Community Event on Miller - ESF Public Training - 18th (19:00 GMT) [Vanu VR]

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  1. Davelantor

    Hello ladies and gentleman, and sub species ... We like to extend our initial outfit training round into a public gathering for ESF training

    This even will involve an information sharing and tips and tricks on conducting air raids.
    We will focus on what to behave in large air combats.

    While we will not teach each individual on how to fly the ESF, there will be Discussion periods and Q&A section, followed by Live Demonstrations.

    The Even is Organized by Deathwatch Gaming on Miller ... The Even will be held in the VR training room in Vanu side at 19:00 GMT on 18th June.

    All those who want to participate MUST be on our Teamspeak ( for a good moderation.

    This is a community event, So anyone TR, NC or from other servers is welcome.
    (Given to get access to VS VR you guys need to have a VS char on Miller :p)

    Event will take 2 hours

    Why are we doing this : Initially it was going to to be an outfit only thing. BUT decided why not share part of if with the community so at the end of the day everybody will have more fun, and leave the VR learning something now, or having shared their knowledge with the community.

    Why a day before the event : Simply because we had no clue on how many people there may be. This is something we decided to do in this scale for the first time. We are prepared from 2 platoons, but will see how it goes :)

    Training Schedule :


    - Coordination (With PWP or SWP or Point Reference)
    5 minute Briefing
    20 minute exercise
    5 minute Q&A

    - Spacial Awareness
    5 minutes Briefing
    10 minute exercise
    5 minute Q&A

    - Crash Avoidance
    5 minute Briefing
    10 minute exercise
    5 minute Q&A

    - Fittings Q&A
    10 minute Discussion

    - Flight Q&A
    10 minute Discussion
    10 minute Demonstration

    - Escort Flight
    5 minute Briefing
    10 minute exercise


    - Additional Air Training (DEPENDING ON THE OUTFIT POLL IN FORUMS)
    30 minutes

    - Flanking against ground targets (information setting and guidance)
    30 minutes

    - Sharing and prioritizing information shared fron Air to Air or Air to Ground Assistance
    30 minutes

    - Formation Flight (V and Diamond formations)
    15 minute exercise

    - Live Practice
    30 minute

    ow and here is something to watch :p

    We hope to see everyone who is interested in participating on our teamspeak. Hopefully we will not have to do much moderation. We expect everyone to be civil and if they like participate in sharing of knowledge to others for a better gameplay.

    Fly safe o/
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  2. Justicia

    Hey Davelantor, I'll be there :)
  3. MrEclectic

    Great initiative! Reposted in our forums.
  4. Kurohagane

    Could i still participate if i won't be using a mic? I can join TS just fine but i won't be having a mic at hand tommorow.
  5. Davelantor

    Sure, We only require TS for moderation reasons ... and mic will come in handy only during Q&A sessions.
  6. SpecOps Delta

    Hey Dave, that is a really nice idea - I hope I can join! (If I do not have to stay too long in the office ;) )
  7. Davelantor

    Joining at any point would be welcome, we will have 4 platoons up at most. Got a bit of grid coordination so that both platoon leaders can put platoon waypoints anywhere in map with at most 1 meter of error distance from each other.
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  8. GigaClutch

    Ooohie, that sounds fun!
  9. ddrmeddr

    Also .. why VR ?
  10. Davelantor

    1) VS, TR, NC, at the end of the day we are a community that works better when in good communications
    2) VR makes people who doesnt play VS ability to pull any kind of scythe possible
    3) VR, if people screw up, they get no timer or resource to pull a new scythe :)
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  11. RasFW

    I was thinking of doing something like this myself last week. A sort of PS2 Flight School. But I can't find the time in my schedule to do it... Wishing for success on your event, though! Great community building event (until everyone comes out after the event and says how stupidly OP the scythe is blah blah blah). :p
  12. Luperza Community Manager

    Really neat idea. :)

    Hopefully the training goes well. We could use some more soldiers in the skies.
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  13. NinjaTurtle

    Just want to say that was some pretty awesome flying. Th part at 4:45 where you were reverse maneuvering around that pipe was great too watch.

    Whenever I do the reverse in a spot like that a tree always jumps out at me :(

    Oh and awesome music choice
  14. isilyan

    Posted on the VC forum :)
  15. Neovius

    Why 18th damn... Will you at least record it?
  16. Davelantor

    yep :)
  17. Eclipson

    Yes we do, my Striker needs more food.
  18. YamiNoTenshi

    What the butts is this 'ESF'? Is it some new kind of VS fish magic?!?

    Will try to be there if you're not full :)
  19. Phrygen

    solid flying
  20. Arquin

    Hmm, I could use some practice. I'll see if I can join you guys :D