Connection Problem when Launching Game

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by HLM, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. HLM

    So let me just start off with saying I don't have the best connection currently - but saying that I have no problem with any other game I play. I live in NZ and play on the Briggs server.
    I used to have a pretty good connection (by NZ standards) but after moving had to downgrade to a lesser one. This happened to take place on the day of the Hossin update, so ever since then I've never been sure if this problem is something that happened with the update, if it's something on my end, or maybe both.

    The gist of it is, I have to go through this long-winded charade every single day I want to play the game, as outlined below:

    First Attempt
    Character select, Click PLAY
    Logging in ~3 seconds
    Loading map ~ 10 seconds to reach 99%
    Wait ~2 minutes. During this time, I'm apparently connected to the server. Friends can see me online and I can hear the "idle" music playing.
    Connection times out and game closes with Game Error G9

    Second Attempt
    Map loads to 100%, times out as above.

    Third Attempt
    Map loads to 100%, lets me into the game after ~1 min 30
    Greeted by redeploy screen with garbled and incomplete UI. Unable to spawn at desired base until UI populates fully after a ~40 second wait

    Finally allowed to play game. Except 50% of the time I'll spawn under the world in the origin of the map and have to redeploy again.

    Has anyone else been experiencing any symptoms like this? Those who play on Briggs especially - I'd be interested to hear if I'm not alone.