Connery players. Why do you avoid Hossin?

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  1. Klondor

    Seriously guys, hossin is probably the most fun continent for infantry fights. Why does everyone avoid it like it's going to give them the Bubonic plague? I love playing on Hossin but the only time i see others playing there are farmers in Libs or galaxies, no infantry almost at all.

    Can i get some answers?
  2. Pikachu

    Why do people keep asking these questions?

    Ever since release people have screamed their hatred for Hossin because it's:
    1) Fog (a lot of that has been removed though)
    2) Terrain restricting vehicle movement.
    3) Giant plants blocking vehicles
    4) Confusing bases
    5) Giant trees killing low skill pilots but providing amazing cover for high skill pilots.
    6) Dark nights. A delusion but people keep bringing it up. Hossin actually has the brightest nights.
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  3. FateJH

    I believe this is the most important part that needs to be quoted in every reply.
    Why do people act like we never discuss this phenomenon?
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  4. JohnGalt36

    • Plants made out of concrete
    • Underwater tank mines
    • Cover for A2G ****ters
    • Mazelike terrain
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  5. Humoreske

    Connelly is a server for asians air gangs. ---You guessed it?
  6. zaspacer

    I agree with Pikachu and JohnGalt36.

    I also don't like the terrain blocking Infantry movement. (this is covered in "Mazelike terrain", but I wanted to be specific)

    FateJH makes a great point. These points of criticism have been pretty specific and consistent for a while now. And the radical lack of player usage of Hossin has also been consistent for a while now.

    No offense to Klondor, it's good to bring up major ongoing issues. And Hossin continues to have a number of major ongoing issue, for a number of different reasons:
    1) a lot of people don't like to play there
    2) a lot of people choose not to play there
    3) there has been negligible Dev response (in changing Hossin) to people's dislike and avoidance of Hossin
    4) New Players are consistently routed to Hossin, which is bad because it's the least popular player experience: (1) people don't like the Continent, and (2) it's low Pops deliver a stunted "PS2" experience
    5) Continent locking pushes players off (other) more desirable Continents and Battles they want to be on, and onto Hossin (or only 1 other Continent). Continent locking in itself is a major problem issue for a number or reasons, but Hossin is definitely a longstanding and major one of those reasons.

    SOE/DBG games often require players to figure out their own "workarounds" to deal with bugs, bad content, etc. For most players, one major workaround in PS2 is to avoid Hossin.

    I can appreciate that some people like Hossin. I am supportive of content existing to make others happy, that I myself don't use or don't like. It only becomes an issue for the rest of us when the game pushes Hossin on us, pushes Hossin on New Players, and when our preferred Continent play gets locked out for Hossin.

    Also, I know that not every poster on here is going to have read past posts that cover an issue they are currently interested in. So I and many others here are cool with revisiting these issues.
  7. Newlife1025

    Terrible for vehicles, and i tenf to shoot at plants sometimes because they look like vanu to me. Also, those fireflys have me on edge because i think theyre ns bullets
  8. SarahM

    The movement blocking plants are toxic for my FPS.
  9. Eternaloptimist

    It's not just Connery. Hossin is very quiet on the EU servers every time I play there. Seems to be a popular continent for the 12 man death match teams.

    The infrequent larger fights can be fun but they are uncommon compared to the other continents.
  10. Rainproof

    The map just plain sucks and no one ever go's's a (negative) self licking ice cream cone!!
  11. Crayv

    Basically it is Southeast Indar (the least popular part of Indar) with a bunch of really annoying plants to get in your way.

    The whole map is a bunch of valleys with stupidly oversized trees. Ground vehicles are funneled into narrow roads to be killed by infantry ontop of the surrounding mountains while aircraft have lots of cover and all it takes is a single branch to get into the way to completely reset your lockon timer.

    Flatten the terrain and make the trees way smaller and people might like it more. Make the trees in small clusters so they provide good cover for anything that hides in them (would be nice for large areas but trees kill frames even more than they kill aircraft, maybe if they made alien trees or large mushrooms) and maybe people would want to go there.
  12. OldMaster80

    I play infantry and usually pilot a Valkyrie and I love Hossin.
  13. hansgrosse

    As a Connery player, I avoid Hossin because it's almost impossible to find a worthwhile fight on it. Which is a shame, because I really do love that continent as well.

    It's basically a catch-22. If people played on the continent and good fights happened a lot more people would probably play on it, but nobody does because nobody else does.
  14. JohnGalt36

    But the root of the problem is that it doesn't play well with many players' playstyles. If you're an A2G ****ter or an infantry-only guy, I'm sure it's great, but many of us don't play there because it sucks for anything else.

    If they removed the titanium plants and made it so EOD HUD had a bigger radius (and wasn't bugged) to detect underwater tank mines, I suspect more people would play there.
  15. hansgrosse

    I don't personally see underwater tank mines as a huge issue. It sucks that EOD HUD is bugged and that really is something that needs to be addressed, but in the absence of that attaching a mine guard to your vehicle can and often does work wonders. It's just something that needs to be played around, and should not be the deterrent to driving vehicles on that continent that it seems to be.

    As for the indestructible plants... yeah, they're kind of ridiculous. XD

    Still, I think Hossin is a pretty solid continent overall and deserves more attention than it gets. It's a much, much different experience than the other continents, and it's one that I'm confident many would enjoy if only they could find a good fight.
  16. CNR4806

    Hossin is only good for A2A pilots looking for pure A2A combat since the trees block most G2A fire. It's just a frustrating mess for any other playstyle, even infantry.
  17. JohnGalt36

    If you're a decent pilot, Hossin is the best place for A2G farming. Some of my best (most cancerous) lolpod and AH sessions have been on Hossin. The fog makes it so they can't see you until you're up on them, thermals negate any fog visibility issues, trees mean you don't have to worry about groundlocks, high canopy makes it so when you run stealth, A2A pilots fly right over you and leave you to your farm.
  18. Tanelorn

    THis is the reason why I hate Hossin.

    JUST LOOK at Indar, Amerish, and Esamir. The TERRAIN IS REALISTIC. Look at Hossin. IT IS CLEARLY just devs using a carve tool on a block of max ceiling terrain to make ARTIFICAL routes, chokepoints, and bases.

  19. LtBomber1

    I agree with most of the terms why one hates Hossin, and i want to add some more:
    - Bases are hard to cycle/bybass thanks to vehicle shields and terrain (plants)
    - Vehicle terminals are often in painfield, no way to hack them
    - Bases are often in favour of the attacker, so why shal i defend?
    - Flying through leaf is a game of luck, often one can not see the branches
    - Often you can not put up a MANA (steep, blocking)
    - Dropping (Gal/Valk/Pod) can get you to the next base if you hit a tree
    - Special rules: dont touch this water, hack this gen first (ofc not linear like in subterran),...
    - Spearturrets positionioning is a joke sometimes
    - No real vehicle-Infantry interaction
  20. Jake the Dog

    Also keep in mind that some people play with a potato and Hossin turns it into a baked potato.