[Suggestion] Comprehensive plan to revitalize and restore Planetside 2's populations.

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    Merge the EU servers into a single EU server

    The age of the game and the eventual decline of server populations require this being done now, before it must be done out of necessity later. NA is the only region that can properly support 2 servers at this point, even if Connery has less population than Emerald. The EU servers need to be consolidated into one singular EU server to get the most out of the remaining game population in the EU to better deliver the PS2 “large scale hundreds of players” experience that is the selling point of the whole game.

    Shutting down the PS4 servers

    PS4 development has been stopped, the PS4 hardware is too limited, and the PS4 population is evaporating. There is no reason to keep the PS4 port of PS2 around anymore beyond this year. There are no contractual obligations and fine print anywhere in the SOE-Sony deals about PS2 or PS2 on the PS4 that require the PS4 port of PS2 to be active forever. It’s time to shutdown the PS4, to focus all efforts on the PC and only on the PC.

    Reverting all CTF bases

    The number of players that play at the CTF bases are as few and far between as the actual bases that CTF works on. CTF bases all should be reverted, and bases like Towers should have never been CTF bases in the first place since it was established with regular capture points that putting any objectives inside of the tower itself leads to bad gameplay interactions.

    What balance issues need immediate fixing and addressing

    The following:

    - Nerfing the damage of all Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles, to bring them in line with post-NWA removal damage values against 1000HP targets.
    - Nerfing the damage of all Semi-Auto Scout Rifles, to bring them in line with post-NWA removal damage values against 1000HP targets.
    - Nerfing the damage of all Semi-Auto Shotguns, to bring them in line with post-NWA removal damage values against 1000HP targets.
    - Nerfing the damage of the Renegade, to bring it in line with post-NWA removal damage values against 1000HP targets.
    - Reverting the minimal damage nerfs and minimal damage range nerfs that were done to AR’s and LMG’s, to give players a fighting chance against long range Infiltrators again.
    - Buffing the NSO and VS infantry arsenals to make them overall more worth using.
    - Nerfing the radius of Revive Grenades.
    - Reducing the number of C4 bricks a LA can carry from 2 to 1, to improve AMS Sunderer survivability.
    - Making construction spawned vehicles also cost Nanites.
    - Removing Wraith Cloak from the Flash, like how Cloak was removed from the ANT.
    - Buffing the Valkyrie Hellion and Wyvern, while nerfing the Valkyrie Pelters damage.
    - Nerfing the damage of the Banshee and Airhammer, in exchange for increasing the magazine sizes to be like the Light PPA.
    - Nerfing the direct damage of HESH to be equal to HEAT direct damage, to reduce it’s effectiveness against armor and make it less of a direct upgrade to HEAT.

    Game health will be greatly improved.

    Fixing Infiltrators

    If you give FPS players a choice between playing an FPS game with cloaked snipers combined with clientside and serverside or playing an FPS game with regular non-cloaked snipers and lag. They will always choose the FPS without cloaked snipers every single time because they want to have fun playing an enjoyable less frustrating FPS video game with all their friends.

    Infiltrators statistically are frequently killing more infantry players than MAX’s, HESH Tanks, A2G, Construction Flails, and Bastions both separate and combined:


    It’s time to either restrict Cloaks to non-sniper rifle and non-scout rifle weapons in exchange for giving the Infiltrator a new ability to use with them instead of the cloaks or to make cloak be a handheld device like BF2142’s Recon Class had or make it so that Cloak automatically decloaks when you ADS or a combination of all of these.

    Fixing underwater combat

    Underwater combat being in such a terrible state is a big reason why many players don’t like playing on Oshur, and when the alternative to dying to cloaked long rifle(scouts & snipers) infiltrators or vehicles or flails on the surface is underwater combat it’s no wonder why so many log off when Oshur opens.

    While underwater you should be able to use all weapon types, all class specific abilities, all tactical slot items, all utility slot items, all deployables, and all grenades. Underwater movement also should be almost as fast as it is on land, just slightly slower.

