito squads. But... keep bringing your scythes and reavers please, dont stop it.
  7. MrHenderson

    While I in no way support judging a player simply by stats, it's hard not to conclude that a2am is a baddie weapon of choice looking at said stats of the people who support their use in this thread.

    It's overwhelming.

    Prepare MrHenderson, they come.

    That's great for a real world scenario but since this is video game land binding ourselves to a standard is perfectly acceptable. Especially when balance is a fluid state always changing with each update. By voicing our disgust here with the direction of A2A game play we can change or influence dev's decisions by giving them feed back.
  10. GSZenith

    keep it up a2am users!
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  11. holycaveman

    I don't like getting killed by nose guns, maybe I should start a thread?
  12. LelyanaTR

    I respect SNAFU he is one of our lvl 100"s on our server but what the purpose of this game is too win. By using the tools that is at your disposal. You can **** thy self and challenge thy self all you want but, but that does not mean it makes you better or worse just more adaptable. Just like shotgun or smg's tools of trade. I **** my self as well, I vowed to never use a shotty or smg and to never buy a weapon other than with certs. I do fine and have auraxianed a lot of weapons. But is that how I want all players to play? With a honor code or style? No, but what it does do is challenge myself and become more cautious in certain situations where I will be more at a disadvantage. I lead a team on the front lines and I die with my team. The true Terran way

  13. Riskae

    ha still on this hey? I notice a lot of the lvl 100s run "dog fighting" ESFs... and by that I mean lolpods and hover or racer frame... why? because how do you think they got to lvl 100?

    they farmed their way... and now they're sad because they're the targets now? pfft... since I saw this thread I run exclusive a2a missiles.
  14. happfyunbags

    Yeah, this is getting pretty dumb. It's only a matter of time before the actually good pilots get so pissed off they start equipping a2am themselves. I believe it's already begun on Waterson; the last few days' influx of Vanu has brought a huge wave of VS pilots running A2AM. Apparently there is a bug that Reavers can exploit where if you hit the flight ceiling while locked on, the lock-on misses or something.
  15. SNAFUS

    Now there will 10 reavers on flight ceiling trying to find out if there was truth to what you said.
  16. Archlyte

    Yep. And that's the point. Make Air an elite-only activity and it becomes marginalized, a bad source of income for the game, and not a part of the strategic whole so much as an arena. Maybe you should ask that ground plebes not be allowed to shoot at planes at all. Make ESF's require a coordination test, a literacy exam, and a proof of income in order to pull.

    This thread is a paragon of idiocy. A high-twitch keyboard thumper makes a thread complaining about being able to be killed by others whom he doesn't feel are worthy of killing him. What a f*cking fop
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  17. Daemeon

    I say everyone should get to enjoy the "quality" play that is lock ons.. why should Air and Armour have all the fun?

    I propose.... The Seeker Grenade!

    NS Weapon. Replaces grenade slot. Takes two hits to kill.

    Can be avoided only by outrunning it as it is currently bugged and will go through walls and make 90 degree turns on a dime to chase you.

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  18. phungus420


    Well lolpodding just doesn't really fit me, I mean I've used them quite a bit, specially on the sythe (photon pods are the best by far of all the lolpods). I'd wager though I have the least play time with rocket pods of any player with over 500 hours in an ESF. I can't be sure, but I pretty much only use A2Am or AB tanks (AB Tanks alot more as of late since they increase survivability which has been the main issue in gameplay recently because of A2Am - also keep in mind most of time I ran A2Am they had a very tiny lock on cone --smaller then the circle rehticle-- and fired duds most of the time).

    I don't know maybe the rest of what you had to say about me fits, but the lolpod comment is way off the mark.
  19. MrHenderson

    Thank you for proving my point.
  20. MrHenderson

    Once again, thank you for proving my point. As I said...overwhelming support for a2am from bads.