Connery Dying

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Silkensmooth, Oct 31, 2018.

  1. Silkensmooth

    We need to be merged with emerald, there are hardly any planetmans to fight against.
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  2. adamts01

    The past couple days were slow, but probably just because people were burned out from 4xp. But I am worried that Soltech will really hurt this server.
  3. OgreMarkX

    I am seeing less and less lag wizards on Connery since Sol Tech went up. Good.

    I hope to start seeing less cheating. Yes. FPSK, etc. Cheaters. Stat padders. Terrain glitchers, YLBT insta Cortium miners, ya ya the SJW stuff. Facts are facts and they don't care about pony-tailed university professor induced feelings.

    Just ask Blizzard where most of their bans occur in Overwatch...ahem, 22,000 bans in ONE DAY from Korea...

    I've lived and worked in Asia, in an Asia country's company, with no Americans. I spoke the language.

    Cultures are different. What you learn in US colleges on how differences don't exist...ya gluck in the real world.

    It's not that all differences are bad, in fact they are often good and fun.

    But gaming cultures between Asia and America ARE VERY DIFFERENT. What is considered an exploit here might be considered ingenious there. Them's the facts kids. Safe spaces are available beyond the ledge fence...

    DBG/SOE should have never eliminated the Asian server option without a plan in place. But they did. That made Connery a S-Show for years. That caused players to quit or to move Emerald.

    Now that Sol Tech is up (and I guarantee you that server will be more plagued by cheaters than a medieval city was with the black death), Connery is left with those of us who remain.

    And yes, Connery - Emerald must merge. I don't care if it remains Emerald and is east coast based. In fact, that would further discourage lag wizards and cheaters.

    Get woke, go broke.
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  4. Cyropaedia

    Connery is experiencing a lot of things happening at the same time. It is poor timing and, quite frankly, bad luck:

    -Permanent VS population decline
    -Soltech launch
    -Hossin during primetime (Locked in repeated cycle)

    *I would also add no new major content. I think Connery may have wholeheartedly embraced the construction system (old Hive VP generation) more than other servers so players might have lost morale with the shift from a battle-focused game to VP generation/alerts then to this iteration (hybrid alerts) over the past 2 years.
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  5. Jbeasty

    I've asked for a transfer countless times now, but I check in sometimes on Connery and even during hours that normally had a decent amount of players, it is basically dead. Whenever I log on to Connery, VS has well under 20% pop. Seems very broken whenever I attempt to play there, which has been anywhere from 8am - 10pm CST. Haven't been constantly monitoring it, but I feel I can say the experience is truly broken compared to Emerald...

    A merge would make sense at this point and now with the Asian server, I think there is a realistic chance of that happening in the semi near future.
  6. Scroffel5

    I was on Connery, and it was like NC and TR both had 40% and VS had 10%, but they were still doing well for them. Yet what is annoying is that on the NC side, we have to wait in long 40 minute queues (at least that's what the time on it says) and sit on Koltyr, which is really boring. 23 people in a queue waiting to play makes your players leave the game because they are fed up with it. What's funny is that even though we have 40% of the server and 36% of the continent, NC still loses.
  7. Blam320

    That's because either NC is too busy zerging VS territory to fight TR, or they're too busy farming TR to notice VS is ghost-capping territory with a single uncontested zerg.

    Regardless, what the game needs is some further optimization and a massive overhaul to the new player experience, so fresh blood stays hooked. On top of that, hopefully we can entice old players back to the game now that Connery doesn't have nearly as many non-United States players causing trouble.

    Otherwise, we may just need to sit and wait. Weather out the storm, hope Ossur, the spawn revamp and outfit changes shift the game in a positive direction. Maybe implement cross-platform play, despite the can of worms that is cross-platform and the PS4 edition itself.
  8. OgreMarkX

    I suspect Ossur and the spawn revamp will HURT the game, not help. I suspect each will be filled with a healthy dose of top-down-control design versus, "here are tools and a playing field for hundreds of people to enjoy". In other words: Micromanager.

    A similar "revamp" helped kill a very popular 3-faction PVP game, Dark Age of Camelot. "New Frontiers" which was a complete overhaul of the PVP maps, coupled with "Trials of Atlantis" expansion pack killed that game because the game owner and leads thought they could control battle flow and force certain play styles.

    They thought wrong.

    Oddly enough, that same team carried those same BAD decisions into their next game, Warhammer Online, and failed there too, only faster. It was mindboggling how they did that.

    They are working on a new game and I think they've learned their lesson in that area and I am a BIG cheerleader for their future success. <crosses fingers>

    But if Ossur is anywhere NEAR as annoying to move around in as Hossin, it FAILS.

    And if the spawn revamp makes me have to spawn hop MORE than I do already, it FAILS. Wrel's desire to micromanage how many people are at any given fight WILL FAIL.

