Connery TR: Has failure become your only option?

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  1. Aethestis

    Thats appreciated Nuka, I've seen your outfit around since the early days of the server and you are always a hard fight.
  2. Roxputin

    Don't sell yourself short TR. I was coordinating the southern defense of Regent Rock and Xenotech during yesterday's earlier alerts and the sheer amount of mossies you guys threw at us was overwhelming. Granted, we did receive backup when we requested it and the TR could not push past Xeno. Having the extra numbers means everything, especially in an alert situation. I am glad I didn't take it for granted that the TR was underpopulated or else the TR push would have caused the NC to pull ahead at the last minute.
  3. Shortwave

    Fun true fact about Warbirdtd. He's Yoga / Meditation instructor IRL and quite possibly the most chill guy I've ever met. A few years ago at Blizzcon he and I were assaulted at the server gathering due to him getting the last attainable "Grand Marshall" title in old school rated PVP and our 2's arena team antics. This horde guy comes at me with a chair, Warbird is punched in the face. Warbird, with this guy's fists raised, and me screaming in terror as this guy is chasing me around the convention room with a chair, shouts at us to calm down and starts going all zen / psyc 101 on us and calms us all down.

    The man, has spent like 10million cert points in patience IRL, I kid you not.

    Yet, the other day, I hears him swear under his breath on teamspeak.

    Way to go TR, you broke a man who was on par with Ghandi for patience and calm.

    Because you're so bad.
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  4. DeadLamb

    yeah it's pretty brutal.. granted this was late at night but the other night during a bio lab alert we had like 22%, NC was more or less the same and VS was up to 50% over all and 60% on Indar I think. Something like that.. At the end of my gaming night of a couple of hours I noticed that I had "earned" 750ish mec resources.. I had only pulled one Harasser early on but you figure at that rate a TR player could not even earn two tanks..

    soooo let see here.. We (as in the faithful TR players) expect the average players to head over toward the VS side to fight x2 level pop with next to no resource of any nature.. In a battle world where like it or not it really doesn't mater at all if you kill 3 random guys in the middle of nowhere or kill 3 trying to get an objective. Oh don't me wrong, as an outfit sort of player it maters to me where I fight and I'LL go where I'm sent.. I'll even go where a random BR1 pup level sort of leader guy wants to take us if I don't have an outfit squad going.
    Team player to the end..

    but still, I'm not even remotely shocked that the bulk of players will not. Unless it's just for nerd pride in game it doesn't mater if you take base A, it doesn't mater who or where you get your kills.. It's not like VS has this super proficient leader ship and TR is lacking, the lattice pretty much sucked all the strategy of the game and you go A,B,C in a line.. There is NO WAY the VS are micromanage herding their 50% pop level of cats into battle in any way. The bulk of them are mindlessly going A, B, C down the lattice like most everyone else and steam rolling everyone under their population weight.

    that game rewards numbers over skill, it was true when TR had the over pop and it's true now when VS does. The lattice has made it that much harder for a lower pop to do much of anything and the resource hit is sucking the fun out of the game for a lot of players unless they have a high pop/land ownership.

    I full expect to log in some day in the next few months and have one population just not there anymore.. Like 8% or whatever unless something massive is done to keep the lower pop sort in the game.
  5. HadesR

    Max nerf after Max nerf I guess .. I think the last one kinda sealed it's fate and people now have little faith in it. Without that Max support especially if the enemy has it ( and in VS case they will always have ZOE Max's ) then you are going to struggle in the confined space of a BioLab .

    But yeah NC atm do seem to lack common sense .. Esamir alert last night .. With 6minutes left we had managed to crawl back to equal land % as the VS ... Shout over orders channel " Ignore X base it takes longer than we have , concentrate of defence and quick attacks "

    What happens ? Open the map > look at X base .. NC pop 48+ ... If VS had decided to leave we couldn't have captured it by the end of the alert anyway :rolleyes:
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  6. Pikachu

    Play NC on Cobalt. :rolleyes: How do I win alert? :eek: How do I win base with moderate defenses? :eek:
  7. Ripster

    Pretty much this. Our maxes don't have the range to clear the entry area. Or hold it.
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    As far as the TR I can agree. There is so little focus on defense from TR outfits or pugs. I can't tell you how many times I have seen a friendly TR force ignore a critical base that is falling to fail at an attack on another unimportant base. Seems TR is OK with being farmed by forces that get an extreme advantage of defending all the time.
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  10. SNAFUS

    Yes that comment was slightly pointed toward your lot ;)
  11. Lepalose

    Post merger it seems like there has been a lobotomy done on the NC. Yet they still do better then TR. So what does that say?

    Well, I don't doubt this statement either. When TR send a lot of our forces to attack your defensible locations, but not enough to take it over, I'm sure its fun just farming them to failure. TR has the option of defending strong locations, or picking one fight to win, and instead you will see our forces split, and move to attack despite our lower numbers. Despite our lower pop, we have the tendency to make ourselves the focus of both empires at once because of this. This is TR's choice of failure.

    This is one of the many things that TR should improve upon, and that means outfit leads / platoon leads / squad leads need to push this idea. Remember, your not fighting beside the TR zerg, you ARE the TR zerg.

