[Guide] Comprehensive Guide to Light Assault

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Iridar51, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. ArticEagle

    yea sorry, I posted the post before I read that this was discontinued
  2. ArticEagle

    yea sry, I posted this post before I saw this was discontinued
  3. Iridar51

    Hello, everyone.
    I've returned for the time being and I'm going to update the guide in following days.
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  4. Iridar51

    The guide is up to date now.
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  5. ladiesop

    Hi, thanks for updating! Here is a note about Nanoweave armour though:

    Nanoweave armour has changed (it has for quite a while but the tooltips now represent it).

    It now grants 100 / 125 / 150 / 200 / 250 extra health per rank. This can translate to an extra two bullets for many weapons so I consider rank 4 (for a total of IIRC 211 certs) a very good buy, with rank 5 being 1000 certs I may wait before getting that. Rank 3 can give very reasonable sniper protection too, if they are shooting from a long range and hit your head.

    Also, healing items recover a percentage of life so you get 'more' healing with Nanoweave Armour.
  6. Iridar51

    Wow, nano seems very much more powerful now. 20% for first level is quite a lot. Thanks for the info, I'll put into the guide right away.
  7. ladiesop

    Yep, though it is 20% on green health, 10% on overall Health + Shield (it only gets added to the health portion IIRC). Old was 5% overall for rank 1.
  8. Iridar51

    Added SMG section, also did some minor quality updates over time.
  9. Wafletofles

    STICKY NAO SOE. New players need to know 'bout this

    EDIT: nvm
  10. Iridar51

    It is sticky already =\
  11. Iridar51

    Updated for GU13. Yeah, before it even came out. Whoo, I'm a time machine, baby!
  12. Takoita

    One thing in case no one mentioned it above: HA overshield have different graphics depending on the type since GU13 both on first-person and third-person models.
  13. Iridar51

    Ooh, didn't notice that. Will check it out. Thank you!

    EDIT: Updated for GU14. Before it came out. Yeah, I did it again.
  14. Iridar51

    Finally added sidearm section.
  15. Selix

    Hey, I'm sitting here in-game comparing rifles; been using the Razor GD-23 under your recommendation as a mid to semi-long weapon. However, I'm comparing stats to other NC based carbines - and even the Gauss Compact S has a somewhat superior stat line to the GD-23 *in my opinion.* The trade-off is slower muzzle velocity, a slightly slower empty reload, and a much slower reload when your magazine still has rounds remaining. In return you get slightly higher RPM and the ability to mount a rail attachment.

    Given that you mentioned that GD-23 as a mid ranged weapon, I just wanted you to make sure that the Gauss Compact S performs to nearly the same standard in mid-range combat, with the added benefit of ~20 RPM and the ability to attach a UBGL, UBSG, or UBSL.

    That said, the mercenary has an increase of 50 RPM, a slower muzzle velocity and a slightly slower reload speed. Lastly, the baseline recoil of both the AF-19 and the Compact Sierra seem to be slightly superior to the GD-23.

    I guess in the terms of a long range engagement, muzzle velocity can be a major factor - but in the average mid-ranged engagement the difference in round velocity doesn't seem to make a large difference. Thanks for the great guide, it has certainly helped me adapt faster to the game =)
  16. Iridar51

    Thanks for posting here.
    Muzzle velocity means a lot if you're using suppressor, but I have to admit that in case of NC situation is slightly different.
    Their guns have further MIN damage range, and higher bullet velocity, so all of their guns are little more effective at range than usual.
    Gauss Compact S has uneven horizontal recoil of 0.175/0.2, and it's also balanced to the left and right.
    Razor's recoil is biased right and is even 0.1875/0.1875, this recoil can be better compensated for. So it inherently has better accuracy at range, especially combined with forward grip, which you won't have with Compact S, if you use it with UBGL.

    So if you're looking for accuracy, Razor is the best choice for NC. Compact S is also a very good weapon, but still has shorter effective range. Expression like "mid range" and "long range" are very vague, and everyone means a different thing by them.
    I prefer defining a weapon by its "effective range", basically, how far can you be while still having a high probability of killing the target, and Razor has the best effective range of all NC carbines. This range also depends very much on the user.
    Of course, there are trade-offs for that effective range - you named them.
  17. R3dBeaver

    Awesome thread. Learning a lot here. Thanks!
  18. R3dBeaver

    seriously, i'm torn.
    what does it mean accurate hip-fire, but strong recoil? to me, that's like saying... it's smooth, but very sharp. wut? lol...
    at this point, im more inclined with Serpent becoz 50% of the time i jump right in there in very fast CQB, and the rest is picking enemy off a distance. so higher fire-rate and medium range ADS seems perfect.

    PS: totally planning on silencer and forward grip. i hate showing up on enemy's minimap when flanking.
  19. Iridar51

    Bad wording. "Strong recoil" means that VX6-7 has strong recoil, which makes it hard to hit targets beyond effective hip-fire range with ADSing. "Accurate hip-fire" means that VX6-7 has tighter hip fire cone of fires, which means that VX6-7 has longer effective hip fire range than any other VS carbine. At hip fire ranges recoil can pretty much be ignored.

    Serpent doesn't have those tighter hip fire cone of fires, but it has more convenient ADSing due to smoother recoil, which extends weapon's overall effective range.

    Basically, the difference between these guns boils down to "how far away the target can be before I must ADS".

    If I had to break down it by range, in my opinion guns would go like this (assuming laser sights):

    0 - 5m: VX6-7 < Serpent, because of higher DPS

    5 - 10m: VX6-7 ~ Serpent, depends on the user, accuracy vs DPS.

    10-15m: VX6-7 > Seprent. More or less convenient hip fire for both guns, but VX6-7 does it better.

    15-20m: VX6-7 > Serpent. VX6-7 still can hip fire, fast paced twitch gameplay benefits from that. Serpent must go ADS.

    20m+ Serpent > VX6-7. Serpent has longer effective range due to smoother recoil.

    By your intended use description I would advise using Serpent, especially with forward grip/silencer setup.
    Be aware, though, that 10m would probably be the absolute limit to hip fire range.
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  20. R3dBeaver

    this should be part of the OP. holy cow, that's good info! thanks man!

    just FYI, i did pick up the Serpent few minutes a go and it does not disappoint. i tend to ADS a lot anyway (other FPS habit) and only hipfire when it's a CQB surprise, and so far it's epic. anything beyond 10m i always ADS. heck sometimes its 5-10m if the enemy hasnt spot me yet. headshot = less bullet to kill. i lost a few fights when it's 20m+ becoz im up against assault rifles or LMGs, but thats expected.