Concussion grenade nerf = vanu nerf?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Konfuzfanten, May 22, 2013.

  1. Konfuzfanten

    Concussion grenade changes
    • All concussion effects will now correctly check line of sight.
    • All concussion effects will now scale down based on distance from the impact point and how exposed the player was when the grenade went off.
    • The duration of the concussion grenade has been reduced. This duration will now scale down slightly based on how far the player was from the impact point.

    So our i-win granade got nerf, sad panda. But as a Vanu, i see this as an even bigger nerf, then TR/NC.
    Before the concussion nade nerf, the TR+NC standard LMG had the killing power to stop a MAX in a single mag, while the Vanu either have to go with a lower dps LMG, or switch between the rocket launcher + Orion to kill the MAX. But with the 5 sec duration it wasnt a big problem.

    With the duration nerf the Vanu HA getting an even shorther window of opportunity kill a MAX, because the need to swap weapon, while the TR/NC isnt affected because of the larger mags aka no need to swap guns.
  2. Morti

    Until I can get on to test this I actually approve of a few of those changes. Unless
    means the duration has been severely nerfed, I don't think I'll still have much trouble soloing a MAX.

    Many a time though have I concussed myself through the wall at A in large air pad posts. :(

    WOOP NC max buff (since they were more effective on the NC max than any other max XD).
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  4. Van Dax

    unfortunately its a bit lousy for the lasher conc combo.
  5. MaxDamage

    It's a nerf to TR and VS.

    Crap decision devs.
  6. vrcarnage

    I will wait to test them before I make any accusations. TBH sometimes they would not go off any way. I have seen several times where I had popped the person right in the head w/ the nade and did not stun them @ all.

    Hopefully they did not reduce the effect to much. I am sure someone will have the numbers for it soon.
  7. Van Dax

    Of course it might just mean I won't concuss myself so often.
  8. Highway_Star

    The lashers lousy regardless.
  9. HamOnRye

    If you are having issues with MAXs, use the AV grenade. One grenade and a follow up with the LMG will get the job done right.
  10. haldolium

    MAXes get the S1 face retouch....
  11. Knarfis

    I dont like the reduction in time of the effects. The way the Nade worked before this update one had to wait a good amount of time after throwing the nade into the room before entering it without getting the effects of it. Now that the effects are reduced that means the nade has been renders pretty useless if all the other negative effects are still in place.

  12. Bill Hicks

    I like how this kid manages to whine about two things
    1. Poor VS have such weak LMGs

    2. conc grenade got a nerf.

    First of all, you have the Orion, the best close range LMG hands down. You have the SV-88 a LMG that can hold its own against anything.

    Second the conc grenade needed a nerf.
  13. Morti

    Apparently they didn't nerf it enough. Had no issue soloing 5 ZOE maxes tonight in an airbase defense.

    Depends on the MAX, really. ZOE maxes are a definite concussion grenade, because it detonates on impact. Whereas those zippity zop bop super fast ZOE maxes could just run away from an AV 'nade. Can totally see it being useful versus TR lockdown max, though. I must try this tomorrow or during the week!
  14. Mekhazzio

    Slow-fused small-radius bouncy grenade vs impact-fused large-radius grenade, when aiming for targets that you cannot afford to spend -any- time exposed to. No thanks. Especially not when the impact grenade also wrecks the target's ability to shoot at anything during the time to kill it, while the AV grenade attack run is still just as likely to end in scattercannon instagib as any other weapon is.

    They'll have to nerf the concussion grenades a lot more than this before the AV grenade starts to become useful in any way at all.
  15. YoXn

    HAHA, what? Nerfing Concussion grenades was a crap decision, are you serious?
    Being able to solo a max as a HA or any class for that matter was stupid, and
    those grenades were ******* broken. I know because I abused the **** out of them!
  16. YoXn

    1. Poor VS we don't have a GOD saw or EM6

    2. Conc did get nerfed

    First of all, the Orion is garbage-- it's a carbine that looks like and LMG. We have the SV-88 that holds its own against bad players.
  17. Mekhazzio

    Eh? A MAX is one player too. Of course one player should be able to kill them. If you're using a 75 resource grenade to kill a 100 resource unit, you can't even argue that as a balancing point. The only thing restricting the MAX is its timer, and since medic revive works on them (for some unfathomable reason) even that's not much of a balancing point, either.
  18. YoXn

    Lol, please... That is the the dumbest comparison I have seen in my life. Anyways it seems you really loved using
    broken concussion grenades, and want it 2 return. 2 words. It. Wont.
  19. Kevorkian

    People needed conc grenades to solo maxes?
  20. huller

    how the hell does anyone manage to twist the nerf of a common pool weapon into a faction based nerf?