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Discussion in 'Engineer' started by beasteh, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. beasteh


    Would just like to confirm from someone who has unlocked the compensator for the Eidolon that there is a marked improvement (reduction) in vertical recoil. I have seen mixed opinions regarding the compensator on these forums.

    Please only people who have the compensator + eidolon :)

    Greatly appreciated, cheers!
  2. Romalic

    yes, the compensator practically takes the recoil away completly, just needs slight movement if your spamming rounds, its decent in close range but the damage dropoff is murder at medium rane, takes far too many shots to kill someone, the TR and NC battle rifles are FAR superior for this reason alone, but, and its a big but, the battle rifles are poor in almost all respects as a whole, the damage isnt great, the the bullet random drift with each shot is really quite bad for a precision weapon and the bullet speed is very bad too
  3. Zourin

    That about sums up the game so far: Good game with bad guns.
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  4. Joehunk

    I have the compensator and foregrip. They both make very noticeable differences.
  5. Erendil

    This isn't quite true. It still has recoil, but with the compensator it's not as severe, it's more consistent, and resets back to your aim point a bit faster allowing you to fire off shots more quickly and still retain your original aim point.

    Can you elaborate a bit on what specific improvements you see while using the foregrip? I've been wondering about that since the Eidolon already has almost no horizontal drift or component to its recoil.
  6. Sienihemmo

    The recoil goes up and slightly to the left. Not sure if it's worth it to get a foregrip, because as I said, it's really slight. You might be better off with a laser sight for CQC hipfiring.
  7. Joehunk

    Sorry I did not see this until now. The best way to see the difference is aim down the sight, then fire off 10 shots as quickly as you can without trying to compensate for recoil. Just leave your mouse dead still and click-click-click 10 times. Try this without a foregrip and with. You will notice that without the foregrip the pattern of shots resembles a "V" -- it gets wider and wider as it goes up. With the foregrip it is almost a vertical line, or at least a much narrower V. When you actually add recoil compensation the difference is much more dramatic: you will notice an increasing horizontal spread that goes up and up with sustained fire. This is dramatically reduced with the foregrip.

    For the compensator the difference is less dramatic. Again fire a few shots ADS with and without, and without moving the mouse between shots. The muzzle climb with the compensator is maybe half.
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  8. krakendoom

    I find that the recoil is easy enough to cope with without either the compensator or fore grip. A flash supressor is much more useful for reducing detection distance without reducing damage and a X4 scope. The battle rifle makes you as an engineer a great partner to an infilitrator.
  9. Sandzibar

    I expected the Eidolons damage at range to be much better than this.. you're probably better off just using a pulsar-c with foregrip/comp and HV ammo, and burst firing.

    At least then you'd also have a better chance at close range as its hip fire spread is atrocious - even with laser pointer. Wish id saved my smedbucks and stuck with my trusty Sol SF. :sadface:
  10. Ghosty

    How much damage does the VS battle rifle deal? The TR battle rifle takes 4 shots to kill in close quarters, and 6-7 at far distances.
  11. Romalic

    the VS battle rifle is almost pointless at medium range, i noted before, when it first came out, i tested it with a friend and i shot him 15 times before he died as an engineer, and theres no way your gonna get that many hits on someone who is dodging, it was a very nice idea but the damage dropoff is absolutly massive and the bullet speed is far too slow and the random variation means your gonna have problems aiming anyway at any serious ranges
  12. Blackmar

    As much as I wanted to love this gun - DMR/EBR's = sploosh - I can second the claim that its nothing more than a wet noodle dispenser, and not even a full auto one at that.

    Save your certs.
  13. Sian

    All the battle rifles deal 250 at point blank. They have identical stats except for NC/TR bullet drop/VS extra damage falloff
  14. Erendil

    Cool, thanks for the response. I actually went and grabbed the foregrip for this since I use the Eidolon so much and I had the certs. Your description pretty much matches what I see so it's good to get that confirmation.

    I noticed that for me, the main benefits I get from the foregrip and compensator is an increased RoF while still maintaining the full accuracy of the weapon since they both allow it to recover from its recoil faster.

    I seriously think you must've had some sort of weird hit detection bug going on when you did that test. I've got about 700 kills w/ the Eidolon and have never had anyone survive more than 7 hits - and that was an HA @100m who flicked on his shield right after the first hit. About 90% of my targets have dropped in 3-5 shots.
  15. Joehunk

    There is definitely some hit lag in this game. TBH I am amazed it is not worse given the scale. But the other day I opened up on a guy from fairly long range with the Eidolon and he started running away, then keeled over dead a good second after I stopped firing, after running a few steps. Poison bullets, I guess.
  16. Romalic

    it was a friend, standing still at as close as we can be certain of around 100m-110m, we tried to get as close to 100m as we could, did it 10 times, kills ranged from 8 shots to the 15, we were testing out the battle rifles to see how the different factions were different

    im not saying i dont like or use the eidolon, i do, but its seriously lacking in damage beyond close range compared to the warden, my firend tested the TR one, i forget the name AMR something, and that was a +/- 1-2 rounds to kill from the warden but ours seemed to have a very wide range of damage

    anyway, i find the slug shotgun better in most situations, definatley for close range, and its a great anti sniper weapon until they increase draw distance, eidolon is very situational to me, and i cant really think of a glaring situation that its better, but i sitll use it, mainly to get the certs for medals probably
  17. Xae

    Ditch the Eidoldong and use a Nova with Slugs.
  18. Krinje

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  19. Rothnang

    I have both the Compensator and the Foregrip on an Eidolon and I don't find it to be a big improvement at all.

    I order to kill someone quickly with a battle rifle you need to land 2 headshots and 1 body shot, that's the absolute fastest it can kill another character. The kind of accuracy you need to pull that off against a target that's aware of you and shooting back is not even remotely in this weapon, even with all the upgrades.

    With every shot you take the rifle jerks up and to the right without a foregrip, and up and only very slightly to the right with a foregrip, the only way to land accurate shots is to wait till your aim resets, so what do I care where my sight goes in the meanwhile?

    When all is said and done, it's a fun weapon to use, but its not very powerful.
  20. Jaloro

    I've used the gun a lot but its terribad.

    At longer ranges, which I assume it is meant for, the damage drop off and slow bullet speed make it no better than any other gun. In addition it's just not that accurate.

    At short range it's slow fire speed means it cannot stand up to any other gun short of a pistol reliably.

    On top of that, given all its other drawbacks, its damage is awful considering its rate of fire.

    Overall the battle rifles desperately need a buff to be worthwhile. Save your certs.

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