Connery 3PM typical population

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  1. Badname3529.

    Play later in the day or roll with an outfit. Your TR pals in China completely **** over the population balance every night. West coast NC goes to sleep with 2/3 conquered, wakes up to no continents under control. They deal with it and VS have it worse than both of you, so don't go crying for a free ride.
  2. Katana

    Here is a TL;DR for people new to this thread.

    *op shows that server is unbalanced at 3pm*

    "3pm? lol loser show us 6pm unbalanced!"

    *op shows 6pm unbalanced*

    "lol that server is bad doesnt count"

    *op gives up on humanity*
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  3. Spartan 117

    More like OP complains when he has nothing to complain about.


  4. Badname3529.

    More like OP wants an option to switch servers, something that is reasonable and should exist within the game. Characters are preserved across all servers, which is why no two players can have the same name and you are able to /tell people on different servers. PS2 should have an option that lets players jump to any server they prefer with a 168 hour cooldown before they can change servers again without paying SC for the privilege. Solves everyone's problem and mixes up the amount of outfits that can fight eachother.
  5. Sebastien

    Wait a minute. Isn't it the TR that were gloating over 3 capping Connery? Why, YES, YES IT WAS.
  6. XphaedX

    VS crying about population imbalance...that's rich.

  7. Katana

    Ouch. OP is complaining about a bug in his burger when others have **** in theirs....
  8. Kedric

    We don't need server transfers (though I would not in any way be opposed to 100% free play on any server you want whenever with the same character). What we need is a MASSIVE bonus for being the underpopulated faction, to the point that people literally hunt through servers to find one that has a population imbalance so that they can play there. If you think about it, if your goal is to make each server perfectly balanced then you literally cannot make a bonus too big for an underpopulated faction. Give a 10% exp bonus for each percentage below 33%. Hell, give 100%. People will be crawling over each other to get on that faction, which will serve to constantly balance the population out.
  9. GamerOS

    If people are gonna try to point out a population imbalance then do it right:

    Take a picture every hour between 6PM and 10PM for at least a week, preferably even longer.
    Then get numbers from that, averages etc.

    Then go and complain about faction imbalance.
    A snap shot of a random moment is rather meaningless if you want to proof anything.
  10. forkyar

    thats what you get when you cry that you cant play differnt empire on same server,only thing soe should do is make a 8 hour empire lock timer for same server if you do switch to a different empire
  11. Birdrock

    Looks like most of NightFall's posts were removed for blatant violations of the Terms of Service and Rules, but I wanted to support my argument. I was away from my main computer for a few days, so it took until now to get a screencap.

    This is the Connery population at 10:23 PM on 1/9/2013. VS have 34% of the population. The claim that they have never gone above 30% is clearly, factually, incorrect. Additionally, NC are the lowest population in this picture. This does not prove a trend, but it does refute NightFall's claims.[IMG]
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  12. Crazyfingers

    Any idea why this is? I rolled NC on Connery day 1.

    My thought process:
    **** yeah SEAN CONNERY

    Is it the combination of these 2 thought processes that everyone else had?
  13. LeFitz

    Lol Crazyfingers :). Rolled there also, population is always somewhat balanced even though I play typically somewhere between 7pm and 2am GMT+8.
  14. Malsvir Vishe

    It's easy for my outfit when we have an organized platoon. Yaaaaay HFA.
  15. Brickwalker

    VS had terrible pop today even during prime time (it was around 24% from 6pm to 8pm)..

    VS pop ONLY STARTED going up when NC's and TR's over population started to log for the night,evening out the population.Which,in turn brought VS population up past 30%
  16. MiZrY

    Why you would transfer from one of the two most populated West Coast servers is kinda silly.... odds are when the server transfers happen people will flock to Connery/Helios seeing as they are the only West servers that hit medium population anymore.
  17. Brickwalker

    So,like I said above..

    Right now(6:00pm) its NC 39% TR 36% VS 25%

    VS wont rise until some TR and NC start logging off.