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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by susperationalman, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. susperationalman

    This is just me complaining so unless you have time to waste don't bother reading. OK so I have already gone into the fact that the NC are massively under powered with a small damage boost to sacrifice major accuracy and fire rate and don't get me started with the max having a shotgun. But now i'm here to talk about... why the **** do we only have 2 tanks! I heard that we get the best tanks because we are the NC yes our tanks get a damage boost but why do we only get 2 if we are supposed to be the big gun guys. This is ******* stupid. TR get 3 they are supposed to be the accurate guy's but they get a ******* beast *** tank. Then there's the VS with a ******* magrider which is better than all the tanks in game. So no we don't get the best tanks we don't get good guns, our max get's a ****** *** shotgun and we are going to lose in the tournament because TR and VS ******* who haven't even played the NC are telling the devs that the NC are fine only because they wan't to be op for as long as possible.
  2. Isila

    NC guns are fine, you're just bad. NC maxes are fine, they dominate the only places that matter (small spaces around cap points). I have no idea what you're talking about with "2 tanks".
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  3. icesail

    NC guns are fine, the problem is the flinching....
    Guns are balanced around ROF/Damage. I agree with this statement, and on paper it is pretty close to true.
    Flinching only takes into account ROF.
    So when your faction counts on the damage part of the equation to have a balanced weapon, you get a tad "unbalanced" once flinch gets added to actually play.

    Remember, the amount of flinching is exactly the same, does not matter if you just got pinged for 10 damage or if you got rocked by 800.
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  4. daskleineviech

    We have three tanks? We have the fast one (Lightning), the useless but funny one (Prowler) and the third is?

    Damnit SOE, where did you hide my magical pony tank?

    The CoF bloom needs some tweaking, I'm ok with that. But please don't forget that it's also extremely aggravating to be killed instantly as soon as a NC medic spots you. I can't count the times I didn't even turn fully around a corner and was insta-killed by magical gauss bullets of hell. Everyone has his own little problems, but as someone with TR, NC and VS chars I can safely say I can pewpew with all factions rather nicely.
  5. icesail

    I am NC, and on the tank part, I really have no clue what he is talking about.....
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  6. daskleineviech

    Imagine how embarrassing it would be to find out that both TR and NC had their own Magrider all along and nobody bothered to actually check that.
  7. icesail

    I am sure it is a plot by NS to increase the sales of their vehicles..... They are still pissed they lost the bid to make the empire specific weapons and had to settle by only making common pool weapon systems
  8. ent|ty

    No they're not.
  9. Gamertech

    ...All the factions only get 2 tanks... nfi what you are on about here...

    They still only get 2 tanks and they are pretty much the same as everyone elses...

    lol hardly... So it can move sideways big ******* whoop... The lightning tank which everyone can get can flog it if you are actually any good...

    No they are saying that NC is fine because most of us have played 2 or 3 factions and we can still own with all of them including NC. You get great tanks, the NC max is obscene in close quarters and you are going to lose in the tournament because you are spending all your time whinging in the forums instead of learning how to play and actually supporting your faction...
  10. icesail

    Dude, could you please be nice and feed the troll? We from the Humane Society for the Protection of the Trolls feel very offended by your logic comments on this post.
  11. daskleineviech

    That's not a bad idea actually. I still think the supposed 4th NPC faction Higby was talking about is not some alien race but actually NS. Those ****ers got more money out of this conflict than anyone else.
  12. icesail

    They are actually the only ones making any money.... they build every single base and structure in the maps, and every single common pool weapons and accessories, not to mention they control the rebirth technology.... I am sure they are charging the empires for every soldier spawn at every single AMS and base....
    mmmm I wonder if I can buy some of their stock...
  13. daskleineviech

    You can't have a sci-fi universe these days without having some evil mega corporation, I guess.
  14. Isila

    Nothing about NS says they're evil. They just manufacture weapons and military equipment, and the three empires are more than happy to pay them to do so.
  15. Hantak

    meh, you got the things wrong matey, try to take things slower and forget the mentalitty you will success at the first hours of playing with the faction, yes, it takes more practice to handle the recoil of NC weapons, and aside from indar spawn location, the vanguard speed and traction, and the reaver we are overall on a even ground with the other factions.

    I just recently hit BR 38 with my main character (NC) and i feel on the same fighting level than the other factions, its all about knowing your weaknesses and taking advantage of your strenghts, the other is just experience.

    Only thing to consider is what @icesail posted regarding flinching, wich is something ive been having on my mind more often when i play planetside, since as NC we benefit with the most damaging shots we get penalyzed the most for missing, the recoil can be handled with experience but the flinching is just wrong, thats why the high rate of fire of TR and the accurate vanu guns punish the most if you dont hit first, because if you dont compensate quick enough the flinching AND the recoil you will miss most of your shots and you will die fast.

    on other topics, the even of this 25th in wich server is gonna be played? i know the leaders play on different servers, hence why im curious, i havent found the details of the "virtual" part of the event yet, any info regarding those details is welcomed.
  16. icesail

    Dont forget they also own all the bases and control the rebirth technology... they actually hold all the cards on their evil hands...
  17. daskleineviech

    Ok, they are not evil, but they are holding the keys to the gates of hell in their hands. They are at least very scary, let's kill them.
  18. Dhart

    NC Maxes are supposed to be 'fine'... it's our one 'shining attribute'...

    What bothers me is that folks are being pushed into a faction depending on what our gameplay is like. The faction differences are just too huge in that respect. It's not Outfits organizing against each other... it's if I want to do Air... I need to roll TR or VS; if I want to roll Max... NC... if I want Tanks... VS; Infantry... VS or TR, etc...

    NC weapons are comparable WHEN certed to TR/VS BASE models... the problem gets ugly when TR/VS are certed... NC will always be that little bit behind the curve. It sucks. Alpha Squad sucks too.

    I think Alpha Squad weapon perks need to disappear. Either make them available to all or eliminate them and give Alpha Squad folks a credit toward guns already in service.
  19. Isila

    Nothing says you have to pick a faction for whatever slight balance gets tipped in favor of one playstyle or another. You may choose to do so if you're a coward that's afraid to play asymmetrical games without always having the 'best' side for each thing that you do, but most players pick a faction and stick with its various strengths and weaknesses.

    And no, NC weapons are fine, period. A given player may suck with them, but that is only because that player is bad.

  20. Skadi

    ... my VX29 Polaris has more recoil than that.

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