Concussion grenades

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by dingesskahn, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. dingesskahn

    I recently unlocked these and though they seem to be good in theory, i hit myself with them more often than not trying to clear out corners or the next room. Also i note nearly no time elapsing before it touches a surface and explodes.

    Does anyone else have any thoughts?
  2. Stan Walsh

    I tried them at the very end of beta. They didn't really seem all that handy. The duration seems really short, and the light assault blind grenades seem way more effective. The effect seems ok if you hit with two of them though.
  3. dingesskahn

    I really feel that i wasted 200 certs on these, even throwing them into another room I still am effected by its blast and am just as vulnerable as those i aimed at. Can we get any moderators opinion on these? do they have a practical application?
  4. strychzilla

    Does do any damage? If not, I would always take damage over blind.
  5. Eyeklops

    They could kill in beta at very short range from what I remember. They work best if a buddy throws a nade at the same time. Then they can't run away from the grenade.
  6. TheBloodEagle

    Does a person screen really white out? I haven't tried it, nor has anyone used it on me. Some people mentioned for the smoke grenade, people with low graphic settings barely even see it. So I wonder if low graphics have any effect over the concussion grenade. If that makes sense.
  7. Stan Walsh

    The flashbang or whatever the Light Assault grenade is whites out the screen. I killed the guy that hit me with it by dumb luck blind fire. The concussion grenades distort the screen, not white it out. Makes it look and feel as though you downed half a bottle of cough medicine and went out drinking.
  8. strychzilla

    I think their are too many people defending bases for flashbangs/conc grenades to be useful. Even if you blinded/disoriented 10 players there is no way you're going to run in and clear them out fast enough. If you lob a regular grenade in you'll get 5-7 and it's a lot easier to take down 5 people with a gun than 10. :)
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  9. Loadin

    ya they are worthless these nades were the first thing I unlocked thinking I had a sound plan to toss one of those into a room full of people and using lasher...but it didn't turn out that way I threw them around the corner and I was in other room still affected me .. so kinda a waste of certs IMO .. some people might think well they will be good for getting away but like I said they affect you slow you down and you mouse moving is slowed a lot ..only way these worth it is if you use them in squads maybe to toss one in a room while they rush in.
  10. Patooie

    they are (as most things in PS2) highly situational. Best use I've found is for point cap. Trick is they explode (usually) on first contact unlike the superball enhanced standard grenades. Toss through a door for the far opposite corner. Easiest thing to do is load up a dozen or so and find a big room near a term to practice on to get a feel for the radius so you aren't gimping yourself on accident as I did in the beginning. Once you get a feel for the distance they are pretty fun. I've racked up some nice multikills with them coupled with SMG. Also fantastic if you have a reasonably organized squad "concussion out!" and in you go to clear up the dazed tangos.
  11. PaperPlanes

    Lol at anyone calling them worthless. They can allow you to solo a dual hacksaw MAX with your ******* knife if you want to. They are incredibly powerful in the right hands, unfortunately the average HA player is lacking hands entirely in most cases...and brains.

    Continue to say they suck. They are the best kept secret in the game.
  12. Noktdaz

    I don't remember who exactly said it (maybe it was Whisenhunt), but conc grenades hitting you through walls is supposed to be a bug, I think.
  13. Tawodi

    I find them amazing imo. The regular frag grenade will often by dodged, due to the fact that it has the indicator. The concussion grenade is definitely situations, but in those situations it shines. It gives no indicator, it explodes on impact, and anything it hits is going to die. By yourself and know two people are on point Alpha, throw a grenade before you pop in and they're definitely dead. Caught mid-reload throw a grenade and by yourself time. Three people and a max pop out from a corner, grenade them and retreat or try to kill em! It may take a bit of time to learn its radius so you don't stun yourself, but once you learn how to use them its a guaranteed kill if not more every time you use them. Where as with a regular grenade you really aren't guaranteed that kill.
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  14. Tawodi

    Man I was really out of it when I wrote that huh. 'often be dodged' 'definitely situational' 'buy yourself time.' Won't let me edit! Either way I still back those points!
  15. Knarfis

    Yeah I just got these Nades as well and wow I hit myself more often they anyone else. Toss one into a room that I am a good distance away from and BAM, there goes my vision. In theory these would work out very well but so far in practice I have killed myself more then others who I am tossing the nade at.

    I hope there is a bug here as I cant see how standing away from the door to the room where I tossed the nade still effects me and not the people inside the room itself.

  16. Konfuzfanten

    They are perfect if you need to clear a room (cap point) and know there are a few enemies in there. Pull back, throw conc nade, waltz in and kill everyone. There is no nade indicator and it goes through walls so you can really blind side ppl.
  17. Epoch/Eep

    the going through walls thing makes it a lot harder to use effectively thats all.
    If that changes they will be crazy OP :)

    I think i got a a room last week with 6 or 7 guys all crouched facing away from me. Stormed in with JH :)
  18. Bill Hicks

    Conc grenades are useful for breaking up a heavily defended position. I have used it in biolabs where several maxes were defending a point with engineers; I threw the grenade and then dropped some c 4 in the room and suicide nuked everyone I was still getting points for kills for awhile after I spawned :)
  19. Negator

    Conc grenade at a scatmax>deci to the face>empty shotty into him=dead scatmax

    works like a charm
  20. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    Man, this thread was necro'd.
    Concussion -> Rocket -> Main Weapon is a great combination against maxes.
    If your close enough and have an Autoshotgun, no need for the rocket, though.^^

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