Complete Harasser Guide & Gameplay - Certs, Upgrades & Tactics

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by IronfistNC, May 14, 2013.

  1. IronfistNC

    This is my latest video. A guide/tutorial for the Harasser with upgrades, cert builds and tactics.

    Feedback welcome as usual.

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  2. Lafladitu

    really nice video :)
  3. DeadLamb

    interesting to see game play on some of the other servers being I have never seen groups of people just standing around taking hits in pods of 10-20 people like that on Connery. Early in the vid where you park near the ammo tower you just shell what looks like 40+ people in a group and few shoot or even look over at you..

    I'm guessing this must be to over all population levels or something, as in way more people on Mattherson.. So more groups of people in any given area..

    as for the over guide, hit all the basics really. Personally I like the more "gear hunter" sort of Harasser set up with a Halberd but then as I said my server doesn't seem to offer large groups of people to shell, have to hunt gear..
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  4. Gisgo

    Nice video a fury in action is always a good sight, but i find the halberd harasser just as usefull, maybe even more... cant wait for the enforcer. :)
  5. Sen7ryGun84

    Good vid, your server is crazy. People just stand around in packs of 10 to 15 all over the place waiting to be murdered with explosives. On my server (Briggs) all we get is tanks and maxes lol.

    I mainly use the halberd on my buggy. As I mentioned we have a crap load more armor getting around than infantry so hit and run or armor sniping is a more "profitable" practice to employ.
  6. Pivke

    with the fury getting nerfed soon in mind, do you think the bulldog is a good choice for doing the drivebys on enemy infantry?
    i am kind of worried because bulldog has quite low rate of fire, but its cheap and might be a good alternative to nerfed fury.
  7. metrotw

    There are A LOT of really stupid players on Mattherson across all the factions that just stand there in big blobs and let you shell them into nanites. ;)
  8. WalrusJones

    The bulldog is terrifically underated.

    The main reason people hate it is the vehicles it is on: The galaxy (Too far away to use it, awkward gun placement,) and the sundy (Actually good on the sundy, just underused.)

    Bulldog away! Its cheap on the certs!
  9. Lafladitu

    On ceres there can be 40+ people on just one hill :)
  10. Prudentia

    I need a weapon for miller zergs, about 4 times the firerate and magazine size of the fury. its so aggravating when you drive on esamir and see 50-100 people on a hill and can't kill them D:
  11. IronfistNC

    Thanks man.

    Yes mattherson is a busy server, but this was during a prime time alert so yeah lots of people around. I actually didnt even see that group of guys, my driver yelled at me on TS as we went to get ammo haha.
  12. Dis

    You will definitely get more kills hit and running with the fury, but taking on tank(s) in open fields with the halberd is more of a rush. Let's hope the fury nerf isn't too severe...farming with a bulldog just won't be the same.

    Oh and Iron is right about how to **** your harasser except he forgot one important thing...the MLG logo. Gotta represent yo.
  13. Morpholine

    I think we hunted our lemming population to near-extinction. It's hard to find large pockets of clueless players on Connery, anymore.
  14. IronfistNC

    I have the MLG logo on breh. Sponsors coming soon.
  15. IronfistNC

    Fury nerf is coming soon, but if you have the SC to spend its worth it to buy it and use it farm cert points for yourself.

    Bulldog right now is average. I would be tempted to take the halberd over the bulldog even for farming infantry.
  16. andrewasdf

    Mattherson has a gigantic variety of players that span a vast skill gap. We have some of the scrubbiest/new players, and the absolute top players.

    I'd say overall Mattherson, compared to the other servers I've played (Helios, Waterson) has generally the highest situational awareness. Outfits like TE, AT, GOKU etc will not let you do this type of stuff. AOD has a ton of members and publicly recruits so they will have the potential to appear bad (like this), but also does have skilled players.

    Expect to fire a halberd and instantly have a pubbie zerg turn and fire on you as long as a few people notice.
  17. IronfistNC

    Mattherson has a nice large population and generally a good mix of newer/bad players and good players. Big skill gap.

    We also have probably the most competitive A2A dogfighting scene as well. With the largest concentration of good pilots.
  18. TheSalmon4

    Bring on the Zephers!

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