Completely and utterly infested with cheats

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  1. Towie

    ...i'm sorry DBG but you are sealing your own death warrant with your complete inability to tackle the cheats.

    It's not as if they try to be discrete - they are going out of their way to mock you.

    AND tonight we have this special person - somewhat sarcastically called khall95fan -!/5428885884750464209/killboard

    Clearly referring to khall95, a long time member of Hydra who have been infamous since PS2 inception. Someone is going out of their way to make it known that they are cheating. I came across another guy a few nights ago with a tag 'using the Hydra aimbot'.

    I'm a paying member. At least I am right now but I believe i'll just cancel. Why bother ? WHY SHOULD ANYONE BOTHER ????
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  2. Campagne

    Going off the killboard and stats he seems to be doing fairly well, but there aren't any sure signs of cheating. Overall average to slightly above average aim and a very good HSR of roughly 50% kills being from headshots on the SAW.

    He doesn't appear on Dasanfall, I suppose because he is a new character created only today.

    Exactly what is he doing to cheat? You've mentioned an aimbot, but hitbox manipulation seems likely. More evidence would be good, but he does look pretty suspicious. Ban the little *****boy.
  3. Savadrin

    Lol. Yesterday someone accused me of editing my own harassers hitbox down to be smaller than it should be. He just wasn't capable of landing shots from the base turret (lol) because we were behind a hill.

    I didn't bother explaining to him that I don't think that's how hitboxing works anyway. I just said thanks and I hope he got my good side in the videos.

    Anyway, the OP has me wondering if this is a jebait thread. I don't see anything in that character profile that's outside of smurf realm. With nothing to go on outside of a meme name I'm not quite ready to get the pitchforks out.
  4. iller

    660 SPM on heavy with stock GaussSaw ? ... Nice joke and you'd have to have literal Down's Syndrome to actually believe it.
    Most people in Recursion running every pay to conveniece buff and Squad buffs on top don't even avg that SPM

    You're right about that since the only Hitbox that would have mattered in that case was the one on HIS client which would have been one hell of a feat for you to EDIT his harddrive data without having some kind UDP port info (either from getting him onto IRC or some other private server peer to peer network)
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  5. FateJH

    No, you just need to know how to handle the Gauss Saw and maintain a good combat flow.
    The choice of an ironic name and decent combat skills does not a ban qualify. Unless you have other forms of evidence that you haven't shared yet, it also doesn't warrant the kind of paranoia you express.
  6. iller

    Fine, go Roll a smurf for an hour and come show me how easy it was.... Screenshots and at least 1 short video pending of course
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  7. FateJH

    Don't be ridiculous. That's just an invitation to a bottomless rabbit hole of playstyle scrutiny and hackusation dodging given the current context in which it would be presented. I'm not walking myself into that sort of trap.

    Also, I'm a dedicated support player. I don't reflexively stand in the right places. I don't reflexively charge in through the right doors. Even were I concentrating hard on maintaining a proper mindset, even twenty minutes just tirelessly working to murder everyone in sight who isn't painted my colors would sap my will to continue playing.
    I don't know where I'd begin with such narcissistic behavior. OBS?
    Edit: Oh, good. Iridar has a guide for this too.
  8. ShamHotRock

    Most Hackusation posts have 2 kinds of protagonists - The paranoid on one end and the evidence police on the other. The former only deals hyberboles and the latter only accepts fool proof evidence.

    No, this game is not infested with external cheats. It used to be but since we got that anti cheat tool(forget its name), public cheats are all but dead. That being said exploiters are always there as are the occasional cheaters with external cheats.

    And then you will find folks who go by the rule book with no affinity for gut instincts or reason. Everything is justified and hard proof is needed. I agree that outside of detection by anti cheats, only highly suspicious evidence should be used but that is the purview of game admins. Players meanwhile can at best guess.

    In this case, It's a new account. 50 hsr on a gun that's difficult to control. High SPM. Signs that point to very suspicious circumstances. I wouldn't be surprised if you see that character stop logging in soon. Your post here won't do much good and we will never find out if they actually got banned or got "bored" . Your best bet is to report this in-game and let the admins handle it.
  9. BigG

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  10. HelioUSP

    Always did like Lvlcap and he does a good job on this. No real revelations though. It's rare that I don't run into several "statistically improbable" players when I log in and play PS2. My Battlefield friends say BFV is just as bad.

    I subscribed to DBG because I felt the DX11 update warranted a gratitude. If DBG were to actually implement a zero tolerance, I wouldn't be cancelling said subscription after 3 months. I bet there's tens of thousands of players who would be willing pay a monthly fee for a relatively cheat-free game.
  11. Savadrin

    Where is this Unicorn? I would like to buy stock in that factory.