Connery needs a restart

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Goden, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. Goden

    Server isn't even all that full and it's turned into a laggy mess.

    - Massive kill delays (People still shooting at you even when their corpse has hit the ground)
    - Mutual kills almost every time
    - Repair and healing tools being massively delayed or completely dysfunctional
    - Vehicle abilities like MagBurner can burn for like 15 solid sometimes.
    - Class abilities like medic area-heal stay stuck on sometimes or they run over their cut-off by like 10 seconds.
    - Warping players and vehicles

    Server needs some maintenance. Thanks.
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  2. HadesR

    One of my fears for the OMFG ... All this optimization and increased FPS has to come hand in hand with less laggy servers or else you kinda defeating the object .. Just means you can be laggy with higher FPS :p
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  3. AzureKnight

    On Connery, I've been able to fly for about 30 seconds straight with my LA once because every time I let go of the jump jets, they for whatever reason completely recharged to 100%. Similar things occur with medic guns where my health is full from near empty but it's not really as if I move outside the medic gun range, it goes back to where it was.

    generally, I've been fine lately with most of what you say. It is possible a lot of issues are actually caused from a program on your comp. Reason I say that is because I use to have such problems, but upon find a thread with similar issues, I removed a program that had installed a program that monitored my computer usage for maintenance reasons. After that was gone, most of the issues I had with this game vanished.
  4. Goden

    The things I listed are systematic of high-server load. I've been in since closed beta so I'm no stranger to stressed PS2 servers. The thing is, the server isn't very populated right now. This has happened before with Connery and other servers. It just needs some maintenance - that's all.
  5. AnnPerkins

    it's Indar lag. pretty common in the afternoons.
  6. Goden

    Population has gone up and now it's unplayable. Repair is delayed extremely and healing is broken completely for me. I'm also running behind cover and being shot 3 seconds later by people who still see me out of cover.
  7. Goden


    Can someone please look into this.
  8. Bloodwod

    Yep, was very bad this morning on Connery. Hits not registering on opponents. And medikit needle self-heals bugging out and not working.
  9. EWarren

    Saw some of that last night as well - didn't Indar crash in the middle the day last weekend?
  10. Deronok

    Yeah, Indar lag was horrible, usually is.
  11. Goden

    Hello SOE? Can we get a response on this please?
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  12. Deronok

    Best to chance to get a response, honestly, is either report the OP and post "Please look into this" or use reddit or something.
  13. Goden

    I don't use Reddit. Unfortunately it's mostly what the devs use. That or Facebook and Twitter. These forums have mostly been abandoned. Even the tech support section barely gets any response from the actual devs apart from Alex. They layed off a decent chunk of their staff back in September so I'm really not surprised.
  14. Halon

    I'm excited for the rest of the weekend, I look forward to not being able to use my medkits on Indar. Switching to medic to heal, then cloaking as a medic because the loadouts are lagged.

    Noon on a Saturday and it's already overcapacity.
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  15. Bloodwod

    Still unplayable. Hits not registering, medpacks not healing.
  16. RobotNinja

    Of course, it's gone up. You just told everyone it's fun time in Connery right now! :p
  17. Pikachu

    Ceres is nuts too. Repair and heal lag to crazy levels.
  18. Rogueghost

    I have not had any trouble with hit detection, but repairing and healing is almost impossible, and LA has infinite jump jets.
  19. HadesR

    Weekend so sadly doubt this be heard it's unless taken to the evils of Twitter.
  20. vulcan78

    A few observations of my own, last night it was taking an additional 3 seconds or so to revive casualties (Level 6 Medic Tool) Whereas before once the circular icon would fill they would twitch (meaning they now have the prompt/option of revive) as of last night it would be an additional 3 seconds more before twitch. If no twitch no revive. Very frustrating. I brought this up and the only thing we could conclude was that it was a server issue and not the byproduct of an update.


    Both my AA Max and Skyguard Lightning seemed to not be able to get hits on target very well. Having plenty of seat time with both, I am decent at leading targets as long as I can see them. Not able to get any hits at distance, I even tried varying up the lead time and was finding that it didn't matter, I just wasn't hitting as much or at all. Unless AA has been seriously nerfed without my knowing, this is probably another symptom of server issues/lag.

    Live characters looking like corpses and shooting you

    Have been witnessing the occasional corpse, both friendly and otherwise, running around doing everything they normally would, except they are lying on the ground in the "dead" position. Some even retain their dead icon, except they are positively undead.

    Weird firefight exchanges

    Unloading 15-20 rounds directly into the upper torso and head of a TR opponent, for 3 seconds or so, only to find that after they kill me they still have 100% shield health. Chat inquiry reveals that they swear they are not cheating/hacking. Only thing left to conclude is server issue/lag.

    Engineer tool oddities

    And I don't know if this is a server issue, but lately trying to repair a Harasser in the rumble seat has become extremely challenging. I point the tool at the tire, which used to always work, no repair. So then I just activate the repair tool and sweep the entire area of the rumble seat, and find that the area that responds seems to constantly move. Meanwhile, your repair tool overheats.

    Medic revive grenades

    Waiting for an opportunity to be near multiple (and I'm talking 5+) casualties, it is usually extremely rewarding to throw a revive grenade. Lately, especially in Bio-lab fights and with no other medics around or medics able to get to the casualties (in the line of fire) throwing a revive grenade would only revive maybe 3 casualties, irrespective of the number down within the blast radius. Server issues/lag? And then half the time although I am reviving 3 casualties or so, no XP reward is shown. In fact it isn't just with the revive XP reward, there are multiple other occasions where you do something that normally yields XP but no reward registers. Server lag?

    Weapon consoles

    Consoles in general. I find it EXTREMELY aggravating to be under fire around a Sunderer and sit there in front of the weapon console pressing E to no avail, only to hop in and out of the menu when it finally "decides" to let you access it. Another issue I have that may or may not be server related, is if there is any kind of delay with the on-screen weapon console prompt "press E to access console" you end up in the Sunderer itself, which becomes a 10 second ordeal (again, server lag?) as your frantically press E to now get out of the damned thing. I'm not kidding, this whole ordeal takes at least 10 seconds.

    Flight controls

    I've had the issue, only a few times now, where pressing WASD (and spacebar, ctrl etc.) doesn't register. Meaning, you kind of just slowly descend to the ground wherever you are (hopefully not right next to an angry Prowler). I have eliminated the possibility of it being an input device as I have tried WASD on both my laptop (see signature for benchmarks, save the snarky "dude its not a desktop" remarks) AND Corsair Vengeance K70 and I am left to conclude it is the game itself, possibly server related.

    Many other issues but none that come to mind at the moment. Oh except the server meltdown two nights ago, on the 7th of November. Wasn't that fun?

    "Thanks for paying us to test the PS4 Beta!"