Connery 3PM typical population

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  1. NightFall

    It's impossible to defend or attack due to massive population imbalance.

    Connery Prime Time at 3 PM[IMG]
  2. NightFall

    Really need the choice to switch servers SOE.
  3. Tobax

    3pm is prime time? show us pops between 6pm to 10pm instead.
  4. Sebastien

    Take a picture every hour.
  5. VSDerp

    hope they merge soon so i can actually enjoy the game tired of capping empty bases even if i get certs just dont have the feeling of achievement like i felt in beta
  6. Lieutenant_Red

    3pm? Do you have a job?
  7. Morpholine

    Connery is usually fairly close to even between the three in prime time.

    And the above picture is not really a big deal; VS just have a target-rich environment at that time.
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  8. TeeRizz

    I play on Connery, it rotates between each faction multiple times throughout the day.

    NC usually dominates population in the Pacific Time evening, but they usually focus on Indar. VS usually goes for Esamir and TR usually grabs Amerish, but honestly it changes so frequently that the continent bonuses don't affect things too much.

    I mainly play VS and I still have a great time rolling with the big public outfits. And remember, you can make characters on the same server in all three factions, so if you are gettin frustrated feel free to switch over :p
  9. Flying Butt Monkeys

    How cute. The little TR thinks he's up against the odds.

    Meanwhile, on Waterson...

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  10. ent|ty

    If it's just me on TR with maybe 3-4 others, and noone else to be found at some times of the day, how many other players are there then based on the math? He he.

    At least on Esamir, 4-10 on Erimesh primetime, maybe 4-5 until the TR zerg arrives to cap all the empty bases, very little Vanu... if anyone is there they are on Indar (yawn).

    I think they'd rather use percentages rather than actual numbers.. might work out to be;
    21 / 33 / 40 players for reals lol
  11. NightFall

    Alright then NOOB, here is 6 PM connery[IMG]
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  12. Birdrock

    So he is a 'noob' because he asked for a more common prime time bracket? Stop acting like an immature brat. Further, Connery populations usually are fairly balanced in the evening on the west coast. Late evening, VS populations skyrocket. Early afternoon, NC has a slight population advantage. TR doesn't seem to have a consistent time when it has a population advantage, but it definitely happens. If you'd like, I can cherry pick an example to show a TR imbalance, just like you did.
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  13. QuantumMechanic

    I have one char for each faction on Connery. I've never really noticed empire-imbalance that was very game affecting. What I do notice is the lack of overall server population that breaks the game, especially as soon as prime time winds down. It becomes a monumental pain in the **** to find a good fight then (and I refuse to run around capping empty bases).

    I am TOTALLY failing to see the problem!

    I play Genudine and the pops will look like this all the time, with each factions gaining more pop at random. I play NC and we rarely have over 33% pop. deal with it. enjoy the challenge and stop being bothered by such trivial things. i mean seriously, at 6pm you guys have 1/3rd pop with 3 factions................

    The maps are WAYY bigger issues than pop. even at an even pop the NC are set up to be CONSTANTLY defending their amp/dome/tech on indar due to absurd map layouts. Im not starting threads complaining about that! why? because you dont have to complain every time you loose.
  15. ISpyWithMyLittleEye

    lol same thing here on Briggs. TR outfits logging on at ungodly hours and just zerging.

    Well , I expect them to lose Indar (again) to an NC/VS alliance again for royally pissing off both factions again.
  16. FigM

    It would be super nice if our characters could switch servers.. at least once per day
  17. QuantumMechanic

    I was against server transfers for the longest time. But I didn't imagine that it would actually be *necessary*, which pretty much it's necessary now. I'm all for them.
  18. Albatross039

    I am in this server too (10 am - 1pm US time) and playing vanu, i can tell u that we are always the weakest force and never stand a chance in capturing/defending with >15% enemies on the same island (mainly INDAR, no one care about Amerish). But still I have a lot of fun fighting red and blue just few bases outside our warp gate.


    seriously dude, your making an issue out of nothing. a pop difference of less than 10 % is not that bad. in your first pic it was a little lopsided, but thats when VS and TR team up on the poor ol NC and show them whos boss.
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  20. Birdrock

    On Connery, VS regularly has 33%+ population. The highest I've seen is 48% VS, but it is pretty normal for VS to have around 38-42% of the server population in late evening once the early NC crew starts to log off.

    You keep using the 'stay in school' line. Perhaps you should do so, yourself? You are making statements that are not supported by evidence, and launching personal attacks on anyone that doesn't agree with you. You don't understand much about the scientific method, which is how you would approach proving a claim of a population imbalance.