Confessions of a no-skill-tryhard-nub-scrub-terribad-pleb.

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  1. Earthman

    I like to shoot weapons with a good rate of fire and (hopefully) large magazines. I love my chaingun even if it does not love me. There are magical moments where I can spray the bullet hose at the flank of a roomful of enemies and take them all out, but other times I am probably better served by a CARV. Or an Armistice for that matter. I have the most success with that little guy but I'm trying not to over-use it strictly for the sake of variety.

    I don't like to use sniper rifles. I can land some pretty decent longshots on infantry from turret emplacements on towers, and do it fairly consistently, but for some reason I just can't get into sniping, nor do I have any interest in doing so.

    I like explosive weapons. That includes the turret I mentioned above, the underbarrel grenade launcher, thrown grenades, and C4. I find it odd that even the lattermost has the "no skill" whining done against it. Yep, utterly effortless to spring my Medic to the blindside of a "skilled" tank just sitting there plinking people with HEAT rounds and get him the moment he's unaware and blow up his Vanguard. It's just two mouse clicks, amirite?

    I like lock-on weapons. Yeah, yeah, say "skill" all you like when you're rocket podding people in a low slow hover in swarms. At the very least I got one deterrent to fire back with. Why demand I use a sniper rifle equivalent against you when your rocket pods are not even remotely as difficult to hit me with?

    "Realism" arguments bore and irritate me in games that involve teleporters, hover pads, green beams that resurrect people and white beams that repair vehicles. It's odd how side by side with "my tank should be invincible because Abrams battle tank in real life!!!!1" demands are "nerf lock on launchers even though they exist and have existed for many years in real life" demands.

    I like shotguns. I don't do that great with them, but I enjoy the satisfaction of landing enough pellets on someone to take him out in 1-2 hits, even if I'd be better served by another weapon.

    I like MAXes. I especially like Fractures.

    I like huge chaotic battles. I especially like them when they have all three factions involved. I get bored by sanctioned "red team blue team" ideas of "balanced" play. I may not like so-called zerg rushes, but I welcome giant clashes of vehicles, aircraft, fixed emplacements, and swarms of infantry.

    I play this game to have fun. I'm not here to bow to the precepts of the Church of Skill, nor to fuss and fret about whatever unpleasant and creepy facets of the *** or the NBA that MLG wants to shove into this game.
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  2. IamDH

    C4 is hated because of the flying fairies that can hold it. Medics are easy to handle
    UBGL: Also knowns as the pro-pipe, the haters call it the noobtube (not my joke i admit)

    Lolpods: I'd like to see you rocketpod people. Although it doesn't really require much aim, just being an air unit is difficult because of all the things out there to get you (even when you dont have lolpods). ESFs are so weak you can kill them with your default LMG

    Nothing is wrong with shotguns atm, i doubt people will call you a noob for using them now.


    Now that i've got that out the way theres something i really wanted to say:

    The reason you like those weapons is because its easier to use (hence funner) which is exactly the same reason they are hated.
    Noob-friendly weapons results in everyone using them and everyone being effective with them.

    Imagine a platoon of people holding a CARV
    Now imagine a platoon of people holding shotguns

    Hint: It'd be very annoying to get OHKed on and on
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  3. Kociboss

    You filthy, casual peasant! You disgust me. MLG master race for life. How dare you have fun.

    #yolo #blaze420
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  4. Earthman

    I get a free pass being a Medic with C4 then? Neat. As easy as it may be to kill me, some people get tunnel-vision when plinking people with HEAT rounds and that's when I give them a special delivery.

    UBGL is a suppression weapon, and used accordingly. I'm almost assuming one day they'll make it so ammo packs don't refill it. But until then I'm using it, and even if they remove the refill function, I'll likely still use it because there are moments where it simply is useful and fun to use. Yes, skill-cultists. Fun. That weird heretical thing some people do in games.

    With that IR scope for contrast, no, it isn't all that hard to use rocketpods, although I only have them on one non-TR character. I still get shot down fairly easily but I'm all right with that. The point is that rocketpods aren't so "skill based" that they must require people to do cartwheels while noscopeYOLOsniping them to return fire.

    I brought up shotguns because I was talking about the Bruiser on my alt on these forums recently and someone pulled the canned-rage-meme of "really? REALLY?" because I said it was my primary weapon on that character.

    I'd argue the Vortex, and the Lancer, take a lot of effort to use correctly, yet I do use them. A group of these things pointed at the same target is downright lethal and almost instantly so. So what's the deal with 'fun' weapons?
  5. Prudentia

    The Problem with Lockons:
    i don't have f*cking Rocketpods i'm pure A2A combat and i still get killed by Strikers, claiming that they Need to defend themselves. from what? the only groundweapon i have is a inaccurate nosegun that kills fast but if i miss my entire mag is empty before i can readjust because it is so hard to readjust when you are in hovermode and have to tap space to Balance out
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  6. Corporate Thug

    Most of the problems come from people gravitating towards those weapons and using them en masse. Like I've seen 2 squads of guys hold a building, all of them had shot guns. I guess they can do that if they choose but they would die horribly if they left that building and that makes it cheesy, but that's my opinion since I dislike sitting still or camping. Lock ons are mostly complained about by pilots and I suck in the air because I hate the flight mechanics in this game. It is not hard at all to avoid lock ons or to rocket pod infantry. If I can do it then a pilot who doesn't just fly from A to B should be able to do it as well.

