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  1. R3dBeaver

    Further noob thoughts on C4. (FYI only got 1 brick unlocked so far)

    1. use it on Max. not on vehicles. the rest of ur team should be able to handle vehicles. its not our job.
    2. if u do want to go for it, then slap it in the back of the vehicle and for heavy vehicles (tanks, sundies) wait until it got hit or the driver jumped out to repair (meaning, its not 100% health)
    3. splash damage is poor. coming from BF3 where a pack of C4 can clear a small room, now a full health enemy can stand 2 m from it and it only takes out the shield.... so be smart on using it as a defensive tool. middle of the room is useless most of the time. better to think where player usually hide.
    4. is there a fixed lag between throwing and detonating? sometimes i just want to throw and have a suicide, but a lot of time no matter how fast i click the left mouse, somebody spot me, sprayed me, and killed me. is it by design or network lag?
    5. practice on throwing it. it doesnt go far. so adjust accordingly.
  2. Iridar51

  3. R3dBeaver

    aw man. lol...

    thanks. totally missed that.

    so its by design then?

    gotta prep more carefully next time lol
  4. razzmaster5

    holy crap:eek:
  5. Iridar51

    What? =) This isn't even the full version :p I worked on the guide for a little less than a year now, ofcourse it's gonna be huge.

    On the topic, I will be going away until SOE is going to add a matched game mode with very limited vehicle access, or do something to the core gameplay. Right now there is no fun in playing PS2 for me. Getting stomped by a bazillion of tanks or stomping other people with a bazillion of tanks gets old.

    So I will not update the guide for a while. Though I may drop by to insult someone from time to time.

    Edit: Aaaand I couldn't stay away even for two days. Attracted like a bee to the honey, a hedgehog to the milk, a fly to the toilet, a worm to a piece of rotting meet :rolleyes:

    Edit 2: The guide is updated to PU2 now.
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  6. Iridar51

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  7. ShadowHammer

    hmm i think the tr have the best smg's in the game, i use the hailstorm for a pretty long time and its prettty good owned alot of VS and NC 1v1 with it also great on medium range with due to the lower rate of fire
  8. Iridar51

    As I said, second generation TR SMG isn't godawful bad, but its competition is simply better.
  9. Iridar51

    Updated the guide to infiltrator update.
  10. Volccis

    "Weapon traits: Generally, their guns are easier to hit things with. Fastest reloads, highest projectile speed and medium DPS. Most of VS weapons don't have bullet drop, which helps at long-ish distance shooting."

    Go and update this. I think the only weapons which havent bullet drop are Vortex, Lancer, Lasher (maybe) and the new ESSR Phaseshift. VS hasnt this trait anymore.
  11. Zorro

    Since when? I fight at long range frequently and I would have noticed if the majority of weaponry had bullet drop. As far as I can tell, they do not.
  12. Iridar51

    There is a BIG RED ANNOUNCEMENT at the first screen, but I'll copy-paste it here, specially for you:

    The guide is not getting updates!
    As of February 2, 2014 I no longer play PlanetSide 2, and I do not update this guide anymore.
    Here's a link to my farewell note on the official forums.
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  13. Iridar51

    What is dead may never die.
    I'm back and I'm updating the guide once again.

    Check out some of the new stuff:
    - State of LA subsection
    - Improved Tips for Beginners section
    - An improved description of why pump action shotguns stand out so much with a pretty animated picture.
    - And some other stuff in rather heavy changelog this time
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  14. SacredRay

    I made the mistake of buying Flash Grenades. How can I salvage this expenditure?
  15. Iridar51

    You can't, there's "no refunds" policy on purchased items. They sometimes refund certs on things that got changed radically in a patch, like when they changed nanoweave armor from giving flat health to damage reduction, but I wouldn't count on that.

    Deal with it and move on.
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  16. SacredRay

    Did I say anything about getting a refund?


    Meaning, I'm wondering if there's something I don't know to using Flash Grenades or some sort of tip. Maybe I can start justifying the certs I spent on them.

    Comprehension isn't widely illustrated on these forums -_-
  17. Iridar51

    Cut me some slack, English isn't my primary language.

    To answer your question - there probably is no way. Whatever thoughts I have on flash grenades are laid out in the guide.

    Right now flash grenades are extremely weak - they don't always fully blind affected targets, detonation delay is too long, and both affected and unaffected nearby players become aware of your existence and your intentions. The distinct *bang* sound screams to everyone: "Alert! Enemy Light Assault is attempting entry!". You can try and have fun with them, but they are too unreliable for any half-seriuos application.
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  18. SacredRay

    Well, thanks. I guess this means I can stave off certing Bandolier then >_>

    p.s. do the grenades even give hit markers? Because at least then, their usefulness would increase several fold.
  19. Iridar51

    Flash grenades? Yes, as mentioned in the guide, flash grenades produce hit markers when you manage to at least partially blind someone with them.
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  20. asdfPanda

    Hey, was reading your section on the Jaguar again.

    You mention that the Jaguar has 0/0 recoil, so the weapon pulls straight up. This is true. However, the Jaguar still has random horizontal shake that cannot be predicted.

    The recoil is still good though.