Connery pilots: Fly better so I can stop making these.

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  1. HisokaTheRed

    First, I like to fly and I don't like politics so I'm not in a big outfit. Secondly ,beside a few reclusive people, everybody enjoy playing with friends or people they know; I'm sure you enjoy playing with your friends in 666 wether its on the ground or in the air. Why are you so hostile with a group of people who like to fly together. Do you get as mad when a group of DIKZ harraser comes and kill you too. Its a multipayer game, as well as a team game.

    As for the "air" game you spoke off. Where is it when he is not playing. Hows the air game in Emerald, in Colbalt or any other server. I'm asking because I don't know, all I heard so far is how he killed connery airgame. If anything, hover figthing killed it and the elite pilot helped with their sky busido. When the skill gap is astronomically high and wonky in a way that discourage new comer, any "game" will die out with only a salty core of veteran and a few tryhard. There may be new pilots occasionally but they never stay who would in this an enviroment when you don't see any reward unless you put tens if not hundreds of hours into practicing a certain combat style. It maybe fun for some people, but not for everyone.

    Don is good at what he does, regardless what other people say, he runs a competent air squad. So I like to fly with him when he invites me, makes my life much easier doing CAS if someone else is specializing in full AA for me.
    Would you hate him as much if he was on NC, providing air cover for tankers like you? Like how a combined arm game suppose to work.

    As for the "Hi John". I'm not Don. If Don meant to taunt you when he says that, thats between you and him. Something is wrong when a simple Hi becomes a triggering insult to you. I like saying Hi to people I see a lot. Ask orgemax if you don't believe me, or vato, or shadowtxr,(not bitesz, because he snapped at me for saying Hi once) Its a game, its nice to be able to pass a Hi to a person you see a lot.

    If you're not salty then hit me up since I enjoy gunning for tank/lib whenever I play on NC.

    Or not, thats up to you.
  2. boey

    When i see Videos like this i realize how much harder it is to shoot at enemy aircrafts with my Magrider. It is so much easier with a Vanguard or Prowler.
  3. mrbelthezaar

    Hey John good shooting glad not to see my name on the screen probably havent got my mozzy to close to you yet. it is easy to hit esf with a prowler but i have found i have to mostly hit them twice. libs on the other hand make for tasty treats.
  4. Jake the Dog

    Somehow I never see you though... Except for that one time around the Bastion.
  5. Jake the Dog

    Yes and no. I found with my maggie I was landing quite a few shots with my FPC, especially on libs since I could outmanuever their guns.
  6. Tar

    Yeah, make America great again!
  7. Insignus

    I get shot at by tanks a lot as Valk, but I get jumped by ESFs more, so I appreciate you thinning it up.

    In my experience, the chief difference between tanks is the reaction shot opportunities. The Prowlers and Vanguards get more opportunities as a function of their turrets.

    That said, Magriders are much more likely to show up in un-expected places or to have angles on air targets that are higher than those of prowlers and vanguards. I've noticed also that magrider projectiles tend to have funny, odd physics.

    I'm one of those weird low altitude flyers, so when I'm flying into a situation with tanks I generally end up focusing my manuevers on reacting to them, or, more commonly, plan my runs to minimize visibility or maximize cover between me and tank. If you're on the road, instead of going way high where I'll get tagged by AA, I fly in the ditch along the side. When I go hunting for tanks (Generally with VLG) I make a point to avoid those top gunners, as I find most tanks prefer halberds, gatekeeper-esque weapons, or m20s. I rarely encounter actual AA top guns. I view this as a good thing, even though to be honest, the Halberd is annoying.