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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by susperationalman, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. aedn

    Not that i like the guy, but his FPS skills are far superior to most others in this game.Most players will never reach that level of skill. In addition he is using the Gauss Saw in ideal conditions, completely certed, from an established defensive position, with enemies coming up one at a time, in the open.

    NC weapons are fine, but as a starter weapon the Gauss Saw is a very bad weapon for new players due to high recoil, needs around 200-430 certs depending on player skill and most new players cant compensate for it without the attachments.

    Given that i had not bothered to play online shooters since BF1942 it took me quite some time spent with the gauss saw to become proficient with it, and i had to work through the bad times with it. Most players give up before they get to that point though. Compared to the other factions starting LMGs, its very easy to see why people get frustrated. Pre-Patch Carv, and orion were much better weapons for new players, i have not bothered to test the carv after it was nerfed, so i cant comment on that.
  2. Skadi

    I will give it to you, you are right about what i highlighted, imo the anchor would be far more fit for a starter weapon, being as it is more along the lines of the other.
  3. The Funk

    Oh Noes!!!!!
  4. Kumaro here is your solution my friend NERF THE LEFT CLICKERS!!! THEY ARE USING A MOUSE :eek:
  5. Esjo

    NC weapons -are- fine.. I wish they were a bit more juicy, but they are quite fine.

    My EM1 LMG lets my heavy chew through tr/vs like a hungry bear.. Admitedly using my Reflex sight

    My NS11 (which all factions have) is imo the superior medic gun

    My GD-F7 carbine is a hoot.. nothing wrong with it..

    LA80 sniper... they're all the same for all the factions, no?

    Admitedly, the NC weapons are no doubt more difficult to get used to, compared to the noobcannons the vs/tr have (Solstice, Trac 5, Carv 9, Orion etc) it's just a matter of finding your niche.
    In-your-face combat the NC handheld weapons may have a slight disadvantage, but our MAX sort of makes up for this. At longer ranges, the nc weapons are sort of mediocre as well.. But at medium range (15-60'ish meters) i would not trade my NC powerhouses for any other weapon from either of the opposite factions. And I find that 95% of the time (yeah, pulled that number out of my *** to illustrate) i fight at medium ranges.

    So to sum it up.. in-your-face combat: Our (NC) Max is a frikken killing machine without equal, when up against infantry.

    Medium range, NC weapons are -IMO- equal or better than opposite factions.

    Long ranges, we have more trouble.. but medium and max sort of makes up for it.

    If anything, the NC weapons are more specialized than the TR/VS ones, which means that NC players need to play to the strenght of their weapons and not run around like muppets going from 5 meter to 80 meter and back to 5 meter firefights, with every other corner you run around.

    Lesson: Do -not- go face-to-face with TR, do -not- let the VS pull you out into ranged fights. DO try to pull them onto a fighting ground that suits us (15/20-50/60 meters).
    Yes, most bases have tight corridors.. but flush the TR out into more open space with 'nades and rocketlaunchers. Sitting behind a wall and looking at the pretty grenade that landed next to you is not an option.. even for the TR.
    Use said tight corridors and corners to make the VS come to you, instead of trying run the distance to them without possibility of taking cover.

    It's -really- just a matter of knowing what the hell you are doing.. which the NC in general have a very poor grasp of.

    This comming from a totally mediocre and casual player who spend more time writing emotes in RP sessions in mmo's like lotro and Rift, than shooting things and yelling "n00b" at people.
  6. UFCwh0re

    Another whiner
  7. Skizzik_NZ

    I think a month with no flinching would make things more clear as far as gun balance goes.
  8. TehGrimZa

    Dont say our maxes are underpowered to some of the people on these forums, they will tell you how OP we are in CQB, which I will say our AI MAXs do wonderful within 15m vs anything and I'm grateful for that. As for you saying the NC are underpowered, I'll disagree. Its all in the setup of the class you're playing, and how well you understand the weapon(s) you use.

    As I've only played NC for the majority of my time in PS2, and with less than 2 hrs on VS/TR factions. I will say I like the TR weapons over some of the NC weapons and the VS scythe over the NC Reaver. Other then that, I think the NC are well rounded with their ups and downs.

    It just seems that you're experiencing some real bad moments as the NC, and that can happen. If you've read the forums for a while you'd know that all sides of the factions here are upset in one forum or another on how they feel their faction is "underpowered" but its the same for all sides.
  9. susperationalman

    See of course like I said an idiot who is just saying i'm bad you're probably a vanu or TR who hasn't even tried the NC and you say this because you don't wan't us to get the buff we deserve because you know that you'll you sck and will die when it's evenly matched. Both factions get semi auto snipers that are 2 shot's we get a bolt action the is 2 shot and our LMG although it has way more damage is so inaccurate you have to single shot it while you ****ers full auto from 1000 metres.
  10. susperationalman

    Thanks for all the feedback oh and to all the people saying another whinner/complainer did I not state that right at the start of my post?

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