Connery/Indar is broken

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  1. Goden


    Note the population.

    It's been similar to this for awhile now. Once the 666 logs in they just steamroll the TR and VS back to the warpgates. The VS on Connery have always been underpopulated and against the 666 zergs they don't stand a chance which results in the bulk of the NC hoard going to warpgate the TR. The TR has the numbers to put up a resistance but they can't get anywhere due to A) The superiority of the northern warpgate position, and B) Completely broken population caps.

    The 666 are hands-down the strongest outfit on Connery by a monumental landslide - and combined with a superior position they are literally unstoppable once they show up which causes the population to tank and everything goes down the crapper.
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  2. Cesious

    So you're saying the problem is the warpgate cycling? Because NC had the worst, VS had an okay, and TR had the overpowering in terms of warpgates. Welcome to NC, we had to deal with that stuff for months.

    It also doesn't help that VS and TR still go to the other 2 continents with 90% population to ghost cap and steamroll across from it because they don't want to fight on Indar anymore.
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  3. BigMacDeez

    666 guys are some the best cert farms out there.
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  4. Goden

    What are you trying to say? The northern warpgate is overpowered? Yeah, that's something people have been saying for months. It needs to be fixed and has always needed to be fixed.

    Can you blame them? It's not fun playing when you are warpgated. You can't spawn vehicles or even throw grenades because you won't get the resources back for a long time. It also turns into a zerg fest which isn't the funnest thing in the world.
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  5. Zazwon

    When was this taken? The 666 NEVER do that during Prime Time, the VS Outfits wouldn't let that happen, at a bare minimum we stop the 666 advance in and around Tawrich, unless we are getting double teamed by both factions. And remember before the patch TR held Indar for almost two months straight, so WG positioning on Indar has always been terrible for those in the south. Thus the reason the low pop Connery VS dislike fighting on Indar, we will never take it.
  6. Goden

    This picture was taken about 5 minutes before the time of my post. If I recall it was a similar state last night as well.

    The 666 tend not to focus as much on the VS but they butcher the TR.
  7. Zazwon

    I guess it's hard for me to say what it is like off of prime time, but usually the 666 run rather then fight. ;) sorry running gag in the outfit.
    Regardless stick with it, using strategy and organization including Com chat can help A) remove the pop disadvantage -for TR- VS are always going to be underdogs- and B) allow your forces to not get slaughtered by holding good positions with good compositions.
    Trust me as a VS you get used to this sort of thing, it comeswith the territory. Not much you can do about it anyways really.
  8. turtlestation

    ...the 666th managed to do that? Color me surprised, I can't remember the last time their Saturday ops were that effective.
  9. Zazwon

    Seriously right?
    666 is kinda a joke amongst my outfit members
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  10. NoctD

    A smaller group may not be able to hold the continent, but try gathering ALL the VS or TR into a single or two defensive locations, and you can frustrate larger outfits to no end. It has to be a somewhat organized defense but Indar has no shortage of good options for this.
  11. Goden

    Almost every NC nametag I see on the frontlines is [666].
  12. BigMacDeez

    They're a joke to ALL other outfits too.
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  13. Iksniljiksul

    The northern area is by far the worst place on Indar. Exploit the chasm, they can not reinforce to the west area fast enough to stop you from thinning out their numbers. Remember how it was when TR had the north and VS would roll up the west side and middle to cut your forces in half.

    666 rolls on numbers, they aren't well coordinated outside of a few squads. Figure out which players are the top priority, bog them down, and hit their weaker squads. It's a guerilla war now, face to face engagements should be denied.
  14. rickampf

    Seems like the majority of 666th players are kids and teenagers, during their sat ops the chat are pretty immature. Just let the kids have some fun zerging Indar feeling badasses... during the prime time everything changes.
  15. Sebastien

    There we go. It's not fun to be warpgated, and now that the shoe is on the other foot everyone is throwing a tantrum.
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  16. Daemeon

    Can't agree with the comments thrown at the guys I play with really. I am almost always squaded up with them when I play and in vent and with rare late night drinking sessions never felt they were truly "immature" or "kids". Only time I have been told to leave a fight that I can recall is when we have needed to support other elements that came across tough opposition... usually just a zerg hitting a squad type thing. We play for fun mostly and with that in mind we are a resounding success in my books anyways. Look forward to more fights with you guys though... you sound like the ones that give me a challenge and I like that.
  17. Sgt. Tader Salad

    Ok please. Someone explain to me why the 666th has such a bad rep. I'm not even upset by it anymore, just curious.
  18. xMihr

    Excuses and anger for everyone! Being warp gated? Terrain! Imbalance! Zerg outfits! COD kiddies! Warpgating? Pro skills! Better coordination!

    It's kind of silly, TR push north a lot...NC push south a lot. Our population is fortunate enough to have two large factions that duke it out and do well on any given night, it should be seen as a plus. I just find it a little classless to have no respect for your opponent.

    The majority of the problem would be map design and its lack of balance for the two bottom warp-gates. The Northern Warp-Gate is surrounded by nothing but flat desert while the others are surrounded by cliffs looking down into it. It's very easy to camp them once that particular team has been pushed back to their warp-gate.

    The other problem is the fact that the population of the servers are spread thin throughout the different continents. I wish that there were some sort of weekly system that would have each continent locked for x amount of week(s).

    Indar for week 1 -> Amerish Week 2 etc

    However this would result in every battle having player rendering issues like most of the larger battles on Connery already.
  20. xMihr

    I would definitely look a fourth factioners as well, TR was down to arc and bio with a lower pop, the NC just got pushed a little and now we are looking at 42% TR pop to NCs 34%.

    Really wouldn't surprise me to see a large number of shameless people swap when they see a Zerg coming.