    I think too many people take offense to things they read here because they want to preserve their play style. You might think people are attacking you but they are not. If you play a game long enough you should become good at it, if you are good at it then changing the way a weapon behaves should mean nothing, unless you are a one trick pony and it is your crutch. Lately I've been playing HA mostly but I still think it's OP when fighting some infiltrator and it doesn't make me feel pro or like I did such a great job killing one, I simply did what it was supposed to do. Basically, if a specific weapon or a vehicle makes you good, then you probably aren't and should try to improve in other areas because if it's really easy, then it will probably change.
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  7. JonboyX

    There are some weapons that have a high damage to skill-to-use ratio.
    They're in the game so that it doesn't just become dominated completely by the gaming elite, and are known as 'skill compressors'.

    The grenade example is one. Without risk to yourself you can chuck a grenade in to a room. Takes very little skill; can result in a couple of kills.

    They're disliked because the person on the other end is killed, often without being able to defend themselves, by someone who hasn't exhibited a high level of skill to do so. In this instance, there's little fun for anyone, though we may grudgingly see there is a role for them sometimes.
  8. makrome

    Sometimes i tend to think that the majority of RAGE/NERFITNOW posts are made by people who just were approaching some cluster of enemies with the goal to farm them all.
    Then, suddenly, they die to some weapon or get interrupted on their killing spree and think it's totally unbalanced and said weapon has to be nerfed instantly.
    They fail to see that they just stepped right into their own mirror image.

    Nowadays kids ... when they have a glass of cola, noone on the whole planet should be allowed to even have a half filled glass cola.

    I come from planet GREED
    We eat certs there
    I'm hungry
  9. Ribero

    Don't see a problem with any of it.

    For me the issue arises when people claim to be a "good player" yet they only excel with, what IamDH referred to as, "noob friendly weapons".

    It's the same issue as Outfits who claim to be TactiCool and stacked with MLG Tactics because they manage to load 48 people into gals and drop them on point. It's no major problem that they do this, the game is about large numbers, but when they condemn others who do it as "zergfits", and try and mask their own actions as superior tactics, that's when it becomes annoying.
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  10. lilleAllan

    I couldn't read that self indulgent, boring wall of text through.

    That's my confession.
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  11. IamDH

    I'm going to be honest and tell you i do not possess a UBGL but im rather sure it is far from a suppression weapon. This game has shown hate for anything that OHKs and UBGL will receive the same hate.

    As for rocketpods: I was referring to the skill it takes to stay alive in the air which would also mean that rocketpods do require a certain level of kills. Tank busters are much more effective than rocketpods and the flak changes will ruin rocketpodding a bit more too. Lock-ons totally ruin dogfights which is why there should be areas where air can't attack ground & the other way around
  12. toxs

    Its fun to run a light assault with a pump actions just to know you are fustratating people with OHKs. Is it okay for a below average players like myself to enjoy this?
  13. ColdCheezePizza

    below average? o_O just saw your latest NS-11c kills streak, 17 aint too shabby even for a BR100
  14. toxs

    Those kills dont count because I was roof camping in biolab. But ty for noticing :)
  15. Earthman

    Luckily for you this is an age where people post that they didn't read something, expecting praise or at the very least ridicule for the OP with the "scary big wurdz".
  16. ColdCheezePizza

  17. RHINO_Mk.II

    Saying that you use lockons as a deterrent to rocketpod attacks is one thing, but as someone who has not equipped rocket pods on my reaver in over a month, the number of jerks who still spam lockons at me when I'm dogfighting aircraft 400m above the base is absurd.
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  18. IamDH

    If you are going to criticize everyone who does something wrong on this forum it'll take you more than a year
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  19. Corporate Thug

    Sadly it's a bit too late. SOE lowered to cost of G2A lock ons to 250 certs instead of fixing or tweaking the roles of ESFs. Now everyone has them and it will take a good long while before people stop thinking every ESF is going to rocket pod and not carry those launchers.
  20. reticentbassist

    The problem with this argument is that since this is a combined arms game, teamwork and cooperation must always be rewarded over each solo players abilities.

    Lets take your grenade example. Suppose that you and your squad are holding a building on the cap point. You guys are dug in, engineer turrets, medics, a MAX or to, lets just say a full squad holding down the point. If me and my squad showed your faced and "allowed you a chance do defend yourself" we would just die again and again against your superior defense.

    If everyone were "given a chance to defend themselves" then battles would NEVER make any progress. There have to be SOME mechanisms for killing large amounts of infantry, otherwise battles will always be Crown like meat grinders. Grenades are a part of this mechanism. While not being overpowered in that they will not clear a room if a single one is thrown, if an entire squad throws grenades into a room, it will have a serious effect.

    Teamwork is OP. Making good decisions is OP. Our strikers don't mean anything against a 12-24 pilot air swarm or tank push, I can say this from personal experience. Just last night on Indar on Connery my squad was defending a Vanu armored push from Tawrich Tech Plant all the way back to Crossroads. We used Strikers the whole way. Sure we killed tanks, but we could not stop the push. Teamwork > Strikers. Teamwork > Planetside
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