    PS2 is a MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER ONLINE GAME. It isn't 24 Overwatch matches going on simultaneously next to each other.

    DBG hasn't yet discovered their own game's unique niche in the market and they seem hellbent on not discovering it.


    1. It's not Twitch
    2. It's not MLG
    3. It's not Overwatch style play and fight numbers.
  9. adamts01

    This is probably the biggest thing right here. The problem is that it may be too late to pick one direction and go with it. Spamming lives with either shot guns or C4 is so ingrained by now, that half the players would leave if they were given a more tactical game. Maybe the game would become more populated if PS2 became what it should have been, but maybe not. It's a massive risk to take 5 years down the road.
  10. strikearrow

    The culture difference is very true. I lived in Malaysia for 10 months and have visited 3x since then for 6 weeks each time. A new "hack" is not considered cheating. In fact, anyway to get an advantage in life is considered fair. Sure they enforce laws, sometimes, but it is ingrained in their culture that getting ahead in life is the goal - and any method is fair. We have the idiom "all's fair in love and war" - they take it to the extreme that "all's fair in life".

    In other words, it's only cheating if you get caught by somebody who does something about it.
  11. iller

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  12. SteelMantis

    I have lived in Japan for the last eight years and Japanese are in general much better at following rules than Americans for Canadians. So far Soltech hasn't been overran with hackers and if there are a few more on average than Connery than it's a small price to pay for a massive improvement in connection quality.

    I'm not really lost population for Connery myself since I have played more in the recently weeks on Soltech than I have in years (the better connection makes a huge difference in infantry game play). My wife still plays everyday on Connery though, and is probably going to stay there until she can transfer her main character. So the exodus of players from Asia isn't finished yet.

    I have enjoyed my time playing on Connery and wish the players there the best but I will find it at least a little amusing if some of the people who have rudely complained about the people playing from Asia with lag finally get what they have been asking for. Then have a dead server that needs merged with another server much further away and end up with a little lag problem of their own.
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  13. OgreMarkX

    I agree with your assessment of Japan. The Japanese are more closely aligned with the American concept of fair play than are Chinese and Koreans for example. Cheaters, exploiters, hackers are in every culture, but in Asia, Japan has the least. They have a sense of fair play that their mainland neighbors most definitely do not have.

    There is a reason the Korean govt had to actually make laws against PC game cheat use. Cheating in Korea was becoming a national past time and given how they worship PC gamers, a lot of money was at stake.

    As far as losing lagwizards--well I would rather lose lag wizards than have huge zerg fights where I constantly die while in cover.

    That is why I mentioned above that DBG failed when they took down the last asian server <WITHOUT A PLAN IN PLACE>. It created too long of a period where the WORST of both worlds collided.

    Many issues PS2 has had, and continues to have, result from DBG's approach of working around an error rather than fixing the error.

    Don't react to an error. Fix the error.
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  14. Blam320

    Unfortunately for you, the changes made to the spawn system were outlined in a design doc months ago, which the community critiqued (and generally considers the right direction to take) and the devs have iterated on. So, you really have no excuse to not know about what it entails. Furthermore, it was revealed that the Devs will be streaming development of Oshur, and accepting player feedback about the continent's design in real-time. While the general goal of the continent has already been stated (unlike Hossin, it will have a predominant focus on vehicle-based play, with vastly different locking mechanics from the current four continents), players will have a great deal of agency in how the continent will ultimately feel and flow.

    Unless you want to look it all up yourself, I can give you a basic rundown.
  15. OneShadowWarrior

    Once all the Asian players exit to Soltech, balance will be restored!
  16. DeadlyOmen

    The decision to open an Asian server was a decision to close down Connery.

    Soltech is rocking now- like Connery used to.

    Data Analysis would have prevented what has happened.
  17. DeadlyOmen

    Racism is ugly. Connery, like Briggs, will get what it deserves.

    Will the devs allow the racists to destroy Soltech?

    Time will tell.
  18. OgreMarkX

    American's are the only people who confuse race with culture, generally understanding neither.
  19. Ares8

    GO and start a character on Emerald today, right now and start building him up. Plenty of **** to kill, plenty of XP to be had on Emerald you will be BR 50 in a couple months before you guys know it and will forget all about your Connery character. Don't wait you will never get your Transfer to Emerald. Connery is just going to become more dead as time goes on.
  20. OgreMarkX

    6 Years on my character. No thanks.

    DBG failed to permit character transfers in PS2, because they WANT you to pay more to recreate elsewhere.

    I am already a paying (subbing) customer since 1999. I actually pay for 4 accounts (3 of them since 2005 and 1 since 1999)

    I am not falling for a cheap money grab because DBG withheld standard service in PS2 that has been in their flagship game, Everquest, for decades.

    There is ZERO excitement in re-grinding certs in PS2. Zero.

    I'll just move on to other games eventually.
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