Connery is whack

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  1. Kukuguy

    All the fight on Connery are essentially 48 vs 48. You are either getting owned by vehicle farm, or the lag due to large amount of players.
  2. AlephZed

    NC on connery is constantly being double teamed by TR and VS, so they don't have the pop to throw at taking bases.
  3. Earthman

    Complaining about complaining is still complaining. And caring a whole lot about making sure other people don't care is still caring in a roundabout way.

  4. Sebastien

    Ironic ****posting is still ****posting
  5. HadesR

    I prefer the battles that take place around Indar Ex , such as the space between there and Coramed rather than the fight for the tower itself .. Which is basically just another Tower fight ..
  6. iMartyr

    NC attacking excavation for the past three days finally put me at 2.3, no complaints here.
  7. KiRRA

    Just pull back to a different base, grab some tanks and just come at them from a different angle....

    or farm the farmers from afar?

    It's only farming if TR troops continue to spawn there and die quickly....rinse and repeat.
  8. HMR85

    I have to disagree, Its not hard at all to find really good fights. The problem we have here is that 99% of your average PS2 players have absolutely no Idea how to properly use the map to find fights. Not to mention everybody and their mother wants to sit on Indar. Over the past couple of months or so their have been some excellent fights on Amerish and Esamir.

    Once again, get off Indar..and learn to properly read the continental maps. Filters are your friend.
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  9. NoctD

    Stop fighting on multiple fronts - consolidate efforts into one massive push per continent.
  10. AlephZed

    Then they just zerg and ghost cap. They'd rather do that than fight each other.
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  11. iMartyr

    Even if i didn't fight NC i'd still be fighting NC with their 43% pop during my play time.
  12. Tuco

    welcome to the Northern Warpgate. Hey, little piece of advice, don't take the crown and split the TR/VS so they are attacking NC simultaneously.
  13. AlephZed

    Warpgate doesn't matter, pop doesn't matter, when NC was lowest pop they'd still double team NC. They keep doing it because it lets them keep fighting 2:1 and making them think they're good.
  14. Gav7x

    Funny because most of the fights i have been on connery happened on esamir/amerish, trust me, i use the bloody data on the map.
    Its very uncommon to find fight where pops are balanced or there isn't a army of tanks holding the spawn room screaming redeploy as soon as you can. that doesn't mean that good fights don't happen, just not as often as they should.
  15. HMR85

    I guess we are gonna have to disagree on this. More than likely your version of a fun even fight isn't my version of a even fight. X goes where the pop is needed. We routinely go up against two times our numbers and come out on top. Those are my version of even fun fights. If you never attempt to take on fights where your outnumbered your never going to to test yourself or your outfit to see what your made of.

    Looking at the map now on Connery there is more than a handful of fights that are evenly matched for those that want that kind of a fight.
  16. Gav7x

    On my VS alt i play mostly lone wolf infantry (when im tired of the military tactics my main character outfit does), the best infantry fights happen when pop is about 45-55 or 40-60 (40-45 on my side) and defending, when the enemies have 2x the pop is just suicide, not in the infantry side of things, but in the fact that there will be a ton of anchored prowlers and viper lightnings waiting for you, but in a base with some good cover from tanks being outnumbered,it can be some really nice fun
  17. NoctD

    Translation - farm the inside of towers and bio-labs for kills.

    People think only vehicles in the game farm, but infantry are perfectly capable of doing the same too!
  18. Gav7x

    Oh yes, those are the most fun definetly
  19. Donaldson Jones

    Indar X'cav is where Empires go to die. It's a 75 m circle of death.