Connery: Cheaters every night.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OgreMarkX, Oct 4, 2019.

  1. OgreMarkX

    Hey DayBreak.

    Who is in charge of the PS franchise? Who?

    In PS2, Connery server, every night now, cheaters. Teleporting, no clipping, speed hacking and knifing everyone.

    While I understand it is hard to prevent cheating, the problem your company has is an obvious inability to deliver on so many other things (ASP re-cert, months long break in jump pads that SHOULD HAVE NEVER MADE IT PAST DEV TEST) and many other issues.

    What are you guys doing? Honest question.

    If you guys ever do another dev stream, I encourage DBG management to first discuss with the PS2 team that players = customers and customers = $.

    Not expecting perfection or even near. I understand budgets and staffing and profits. But you guys need to have a real sit down and look at your record and at what comes next.
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  2. then00b

    Yep, there's an NC dude on right now warphacking and knifing everyone on the map in Amerish right now.
  3. Towie

    It's not just Connery, Cobalt has gone very bad again - suspect there's something 'easily obtainable' out there.

    I get the feeling that they are concentrating on PS:A - they used to ban the new folks with crazy stats pretty quickly but now they just don't.

    It's for this reason that I really like the killcam - you can see exactly where someone was when they shot you with their super skillz (ahem).
    I've got a couple of guys shooting from within the walls at Briggs - from an area that you can't actually get to - they were reported by most of the platoon. Still playing of course (someone else said forget /report - they do nothing - i'm now tending to agree).

    I've been a member for years, sunk hundreds into PS2. It's getting very very difficult to justify the cost.
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  4. 0fly0

    Stop playing for two month, came back to see the all population is just made of new characters and 5 of my top death players with br100 characters are now ban so yeah let's call it bad
  5. adamts01

    My guess is not much more than maintenance. That lifetime membership was a last ditch effort to fund one last game, and that game is in a flaming dumpster.

    As players, we need to pretty much accept the game for what it is, keep funding it if we want to keep the lights on another couple years maybe, and do our part to promote healthy competition where the devs have failed to balance things.
  6. Beerbeerbeer

    It’s weird, it comes and goes in waves. It feels like as soon as a new exploit or game-file manipulation is found, a small subset of players is immediately using them. It becomes rather obvious with a slush of low BR players hopping around playing like they’re god’s gift to planetside.

    Then, for whatever reason, they’ll be gone. It’s a brief respite that’s refreshing. Maybe they patched an exploit and they haven’t figured it out yet. These are the best moments in planetside, but it never lasts long.

    In any case, they’re back again. All of them. F U C K Y O U DBG and the same to you hackers.
  7. gunnner10

    We all know this game is full of cheaters, best just to accept it. My only hope is that each faction has the same number of cheats to balance things out
  8. then00b

    Same warphack online now, different character, still NC though on Hossin tonight.
  9. OneShadowWarrior

    DX11 was supposed to fix all of it. Coughs.....
  10. Gobbu

    I got stabbed by some guy twice and the death cam showed him under the ground. Anybody seen this?
  11. zorozeenee

    NC hacker NinJiom has gone for a many months running esp and toggles aimbot every now and then. Still not banned.
  12. OpolE

    History is important. PS1 hackers were allowed to run riot! in the last couple of year. Buckle yourselves in for a very frustrating time.

    Now we have Planetside Forever project we are in control and will make sure we don't have incompetence towards hackers like SOE/DBG did.

  13. x360

    heres a business fact,no developer is going to ban a paying customer.they turn a blindeye to it until it gets out of hand,i dont know any pc game that doesnt have scripters.some of these hacks are it on console if you cant adjust to the pc version.its never going to change.
  14. Humoreske

    Cheater is no longer a big problem. The problem is the imbalance between factions.
    There are no veteran players at NC anymore. The TR is somewhat better, but the same.
    In Connery, only the remaining players in the faction loved by Wrel are slaughtering them.
  15. Zizoubaba

    Pretty sure what comes next is pretty clear, it's been that way for a while already, and I don't want to be a doomsayer but I really think it's true, plus if you check the rest of the DBG catalogue of games and what's going on with them, like I said, it's pretty clear :

    A long and painful death, zero investment (who would invest in an old, dying game) and steadily dwindling population.

    I bet all those who bought taht "CHEAP" and "AT A HUGE DISCOUNT" All Ccess Membership for 300 BUCKS are really happy that they did!

    I mean seriously, you're gona spend 300 bucks on a 8 year old game that isn't being developped anymore and that's steadily losing population?

    ^ Edit, that was a rhetorical question but just in case, the answer is "YES OF COURSE, THEY SOLD OUT ON THAT SPECIAL OFFER"

  16. Rainproof

    Take a look.
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  17. Towie

    Looks like skillz to me ;)

    (Maybe a hint of sarcasm in there)

    I'm assuming this is the same hack that allows people to move freely around the landscape - including areas that you cannot get to like under ground, behind walls, in boxes - it has been around for a while and seems to have additional functionality too, much like the old hagsclub cheat. Except this one isn't detected or defeated by BE.

    Unless the 'users' are blatant they appear to be undetectable and continue to be just a bit too good.
  18. zorozeenee

  19. Towie


    Ok mine isn't so utterly obvious - but i'll add it to the thread due to his comedy name:***.jpg

    EDIT: Well the picture doesn't load as the A-S-S name is removed ! Really ironic considering this guy created that name as a player....
  20. OgreMarkX

    Members of the Connery based outfits [00], and R3ST were quick to add, in defense of the suspected hacker, that the suspected hacker is just using the game engine in ingenious ways.

    "Git gud, scrubz, lawls, w3 rok u suK."
    --rando [00], R3ST'er.

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