Connery cannot handle maximum capacity

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Goden, May 25, 2013.

  1. Goden

    When Indar is 33%/33%/33% and Esamir is not far behind, the feces starts to hit the fan. It doesn't take long before wicked desync starts to occur. Healing and repair tools become very delayed or stop working completely and kills can take as long as 1 second to 1.5 seconds to register. It becomes very unejoyable and downright unplayable to any serious degree. The kill delay is somewhat tolerable but when the support classes cannot do their jobs properly then things start to fall apart.

    I'm not sure what can be done about it but the recent merge and major update are pushing the server beyond what it can handle.
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  2. Leo Di Caprio

    I guess the 666 players per empire was a bad number to pick?
  3. NoXousX

    With the lattice changes I think they should lower the maximum number of players per continent. The fights are overly concentrated. inb4 flame war
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  4. GoldenDeath

    Welcome to Planetside 2, Sorry but you wanted more people on Connery.......
  5. Goden

    I don't recall anyone ever asking for desync.
  6. GoldenDeath

    I don't either.....I will break it down, more people in a hex can cause desync issues, Connery players wanted more people to shoot, and now there is desync issue which is a symptom. Which isn't stating you wanted desync, just that this is nothing new......
  7. queue

    Lattice would have solved the more people to shoot problem.
    The update would have solved the more people to shoot problem.

    Both just went way overboard.
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  8. LahLahSr

    SOE has done a poor job of managing performance in this game.

    On the same day, they merge Helios with Connery AND introduce the lattice system. Unsurprisingly, performance goes down the drain. Massive desynch issues - but they now persist, due to the lattice system. There is no break from it. On Inderp anyway.

    1) Boost the hardware
    2) Improve the software
    3) Reduce the number of players allowed on the server/continents until a acceptable performance threshold is achieved

    Continuing to offer a substandard gaming experience is not good business.
  9. LordShockTitan

    I agree with you on the whole capacity thing. though TBH, I am a NC on Connery, and I have only ever experienced any sort of desync once. I play a lot, and yet do I ever experience what you are. It may be your latency, because I have a alt on Waterson, and I live some 3 thousand miles from the sever; and I lag like a son of a *****. Idk why a lot of people are having issues with desync, while I have only lagged enough to ruin gameplay once...