Compatibility problem with ESET firewall?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Takoita, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. Takoita

    I've been experiencing a nasty problem with Planetside 2 since the monday update.

    The game was prone to freezing/crashing either on character selection screen or even just after pressing the 'PLAY' button in the launchpad; it took almost a solid hour to login on all three of my characters to get their daily certs and actually start playing. Just logging out into character selection screen to switch between them sent the game into a downward spiral of crashes and lengthy file verification that didn't find anything out of place.

    After going through the troubleshooting checklist for the Launchpad we have around the page that accepts support tickets as close as my amateur self was able to, I have seemingly found the solution: turning off the firewall that came with my antivirus software before starting the game has allowed me to go through the daily certs ritual and get into the game completely painlessly.

    The reason I am posting this here is because allowing all of the executable files mentioned by soe support staff as necessary for Planetside 2 to function through firewall exception list didn't work - only turning off the firewall completely did. Moreover, myself being an amateur I am, I had no idea this was needed to be done at all until a couple of days ago and used both Planetside 2 and ESET Smart Security since the official launch date without any problem.

    This leads me to believe that (unless I've managed to mess up following a youtube tutorial) either changes made to Planetside 2 or ESET this week (both of them had several updates since monday) has caused some kind of unforseen compatibility problem that wasn't present before.

    I would like you folks to look into that if at all possible. I would like to play Planetside 2 without turning off my firewall completely each time.
  2. QRLegion

    Haven't got a solution for you, but I am using Eset smart security without any exceptions specifically for PS2 and it works just fine.

    One thing you might want to try as it only takes about 5 minutes, is to download the latest version of Eset, Uninstall, restart PC, then reinstall the version you downloaded. Make sure you have your username and password handy to reactivate it afterwards.
  3. Tallfeather

    Strange. Using ESET smart security here on two machines without a problem. Might be an additional conflict at play?
  4. Takoita

    I went through the tutorial for the procedure again and have been able to play without any problems today. Apparently, it was a probelm between the chair and the keyboard. :oops:

    Still, I never had to specify the exception list before, so maybe you guys should be aware of this.