    How to improve Oshur

    All these changes together should be able to fix many design issues with Oshur all at once:

    - Adding far more beaches, sand bars, sand dunes, marshlands, beach grasslands, and mangrove forests everywhere around Oshur to significantly reduce how much barren “dead space” water space is around Oshur that never ever sees any action or players around.
    - Adding Ammo Towers to all Seapost Bases and Flotilla Warpgates.
    - Adding tank spawning and Colossus spawning to the Flotilla Warpgates using vehicle spawners on floating platforms with wide elevated floating bridge pathways to the shoreline.
    - Giving Construction a Drydock building for Corsairs
    - Giving the Corsair access to GSD(Gate Shield Diffuser) and either an AMS passive system or AMS defensive slot module.
    - Adding NCZ(No Construction Zones) to any developer made bases like the rest of the continents to prevent and reduce Flail spam into them.
    - Updating the remaining Interlinks with the newer more protected Interlink design that the other Interlinks have.
    - Adding both a vehicle spawning pad and a water-vehicle spawning pad to Centri Mining Operation.
    - Adding bridges and elevated roads directly over and around Astria Hydroelectric, renaming it to “Astria Freight Station”, and adding a lattice from Astria to Pommel Gardens. That way players can drive between Pommel Gardens to Astria Hydroelectric, allowing the central ring of Oshur to properly flow to all bases inside of it.
    - Adding more buildings in and around the high ground of Excavation Cleanup Site for better protection.

    Oshur needs work, this work.

    How to improve Esamir

    All these changes together should be able to fix many design issues with Esamir all at once:

    - Turn the entire Shattered Warpgate itself into a Large Outpost base that players can fight over to capture.
    - Destroy all Containment Sites and turn them into “Shattered Warpgate” style Large Outpost bases complete with the same foliage, environments, and terrain that the Shattered Warpgate has.

    Esamir needs work, this work.

    How to improve Indar

    All these changes together should be able to fix many design issues with Indar all at once:

    - Restore the Rock Bridge between The Crown and TI Alloys.
    - Move the vehicle spawn pad at TI Alloys to behind or beside the spawn down the hill with a dirt road.

    Indar needs work, this work.


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  2. xLluisett

    Another option, close pc servers and put the effort to console servers, and including Xbox servers. You as a pc player want console dissappear,and me as a console player i defend the game in console. Because PCS originally was for office workers,and consoles for play games,dont you know yet?
  3. BattleWarriorZ5

    Global PS2 Population: https://ps2.fisu.pw/population/global/

    Global PS2 Population API: https://ps2.fisu.pw/api/population/

    PS4EU Population:


    PS4US Population:


    Look at the average populations and population patterns for the PS2 PS4 servers compared to all the PS2 PC servers. Both individually and combined.

    PC is where all the population is for PS2, and will be where all the population for PS2 will ever be. PS4's populations are dead(EU) or dying(NA).
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  4. xLluisett

    I do not care your infinite links about what ps2 must be erased from console. You will pay me a computer i7 32gb ram and Nvidia rtx computer? Is so expensive in Spain. I have an Xbox series that cost me 200 euros,new. And have above same specs of a decent pc also no lags. Stop being idiot please. Because you know? Now i want the servers of pc closed,you know why? Because It exit from my balls. Same situation i have now.
  5. T.A.94

    This sounds like:
    Gunpowder was originaly developed by the chinese for fireworks and not for firearms.
    Alfred Nobels invented dynamite for mining and over time it was used for warfare.
    or another hilarious one
    V*agra was originally developed to treat high blood pressure and it had this one very prominent side effect, wich it is known and sold for today.

    Humans will always find other uses for tools outside their intended purpos.

    In PS2 case, getting rid of the Playstation servers is financially a better way to keep more PAYING customers, than the other way around.
    Especially because there WAS a bug with membership on the Playstaion port, where you had to pay once and have it indefinetly = a lot of missed out revenue for DBG, now RPG.
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  6. BattleWarriorZ5


    More players = more money.

    PC has more players and makes more money than PS4.

    Which means if you want to make more money, you need more players playing PS2 on the PC.
  7. JibbaJabba


    I could nit-pick. A lot.

    But fact is it's bold and it does SOMETHING.
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  8. BattleWarriorZ5

    It's now or never for PS2.

    PS2 can turn things around and correct all the glaring mistakes or issues that the PS2 community can see.

    Supposedly there is a new Roadmap coming for PS2, likely in the Fall probably around the same time as the Halloween Update if I were to guess.

    It would be interesting to compare and contrast this with that.