Concussion grenade nerf = vanu nerf?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Konfuzfanten, May 22, 2013.

  1. Frosty The Pyro

    Not with the lasher you dont, that thing is a max blasting machine.
  2. lilleAllan

    My thought exactly. It's pathetic.
  3. X3Killjaeden

    Hm... i always engaged maxes without conc grenades... Because launcher+ a few shots is way better then trying to tickle their health down.
    To each his own...
  4. Shellana

    Wait,so HA can't get C4 any more?

    concusion grenade + C4 = room full of dead people
  5. Kastrenzo

    if TR or NC have LMGs that can kill a MAX in a single mag, how does VS not have one? this makes no sense.

    These are not exact stats, but simple math going off ammo counts and damage tables. so don't scream at me if they're innacurate
    Gauss Saw. 167-200 Damage, 100 rounds. - 16700-20000 damage total

    TMG-50. 143-167 Damage, 75 rounds, - 10752-12525 damage total
    CARV, 120something-143 Damage, 100 rounds 12000-14300 damage total

    VS Has a number of weapons that have the same or superior damage and ammo caps than TR weapons.

    Flare has identical ammo and damage tables to the TMG50, Plus has soft point ammo.
    Ursa also has same figures as TMG50.

    Polaris does the same damage and ammo count as the CARV.

    So you're telling me that if the CARV or TMG50 can gib a MAX in one magazine, their VS Counterparts cannot? explain
    .. I'm guessing only the CARV can since 12525 damage doesnt seem like it's enough to kill a max, but what do I know.. I'm not looking at spreadsheets right now..
  6. Mekhazzio

    It's not a matter of not having one, it's a matter of proliferation. The only two TR LMGs with low damage per magazine are almost never used. NC don't really have a low damage/mag LMG at all, and their most popular LMGs are the highest in the game. The VS only has 3 LMGs that aren't pitiful in that category, they're all unpopular, and two of them are just flat-out awful on top of it. Damage per magazine is pretty sad on most VS weapons in general, which is the natural consequence of having TR's damage per shot paired with NC's low magazine capacity.

    But it's kinda irrelevant to this discussion, IMO. Even with the Gauss SAW it's still a pretty bad idea to gun down a MAX without putting a rocket into him first, at which point any LMG in the game can easily finish the job.
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  7. RHINO_Mk.II

    Only if they're smart MAXes.
  8. simmi1717

    Use ZOE to kill another max. Simple.