    Playing this game is fun on many levels. There are times where I turn this "caring about the big picture" off and just have fun on my flash. But with a little leadership direction even my "fun" time can be put towards a bigger goal. My point is that TR (and every faction) has the opportunity to both have amazingly large fights AND strategically important fights that they can win. So TR just have to put in that little bit of organizational effort to improve how we work together in selecting these fights, and participating within them. Then not only will we be having the big fights that are fun, but winning them, securing territory that fuels our resources and creating those moments of victory that everyone enjoys.

    To address the second point, let us not rest on the hope that things will change as for the better. We must act as catalysts to this change.

    You must expect in a fighting game that, to some extent, numbers will matter. Yes, there are a lot of bases where defender's advantage basically does not exist. But there are still plenty of bases where a decent sized force that is somewhat organized can hold off against significantly larger numbers - even more so under the lattice system. These are the bases that TR as a whole has to say "Hey, there is going to be a good fight here that we will have an advantage, lets make use of it and have fun too"

    For example: there is almost no good reason with the lattice system that TR should lose Allatum Biolab yet too often I see this fall to 1-2 squads of enemies with no TR defence. At best attackers get two out of the three sub bases if they put in a lot of effort. You can also see them approaching this base from a long way away. What can you do at these bases? Prepare to lockdown the 1 (or rarely 2) teleporters. Setup a defence on the one pad they jump on. Prevent Sunderers from setting up under the elevators. And then you've turned this base into great farm for TR soldiers. I mean just look at how many times TR has failed at the Suarva hack and then logged because they have been on the receiving end of this. We have the opportunity to do this to the other factions as well but do not take it.
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  12. Riffix

    As a VS commander on Connery before the merge, I think what happened is the VS were always down on pop so we had to coordinate better. Outfits like PCYS, T42, TPLR, FCRW, MAXV, RP, and LOXG all had to work together as best we could to get stuff done. Command chat was good times and commanders were willing to back each other up regularly. NC usually had numbers but TR was close behind and usually it felt like they were double-teaming us. We rarely won anything unless we attacked what WASN'T being contested at the time. Also, compared to TR and NC I think our vehicle game usually sucked, especially in the air.

    Post-merge we got some large outfits like JENK, YBOK, and others who were also coordinated and now we have the numbers to win a lot of the time in prime. I still run into really organized TR outfits who can pwn face (I think TXR is one of them) but it does seem like there is a lack of overall communication or maybe just lack of pop. NC still seems to have good pop and good overall vehicle play so they seem to do a lot better.

    The thing that sucks (TERRIBLE DONKEY BALLS, SOE FIX IT) is that you can have multiple characters on the same server so I think there is a lot "team hopping" for exp/certs but I don't have any data to back that up.
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  13. Remonew

    disclaimer: I am a helios TR player that spends 98% of his time as medic

    To put to frankly, my current outfit is burned out. We used to run an average of 16 men +/- 4 depending on IRL activities (jobs, college, etc), now we average 5 with the same deviation.

    Most of us are just flat out bored, it feels like going back to the same old grind day after bloody day.
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  14. BigMacDeez

    OP4 is doing all it's difficult even for us when we're outnumbered by at least 3-1 every night.
  15. SNAFUS

    OP-4 is a well recognized and respected outfit that does its best to support other allies. Forsosh spends quite a lot of time on our TS so he can directly organize with us and the results show. But sadly even the TTA cannot handle everything and needs help from the other outfits and players to beat back the NC/VS hordes.
  16. Tradewind

    TR (and as a byproduct NC) may have more "fun" on Connery, especially during Alerts if TR would just give up on Saurva for one ******* night and actually try to fight/defend against VS. Case in point was Indar capture alert last night around 1am. Even after VS controlled 55%+ of the map, TR was still pushing NC almost exclusively.
  17. leo4444

    We finally managed to take it yesterday at night for the indar alert. As a TR only player it can be frustrating on connery sometimes but it's also a relief when we manage to hold our ground against superior numbers, and it's always fun to bait the NC into attacking quartz ridge. Also as a TR it feels like we usually have air superiority because of our striker spam.
  18. Tradewind

    Job #1 of NC and TR though should be to not let Vanu win :p Especially with all their 4th faction BS and getting the draw on Biolab alerts 9 times out of 10.
  19. Corporate Thug

    TR on Connery only vehicle zerg. TR on Connery only try to fight if they think they can win and being that the majority of them suck there is little fighting from them. TR on Connery don't advance, they only hold their position, then retreat if a "fight" gets too close to their comfort zone.

    There only seems to be a small group of TR that will fight consistently and this is sad, though I do know ALL factions on Connery have these zergs that circle jerk and avoid fighting most of the time. With TR there are just fewer platoons willing to go in balls deep.
  20. TheWhiteDragon

    Pure delusion. The TR has always been at a population disadvantage on Helios, and post merge Connery. This is not a new development. Furthermore, the TR still has the some of the best outfit coordination in the game between EXE, TRG, and the alliance. It's the same TR that repeatedly won against the odds two months ago.

    So what happened? Lattice turned this into a numbers game. It's hilarious that two months ago we were all laughing at the Vanu, and now they're top dog. Certainly this has nothing to do with recent faction and population imbalances. Time to admit the truth guys. FOTM is the only way to win. Join them or learn to enjoy losing.