Congratulations on Dying! You're doing real Good!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ShortRovnd, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. ShortRovnd

    Congratulations on Dying! You're doing real good. Look how close you are to medaling these weapons and this big number of XP we just gave you. This is where the guy was who killed you, respawn and kill him back. Just don't go back to CoD, OK? You're doing really well in this game, so don't quit.

    This is what the new death screen says and I loathe it!
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  2. Pikachu

    I dont mind the direction thibg but the amount of redundant info is puzzling. :confused:
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  3. Tuco

    If it weren't for us players who use stealth tactics, long range tactics, terrain tactics, and use cover and concealment, PVP would look like a Alterac Valley moshpit where everybody is at point blank range, jumping around one another in a random fashion.

    The only PVP games I get angry dying in, are wow-clones because I know my opponent grinded more to win, which makes me have to grind to be competitive; actually I just quit the game, I'm not that stupid.
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  4. Robes

    Holy crap, somebody actually used dying instead of dieing on the interwebs!
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  5. Nate

    Not really liking the death screen, so I just hit a key immediately.
  6. SenEvason

    Luckily, and can skip right past it if you don't like it.
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  7. MallowChunkage

    I quite like the new death screen. prefer it to the previous, allows a review of my performance and I don't feel the need to keep checking up on my medal progress.

    And please, everyone has always known which direction they were killed from, the map thing doesn't change that.
    Or am I the only person who pays attention to sound and tracers in video games?
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  8. Elrobochanco

    Hate it, and I'll add my voice to every thread about it. If you like that's fine, but it should be an option. No matter how fast you clear it, it wrecks the game to not see your own death/the area anymore. I don't want my death treated as "end of a round" I want to see where my corpse fell and know if I can take a res or should redeploy.

    There is no useful info on the death screen to make your next life any better. And by that metric I call it a failure as a feature for giving you any more context than we had last week.
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  9. Maljas23

    I don't mind the new death screen, personally.(Except for the "HERE HE IS" map)
  10. MallowChunkage

    Doesn't ctrl+f10 work any more? (I think that was the key to be able to see your body, even if you're on the redeploy screen, great for telling if you're still available to be rezzed as a MAX)
  11. Elrobochanco

    Honestly I had forgot about that, I'll try that tomorrow to see if it gives me what I want. Thanks for the suggestion
  12. faykid

    or is he? is he rally still there?
    all these camper types whining about their little tree or tower nests being busted, this is not even funny anymore. if you're doing it right, your location during the kill does not matter. at all. but if you're camping & farming noobs, then yes, you are in trouble. but you know what? that playstyle is toxic and makes nobody but you happy. this game needs new blood, new players, and less campers if possible.
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  13. Giggily

    when i die a bunch of sounds play and there's a lot of numbers and a graph
  14. DaddyVinoBambini

    When I first died tonight, I thought that chrome launched at loaded my wife's pintrest home page.
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  15. Chubzdoomer

    LOL! Hit the nail on the head!
  16. WyrdHarper

    The advantage of the old transparent screen was that you still had an idea of what was going on around you while still getting all the relevant kill information you needed. At a guess I'd say hitting ctrl is going to skip you right past the deathscreen and into the menus--at which point this method is extremely unreliable in any case because it doesn't show you your body if you are inside a building, near cover, because it feels like being in a weird position, etc.
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  17. Nerp

    I'm fine with this, aside from the graph. I don't like seeing it always going up. Make it reflect how I was doing in my life, have it go up and down with my score per minute at that given moment in that life or something, with little stars for events that happened so I can hover over for more info about them if I really want to.
  18. AdmiralArcher

    visually the asthetics are nice, it looks cleaner than the other, i havnt seen the live version yet but it does show far too much useless info, all i want to know is who killed me and who assited him in killing me and what rank he is, what he looks like and what gun him and whoever assited him were using and possibly the attachments for each weapon, but the info was fine before, it just didnt look as good

    i really wish this game had a death screen more like ghost recon online where it shows where each bullet hit you and how much damage it did

    i dont mind the non-seamless transition because many times i would lag hitch after i die and i would never know how i died so now that it is key bound its a bit better

    but like all things

  19. LibertyRevolution

    I crouched in a corner at an amp station and killed people not moving from my spot.
    I watched as they came to find me, and killed them again, and again, and again.
    I think the kill map is actually a good thing for campers, it just feeds you a steady stream of people coming back to the same spot.

    I also like the rest of the death screen.
    Yeah it is a bit COD/Console feel, but having it tell me how many kills for my next medal, and how much XP I earned that life is nice.

    The Pro Tips are amusing, like pedestrians watch out for vehicles, and don't stand behind a tank.
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  20. Fredfred

    This is perfect.