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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by SlugSniper, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. SlugSniper

    So we have the nifty Crossbow as a sidearm, but I came up with another idea with a similar concept.

    The Compound Bow would be a primary weapon and would have unique ammo and attachment selections. It would only fire one shot at a time and would have the same "semi-silenced" mechanic of the Crossbow. Holding whatever button the user has set to aim would nock an arrow, draw, and aim in preparation to fire.

    While somewhat niche, this weapon would have its advantages as a decently stealthy, close-to-medium range sharpshooting weapon with interesting versatility.

    Ammo Types
    Broadhead - One-shot kill at close to medium range on headshot or body-shot. One-shot headshot kill at all ranges. Fairly fast, medium range.
    Bullet Point - One-shot headshot kill at all ranges. Fast, fairly long range.
    Explosive - Good splash damage against infantry and can deal light damage to vehicles. Slow, medium range.
    Thermite - Intended for anti-material use. Light splash damage on infantry. Good against light vehicles, excellent against MAXs, and decent against armored vehicles. Very slow, short range.
    Nanite - Releases a small cloud of nanites on impact that can both damage enemy infantry over time and heal teammates. Allows the Infiltrator to play a more supportive role. Fairly fast, medium range.

    Iron Sights - Default. Provides several small bars for gauging distance to compensate for arrow drop.
    IRNV Screen - Provides a small screen that displays heat signatures like the regular IRNV scope. No tunnel-vision, leaving peripheral vision unobstructed.
    3x Scope - Basic scope attached via connecting rod.

    Stabilizer - Increases accuracy but reduces nock-and-draw speed.
    Mounted Shotgun - A light, one-shot-at-a-time shotgun mounted on the front of the bow. Intended for close-range, "go loud" panic situations, acting as a kind of tertiary weapon. Slightly reduces nock-and-draw speed.
  2. Campagne

    Sounds kinda OP with the right setup, and if "Broadhead" arrows could OHK with headshots, (not bodyshots, way too OP) why would one use them over the "Bullet Point" arrows, which would be a straight upgrade?

    All-in-all seems kind of unnecessary anyways, though I guess I could see something of the sort.
  3. SlugSniper

    The main balancing factor that compensates for the one-shot body-shot kill is the fact that the arrows are obviously much slower than bullets. You also wouldn't be able to hip-fire or make "snap shots" because of how the nock-and-draw with the aim function works.

    Broadheads - Stopping power, making it great for getting in closer to the action.
    Bullet Points - Range and precision, basically making the bow a wonky sniper rifle.

    Yeah, it would obviously be a niche weapon, but no more so than something like the Archer or the HA's Heavy Guns.
  4. Campagne

    My Executive has a projectile velocity of 188m/s. At 10 meters I have to lead with it. After ~30m the bullet will hit ground when aiming at the chest. Despite this, I can still pretty easily hit the chest out to relatively long range, well past the point of practical lethality. I cannot see how this would be any different with a weapon that could kill instantly. :eek:

    I'd be fine with a OHSK, because as you said that'd make it a wonky SR with a built-in suppresser.

    Plus, a single-use shotgun mounted on the thing also partially eliminates the need for a snap-shot capability.

    Fun fact: The Executive is literally the worst weapon in my entire arsenal. Including my three knives.
  5. Diggsano

    I would want to have the compund bow as sidearm and more balanced...

    It should be overall silenced
    It does need a "charge" mechanic....the more you charge the less is the bulletdrop but damage is always same
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  6. SlugSniper

    I do like the charge mechanic idea. However, I made it a primary due to its intended role as a mid-range stealth weapon with a variety of ammo types for certain situations (especially supportive situations with the Thermite and Nanite arrows). We already have the Crossbow as a secondary, and it has its strengths and weaknesses.

    The primary integrally-suppressed SMG is a good companion for the Crossbow while the sidearm Emissary would probably be the best choice with the Compound Bow.
  7. Eternaloptimist

    A shotgun attachment on an infil weapon? Shotties were removed from infils some time ago as being OP.

    As the suggestion is for a primary weapon I'm guessing that it would only work with hunter cloak, so what is the advantage over a OHSK medium range sniper rifle with suppressor and a crossbow in the secondary slot?

    Sure, there will be some people who like niche weapons but I can't see it being popular enough to be worth the dev time....or much of a game changer for infils.

    Hunter infils already have a choice of BASR, buffed SASR, auto or semi auto scout or SMG as primary weapons. Hunters and stalkers both get crossbows and semi auto, auto and burst pistols.

    I'd prefer to see something that makes the cloak a bit more effective myself. That is the only thing that has reduced my fun in playing infil.
  8. SlugSniper

    The main things are its uniqueness and versatility. It gives the Infiltrator some interesting options for engaging enemies.

    Broadheads would be like a pseudo-shotgun with extra-slow slugs.
    Thermite arrows would basically be slower, more powerful Archer shots.
    Nanite arrows go without saying. They would turn the Infiltrator into a sneaky support player, able to heal teammates at a distance.

    Bullet Points are a bit meh... I'm not even sure I like that idea anymore.
    Explosives are also meh. The Crossbow already has them.

    The mounted shotgun was just another idea I tossed out there from my brain-diarrhea.
  9. Armcross

    Grenade launcher development was postponed. Look it up in the future.
  10. SlugSniper

    Grenade launchers? What's that have to do with a bow and arrows?
  11. Armcross

  12. Moz

    Love the idea of a charge mechanic. Would be v nice.
  13. Eternaloptimist

    So, apart from the nanite arrow (and healing is the Medic thing) this is a suggestion for different ammo types that sniper can use? I don't have an issue with that idea although personally, anyting that will OHK is enough for me. Possibly just an overcomplicated solution? Not sure. But this forum is about ideas as much as anything else so I apologise if I'm seeming to be over-negative.

    Before the Archer came along and removed the debate, I'd have gone for armour piercing rounds as an option for shooting Maxes myself.
  14. Diggsano

    I have rethinked the whole concept of the Bow!

    It should definetly be a secondary....i even think about giving it "Infinite" ammo by giving it a quiver which "produces" the arrows ...

    let's say you have 5 shots in quiver.... after that you have to wait untill it is refilled (heat mechanic)

    also it should be a charge weapon which means that the longer you charge, the farer the arrow flies....

    it should also be that you have to hold shift for exact and accurate shots (that is what archery is all about)
  15. Ghoest

    A stealthy main weapon is pretty much useless.
  16. ScottishBaconator

    I've always though that there should be a primary crossbow. However, i always pictured it as more of a support weapon, with some killing potential. For example, the main ammo can OHK with heavy drop, but you have a small secondary ammo pool that can shoot say a level 1 dildar for infil, or an ammo pack for engies and whatnot. It might be OP, but idk.

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