Connery and Helios merge "Soon"

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  1. Vreivai

    Don't worry. TR and Vanu have a non-aggression pact during alerts. During the latest alert I actually saw some TR and Vanu tanks working together.
  2. MilitiaMan

    Johari would also be acceptable.
  3. MilitiaMan

    This on Helios? I hope so, way more to shoot at >:)
  4. Twistdlester

    Would be nice to hear something ....... anything from SoE on this merge.
  5. doombro

    Congratulations, I guess. Though, I hope you like having queues for every continent and being stuck in VR during prime time.
  6. ShopTrain,0
    Last question on the first page

    "Any word on if/when player server transfers are going to be implemented? I ask this on behalf of the Connery refugees.
    We’re waiting on adding the server transfer items until we’re certain we’re done with server merges. Right now we’re still looking into the possibility of doing a merge of Connery and Helios, but with the addition of the alerts system, those servers are both having pretty active fights, and the overall faction balance on those servers isn’t ideal for merging right now. Once we’re certain that we aren’t doing any more merges we’ll put the server transfer tokens up on the store."

    It turns out that it might not happen, at least not soon.
  7. commandotimmy

    as a TR member in Helios I am getting used to this..Wonder who will win the next alert lol....merge would be nice, or at least the ability to move my character to different server. I have put way to much time and money into my character to just go off and create a new one on a different server.


    Yes have to admit the ARA are probably the most effective overall NC force on Connery. These guys are always pissing me off taking my scarred messa from me and pulling to much AA. In general the combined arms of the outfits in the ARA are generally some of my top priorities for me to **** with. If left alone they tend to do bad things to the TR and that can't be allowed without a few rocket pods thrown back at them. But I still have respect for the aviation wing of the 666 as they are always out and about and get better each time we fight.

    And I recently made a Helios alt for curiosity sake and felt the AA presence was quite lacking there. If they ever do this merge they had better shape up on that or the farming will be legendary.
  9. vaxx

    First off, your outfit name on Helios is great! Made me laugh.

    Second, it all depends. With my alt on Connery (TR) I felt the exact same way. Tons of NC/VS air and no AA pulled. I was literally watching 4 ESF's farming a platoon of TR, that just kept spawning and running right back out, scratching my head wondering where the AA/Strikers were.

    Then again, I only have a BR15. So both of us feel the same, but wonder if either of us really know the feel of each others server.

    And lastly, I couldn't care less if they merge or not now. Basically the only thing that will happen is put TR/VS in equal numbers, but most likely NC will still have double the numbers. Strategic server transfers would be more welcome. For instance, no NC can transfer to Helios or Connery, BUT, TR and VS could. Maybe an incentive for TR transferring to Helio, and VS transferring to Connery to encourage a more even pop balance.
  10. SNAFUS

    Yes I plan on playing my Helios alt much more to get a better feel of the server. That was only my first impressions to say the least. But a strategic merge could be a cool idea. I personally feel having more NC would be a blast but maybe that is from ignorance of not being massively over poped.
  11. Zaik

    lol you're about to get disappointed, the Devil Dog NC zergfest has been on connery since release
  12. SNAFUS

    They haven't been so bad. I think most people tend to exaggerate over their actual of numbers they have active at one time. Now their actual ops do get quite large but lately they have not been putting up redonkulous numbers that were there at launch.
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  13. 13lackCats

    I'm honestly embarrassed by the Connery TR comments in this thread.

    Not all Connery TR are twerplings crying zerg.
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  14. Minimum Force

    Just merge already or give us the option to server transfer. I don't understand how they examine the data that they get and apply it since now the soon™ is slowly turning into a maybe not. Get in and see how the populations are during prime times and not simply look at data. Hell we don't even know if their data simply does an average or what time the samples are taken. For all we know they could take snapshots and apply that narrow blip to their decisions.

    SOE simply doesn't provide ample and lastly proof of why their decisions are made in situations that effect the stability of servers. Just let us know what's up and nothing simply a "Hey since the alerts were put in everything seems to be working out.. so yeah".
  15. MangoPunch

    Pretty much this. Sure we have plenty of members, but we rarely have any more than a platoon or two online during weekdays.
  16. Minimum Force

    Mostly it's the compounding nature of the other outfits that are highly visible. You get 666th, HT, GOLD, and the other outfits running around it just seems like they're everywhere.

    I'm also curious where in hell that "alliance" with double teaming us last night on Indar came from. It's stuff like that that forces people to get tunnel vision and see stuff that causes them to call shenanigans. I'll admit by the end of the night that I was frustrated beyond anything at having nothing but a two-pronged attack with platoons on the borders for most of the night.
  17. SNAFUS

    If you saw HT, Gold, X, or PG then it was the ARA. 666 are starting another alliance but I think it was more geared towards the Helios merge but correct me if I'm wrong.
  18. Minimum Force

    Well a merge with Helios at this point would just make the situation worse. Structured transfers would be more beneficial in my opinion since doesn't Helios have an outfit just as large as 666th? But maybe all of this is worthless to discuss because the lattice system could force the larger outfits and populations along a projected path so the smaller pops and outfits don't have to get spread out.
  19. Rogueghost

    If the merge goes through, it will be TR with the lowest pop, rather then vs.
  20. SNAFUS

    As annoying as it could be at times being outnumbered just imagine all the targets we'll have. Being the smallest will make it difficult to capture every continent but as long as we have enough to pop lock a cont then there won't be an issue. It will come down to who is more organised rather then who has the biggest zerg. TrRwill have to step up the communications within outfits and play smarter. But winning fights won't be as large as an issue as many claim.