Community Clash - Season 1 Dates - STARTING NEXT WEEK !!!!

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  1. WyrdHarper

    Kids these days...
  2. iPlague

    I'm not a native speaker of the English language, but you wouldn't understand anything I said in Swedish either, nor the puns.
  3. WyrdHarper

    Basically the entire premise is that a golden retriever is able to play on [various sports teams] because none of them say in their rulebooks that dogs can't be players.

    (And Air Bud 3 was released in Sweden in 2005--thanks IMDB!--so no excuses!)
  4. iPlague

    Do you think kids watch those movies with subtitles? It's already been violated into Swedish at that point, just like it's point or pun. But I get it now.
  5. Bindlestiff

    C'mon JEST!
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  6. Ribero

  7. Bindlestiff

    Are any of these matches going to be put up on YouTube by any chance? I'd really like to watch these.
  8. Liquidrider

    There are full broadcast and streamed live on Twitch. (They usually post the link and summary of the match here:

    but to see a previous broadcast here is one completed a few weeks ago
    PlanetSide 2 Community Clash - [VS] Jenk Squad Alpha vs. [NC] Sturmgrenadier

    I wish SOE allowed server transfers...... NUC was the last Waterson TR to play Community Clash, but not sure if they still do.
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  9. Luighseach

    So how did everyone like last nights battles. I didn't watch the EU but I watch Jenk vs SG. SG handily won but Jenk showed a few signs of life and didn't go down like a chump.(At least from what I saw. I didn't watch all of the 2nd half.)

    How was the EU battle and did you enjoy them.
  10. Ice

    Moobot - Drink!
    Smoke - Drink!

    Nothing on camera! DRANK!!
  11. Phyr

    Are these done on completely different servers? I read over the rules, but they don't really explain how this works.
  12. Nayrx

    how do you run PS on a private server?
  13. Ice

    The Jaeger server still exists. It is unlocked by a PS2 rep with specific accounts available only for competition.

    It's something SOE has gone out of their way to do for the player community.
  14. dstock

    You have given me a sad. This was the only match I was interested in, but I know from personal experience where you guys are coming from.

    Also, tell Courdusa thanks for breaking up the monotony in our farm last night, and we hope he enjoyed our sacrificial mosquito offering before we drunk rage-quit, lol :)
  15. CptFirelord

    Gonna get down to NNG v. DA for the US servers

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