Connery in need of more vanu

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  1. z1967

    Note to self: Make VS alt on Connery for underpop bonuses and stuff.
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  2. Sumguy420

  3. Sumguy420

    True but i see that on all factions, people just seem to be afraid of dying like your dying for real or something lol
  4. Taemien

    No doubt you are right there.

    But its gotten to the point that we go after VS territory to take bases, and TR when we actually feel like stirring up the hornets' nest. The VS is doing it a bit too much and I think its causing frustration for alot of your guys. I'm not saying all VS do this. I know you all don't. But alot and I mean alot are.. and its not working out.

    I still think there was a major outfit drama. I've seen this happen in other games where a faction is strong until something happens to a few of their larger guilds (outfits in this case). And then the former members go to greener pastures on other servers or factions. Either it was a big outfit, or between a couple of smaller ones.

    Like I said before, it couldn't have been nerfs. ZOE and a couple of other things were nerfed way too long ago to explain what's happened in the last few weeks. Heck up till about a month ago, the VS had a powerhouse population after primetime. No so much anymore.. seems like NC got some good peeps, and I mean really good during those hours. Most of the alerts I've been in past 12am EDT have been NC wins or NC draws.

    Though even with VS's low pop, they still beat out the TR. Sometimes even denying them any percentage of the cut at the end. Never understood that one. I think the VS has some good talent, they just need to band up. Strength draws numbers if its organized.
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  5. Akeita

    Don't worry, if you don't fight TR it's all good, TR had the mentality of focusing NC over VS for a long long time ago. Unless you decided to bite them in the back, they will retaliate and smash you. All of these bias discussion about factions is disgusting.
  6. Tuco

    Connery: There's a party going on right here, a celebration to last throughout the year.
  7. LibertyRevolution

    I will be there tomorrow. I decided to only play my Connery VS ALT on double XP weekends from now on.
    Trying to get my SPM into the 4 digits..:cool:
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  8. maudibe

    I spent a long time with my first toon - TR and then started with Vanu and I never saw any real organization with either faction. Of course there were brillant commanders I would occaisionally come across who would launch a plan of attack that was helpful, but most of the time its dead air on sqaud talk.
    Lately it seems the TR have all become good Mossie pilots and a swarm of mosquitos will show up to lock down any fight they are losing. More so than reaver pilots,. I have always felt that its the vehicles that win the battles unless you are over 65-70% popped. Then it doesn't matter as you will succeed in destroying the planes and tanks and their attrition will be fatal for the infantry they protect and serve. One of the first things an advancing horde should do is to destroy the tank spawning screens and flip or destroy the turrets. This is easiest when you are first advancing as once more enemy come to defend, often times you cant get near them without getting killed. There is no organization because the squads or platoons would need to communicate the need for x number of libs, esfs, tanks and Sundys but they dont. So a Sundy will launch, set up, and the enemy will spawn 2 tanks and go and destroy it.
    Individual play is still king. If I was an NC, it would be a no-brainer to spawn a Max suit to control the CQC choke points and capture points and you dont' need top down organization to pull that off. To organize a Max crash takes some communication and its sorely lacking with the VS i play with (dont have regular dedicated squad play). Sometimes the general body has the right number of medics, HA''s, LA's, Max's, etc and sometimes its way off. I've seen too many instances whrere I spawn in at a base under attack and rush out and leave the 15 guys in the spawn room behind to find almost no resistance until I hit the 2nd or 3rd building on the way to the A point and think "what the heck is going on here"? They do know that once the A point is capped its all over rigth? Other times I am destroyed by 3 guys hitting me at the same time, but at least I found out generally where they are. In that case,. out comes the SMG cloaker to try to get some kills and maybe retake the A point (yes, i have done that on a spawn camped room).
    Its dissapointing to find endless number of battles where Vanu is badly outpopped and its difficult to find even matchs. I dont bother much with participating in Vanu Zergs they are TOO BORING.
  9. Paragon Exile

    *Mutters following sentences softly like a siren*

    Come to Mattherson, become one with our spandex, revel in our pew pew. Leave Connery and have no seond thoughts...

    *Drifts away beneath the waves*
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  10. Sumguy420

    i would if i hadnt spent a small fortune on camos and other assorted goodies for my vs character lol
  11. Paragon Exile

    Camos and other things you buy with SC carry over to every other character you have, not just the guy you bought it for.
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  12. Sumguy420

    OH REE REE ill make a char on that server tonight for fun then
  13. AnnPerkins

    lol, gj on the propaganda campaign to continue to always outpop all other factions. Pops were almost even for a couple days. The horror! Now you can sit back and ghost cap again 24/7. Great game. Fun playing with people like that.