Community Clash - Season 1 Matches for 3/26/2014

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Torkz, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. Torkz

    Season 1 matches for today

    EU - RPS vs JEST at 8pm GMT

    NA - FCRW vs TXR at 8pm CDT

    For the twitch channels, rules and further information on Community Clash visit our site
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  2. RadarX

    These should be great!
  3. bPostal

    For a second I was wondering why this thread, of all things, would be locked.

    Then I realized it was just Awesome! GL RPS!
  4. PlatoonLeaderG

    How can i watch the battles?Sorry i m kinda new to this :(
  5. Epoch/Eep

    Go to the site linked above. Click on the videos button and then choose an older match from the brackets.
    If you want a live match you have to wait for it to start and click watch live.

    Are you new to the internet? You have some amazing things in store but be aware. Anything talking about cups or fruit should be avoided at all costs.
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  6. Taemien

    Not a bad time for the TR to Warpgate the VS and get some territory :D
  7. Ice

  8. Astriania

    Should be good, maybe not quite at the standard of INI-RO on the EU side but it should be another good match.
  9. PhantomPistols

    how come there are no Waterson Outfits?.
  10. Vikingo

    Good Job Jesters for the win against RPS!
  11. Crashsplash

    Yup, well played Jesters!

    RPS, booooo, you let Miller down! Only joking, you did great and put up a good fight it must have been tough and it was certainly no walk over as some matches have been. It was air that made the difference (as always it seems), it you are not contesting air your ground operations become that much harder.
  12. Vikingo

    RPS really stepped up their game in the second half.