Community Event on Miller - ESF Public Training - 18th (19:00 GMT) [Vanu VR]

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Davelantor, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. Loui5D

    I don't think doing it in VR us a brilliant idea, people need to be taught the value of an ESF and ergo do everything that they can possibly do to keep it alive; if you do decide to go on the live server feel free to send me a tell and i'd be happy to help.
  2. Rolfski

    Don't go out of that training room, you guys will merely get owned by the evil other factions.

    On a more serious note, the amount of useful flight training you can do in a VR room is limited. You're better off setting up a follow-up event on PTS.
  3. SadButTrue

    I dunno. Scythes learning how NOT to ram each other in close proximity would do wonders.
  4. Tytos

    Solid flying, except for that one landing into a rock with a speed of ~15 :D
  5. Davelantor

    Actually if you look closely, what destroys the scythe there is the 2nd AA missile that was following me :)
  6. Davelantor

    So far this is the first time we will do a training in VR, BUT, i think it will have benefits, for instance,
    Then again even if people screwup, they can easily pull new scythes
    For people who are coming from other servers and factions as BR1 will be able on equal grounds.
    Under the VR system, we have higher chance to teach people movements, and watch them perform, then correct.
  7. Faze

    Great idea :)
  8. Wolfman109

    I'll try to be there alongside some of the pilots from BRTD's Air Wing.
    I've always wanted to see what kind of space hippie alien tech you guys use in order to fly with.
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  9. Pokletu

    Well here's an often-mentioned suggestion as to accomplish that:

    UNBIND ROLL FROM MOUSE LEFT/RIGHT, and see how many frikkin' players start flying.
  10. Neovius

    Great, looking forward to it.
  11. Justicia

    Was a nice basic training, thanks for the initiative Dave.
  12. Kevin12

    Anybody recorded it?
  13. Luperza Community Manager

    I recorded a portion of it, but it's all observer cam action. :)

    Hoping to edit the footage and use it on Friday Night Ops along with some guests from the event.
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  14. Kevorkian

    On a side note, I'm going to host a ZOE Bootcamp for Newbies. Attendees will learn valuable lessons like strafing, and hitting the crouch button over the bodies of their slain enemies. Wonder if I could get Luperza to attend. :eek:
  15. GhostAvatar

    Was that air zerg on Frostbite, that got decimated, part of this training, because that was fun. Plus I would love to see the video of that, since it was a bit hectic for us boys on the ground.
  16. Justicia

    Yep, most of the 'new' fliers weren't prepared for multiple sources of AA I guess :)
  17. Kevorkian

    I bet the ground AA was laughing in disbelief.
  18. Kiten

    For myself I can say that it was 6 AM, so hopefully this shields me from criticism :p

    It was fun however! Thank you all for organising this, and thank you Davelantor for talking for so long to so many people.
  19. Davelantor

    It was mostly talking on Teamspeak, We performed the tips given after each subject, besides that there were demonstrations during Q&A sessions. I also recorded as much as i could. and will have the video up as soon as possible
  20. Wolfman109

    I gotta say thanks to you Dave, this cross faction, cross server air training was really great.
    Personally I loved to see how you DWG guys rolled in the air and I got to say I'm quite impressed by how coordinated you were. You taught me a trick or two I didn't knew about or hadn't considered. Besides a lot of the tatics you guys use seems to work really well, I might have to teach my pilots some of them, we can't have the vanu start beating the TR in sky can we now.

    Anyway I look forward to meeting you DWG guys in the air next time and remember, if that spandex starts to itch too much there is always a warm mossy seat over with us from BRTD. You guys will always be welcome over there. :)