Connery is getting massive lag issues...

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Seaker Drone, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. Seaker Drone

    Connery is just plain bad right now... was the best server and now rapidly turning into the worst.

    I am not the only one experiencing lag issues. It seems a lot of people all over connery are also experiencing massive lag. Like you press E to exit a vehicle and wait 15 seconds before finally exiting.
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  2. Undreas

    I'll throw in my two cents and agree.

    I do play from Europe, (simply because I enjoy talking to people who can speak proper english, and I do have friends playing there) but I still stay within 90-140ms, which is reasonable. But today it sticks to 250-400ms, which is... unplayable.

    And thanks to your post, Seaker Drone, I can relax a bit as I realize it's not necessarily anything that I can fix. I guess I'll just have to wait this out. Shame, as it's a double exp weekend and everything :( but there you go.
  3. Samblak

    So is matherson , unplayable . Im on the east coast , NH
  4. Hotbread

    Can't even play, lag is so bad.
  5. Samblak

    This game is broken at the moment . Problem is SOE as a whole is short staffed and most of the tech's / dev's are busy working on Everquest Next when they should be focusing on current games.
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  6. ThePhD

    Y'all are lucky to get in. Every time I try to play as one of my characters on Connery, It just immediately closes my game...
  7. Ashlander

    Same here ThePhD. I cant even get past character select, it just instantly crashes every time.
  8. kerzain

    Just to add a data-point: I crash after pushing Start. It's been happening for a day or two. I don't think I've been able to play since the latest ESF patch.

    All my characters are on Connery if it matters.
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  9. OgreMarkX

    I crash when in an ESF again.

    I crash when selecting character at log in.

    I get massive lag spikes when Prowler locks down or locks up.

    I get massive lag when I get hit with explosives when in a tank (all settings very low).

    I play Connery (when I don't crash selecting my Connery character).
  10. OgreMarkX

    Please no...I want to play EQ Next. Please say this isn't so. PS2 and EQN are totally TOTALLY different genres and if PS2 staff is on EQN that is NOT good.

    I think PS2 is great (when it works) but PS2 is not and never should be EQN.

    Please. No ZOE MAX, Harrasser, Scat Max, or Vulcans in EQN.

    And if I play EQN, I want to be able to log in a toon, ya know, when I log in a toon.
  11. mlane16

    Actually, I made a read thread about this...
    Not alot of people read though :(, I get though I am not very popular, so I understand. All I ask is when you submit a bug report please maybe mention my thread?
    Hopefully we will get through this together. :)

    P.S. I have also be really busy and still need to reply to that thread that Lupreza made about subscriptions. I just cannot find time :(
  12. kthor

    game is laggy as hell ... screw the 2x it's too laggy to play
  13. Seaker Drone

    Game on connery and various other servers is still very laggy right now
  14. NoctD

    Its dual XP and there's too many people online - SOE needs to upgrade their servers.
  15. Soporific

    Yeah it's pretty much unplayable right now. I restarted my machine because I figured it was just me but it's bad.

  16. DeadAlive99

    Yep, same problem here. Sometimes I go from fps mode to spf mode (seconds per frame). Earlier when flying I was getting about 3 SPF. And this is with the launcher showing "medium pop". Can't imagine what high or very high is like.
  17. Flickory

    This is getting very frustrating - and I adore this game it's seriously hurting my drive to keep playing even with the double EX PEE.