commissioner versus crossbow for stalker cloak

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Pugpu, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Pugpu

    What do you guys think of the crossbow? Do you think it will stand up to the commissioner for best secondary?
    I have 970 certs and I'm waiting till the crossbow is on live server to decide which one I'm going to get.
  2. Predatorv2

    I know some guys must think i am nuts, but i prefer the default pistol (beamer in my case, or repeater for example).

    It has the highest firing rate, which is essential in cqb, unless i can jump a stationary/half afk player.
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  3. Pugpu

    Yeah, I just can't get down with the beamer. at least if your caught of guard you might have a chance of winning with the commish or crossbow, that just wouldn't happen with the beamer.
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  4. Genserik

    GDI the beamer is so sexy.

    I've been testing out the VS finally after 1 (and 2 months thank you) year of playing this game. I just run around with a ghost and the damned beamer. Good god, the beamer is ridiculous.
  5. Genserik

    How to use the beamer:

    Aim center mass - click as fast as you can - profit.
  6. mooman1080

    Depends if the crossbow is "suppressed" or not.

    But really I've gotten bored of the commissioner, I traded it for the rebel for it's suppressor and all powerful flashlight darklight.
  7. B3cker

    As long as I don't loose all my certs from the update that's currently going live, I will buy the crossbow for sure. Just because it's new lol. But as far as I know, it's suppressed right from the start and you can also put scopes on it which seems very interesting for me. It's gonna be really amazing with a knife-combo and the new stalker cloak, but the Commissioner is doing this job great as well... But due to the high bolt time on the crossbow, I think the Commissioner might me a little bit more useful. But I just like the design and the idea of a crossbow, and I already saved up all my certs for it, so I'm gonna buy it.
  8. CuteBeaver

    Buyer beware:

    The heartstring: Fires pink hearts with pink tracers and has a sound attached.

    The Blackheart fires white skulls with white tracers but as far as I know has no sound attached.

    The regular NS models have no tracers and no sounds attached.

    If you want to use it for giggles or a distraction then get the heartstring or blackheart, otherwise the standard version is best for us. VR test before purchase to ensure they don't put white tracers on all of them. I don't know about you, but i intend to use an NS one at night time sneaking about.
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  9. MasterChaif

    anyone else worried the recon bolt cert will take away our utility in squad comps?
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  10. Reavx

    Tested it today and was very impressed, going to be running it as a silent back up for my BAR.
    Its a great gun.
  11. m44v

    No. For the sensor bolt to replace the infiltrator you either need an engineer sitting on an ammo box spamming bolts like a madman, or everyone in your squad should be carrying crossbows and constantly fire bolts for maintain radar coverage instead of concentrating in the fight. Having a single infiltrator is much more simple and reliable.
  12. LownWolfe

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  13. Get2dachoppa

    My concern is it will just make radar that much more accessible in general. We don't need more maphacks, we need more ways to counter them. All this tech and no one has developed radar jamming?

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  14. ironeddie

    I'm planning to get the crossbow. Higher damage than my manticore and silent unlike my commissioner. Bit worried about its only three rounds in a clip so can't quickly use it to take out multiple targets. And if I use it as my primary I'll want to use the ammo belt because the bows ammo pool isn't large either. Like the explosive bolt option to.
  15. Master

    Ill most likely get it to run with my CQC infil. SMG primary - Xbow secondary
  16. Frosty The Pyro

    my understanding (which is purely from reading things about them on the forum) is the crosbow has little to no cone of fire, just a relitvely slow projectile with signifigant drop, which means once you acount for those constant factors sniping will be fully posible. Also it suposidly gets/will get scopes. the commissioner has a biger mag and faster fire rate than the crossbow, but at range you need to deal with CoF, bloom, and other RNG effects. Esentialy I expect the crosbow to be sneakier, and the commissioner is more of a kick the front door kind of weapon.
  17. salembeats

    Stalker Cloak is nerfed beyond any usefulness, so the thread is kinda a moot point. Might as well run Hunter.
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  18. m44v

    Yes, we need raspberry radar jamming, why there's nothing about that in this update? WHY.
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  19. Amouris

    :mad: or :cool:, not sure which yet.
  20. salembeats

    Edit: higby just announced a slight reversion of the nerf. Might be worth discussion now.
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