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  1. Prudentia

    but that IS the point. the commie simply was THE pistol. it was the best at everything. just because you aren't able to see a guns strengths doesn't change the strengths the gun has
    Now other Pistols have more value because the commie is now a worse sidearm but still the same primary pistol.
  2. Hegeteus

    I've experienced to a bitterly long extent what a truly bad pistol is like, so forgive me for being brutally honest and crude here. If you ever only climb where the fence is lowest and touch only the very best weapons of a category, you'll be likely subjected to surprises as these. You've had your fun with it, now you have to make a choice whether to continue using it. Choice which a lot of players have been waiting more patiently than I ever could.

    Some of you complain that commissioner is now nerfed to oblivion. Take away 3 rounds from it, lower it's range and slower it's firerate and then you'll have a faint sense of what sidearm oblivion looks like. With latest changes, I'm optimistic of pistols never actually going there again. Commissioner stays unhindered from a stalker point of view anyway, so most enthusiastic commissioner fans won't be hard pressed to find a use for it. Just stop overreacting before my eyes roll enough to look like a slot machine.
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  3. OldMaster80

    Honestly I am surprised it didn't happen earlier. Despite a first round of buffs the Commissioner was still too good.
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  4. raffa2

    I would argue it took too long to nerf it, anyways i didn't feel the nerf at all, my gameplay with it didn't change, as i didn't use it as an "i win" button, but actually pulled it out to headshot weak enemies, infis or when out of ammo.

    I honestly didn't feel the nerft, yet i'm still killing more people with it in the small time i bought it than the whole period i've been using the repeater.
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  5. DarkStarAnubis

  6. Gustavo M

    That is what you get for "buying" weapons based on their efficiency/popularity -- and not on how "fun" they are (pleasing sound effects, nice looks/model, etc.)
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  7. Hegeteus

    These stats show how well players do with a weapon, not how well the weapon itself works. Since everyone and their mother uses Commissioner, it's not surprising that it's average stats aren't very good.

    For example, compare Commissioner with:
  8. TomoB

    I bought Commy right after it came out so it wasn't popular yet. I bought it because it looked and sounded cool and gave me that Clint Eastwood-feel. I regreted buying it a bit after noticing that Underboss had faster fire rate etc. and it would have been more noob-friendly but what's done is done.
  9. MurgNC

    See now I'm kicking myself.

    When I finally auraxiumed the lousy Magshot and it came time for me to get a new pistol I was thinking, "Oh of course I'll get the Commissioner! Why wouldn't I? It's so good, it easily outclasses every other pistol."

    But the more I thought about it, the more I thought, "The Commie is TOO good!"

    I mean, how many times have we gotten in a firefight with some guy, and it ends up that you're at 80% health and he's down to 10% health, then he pulls out a Commie and one-shots you? Its happened to me too damn many times.

    So I thought to myself, "I don't want a cheesy gun! I don't want to feel like a jerk for blowing away some poor BR5 with my super-pistol! I will just purchase some other pistol."

    So I did. And now the Commie got nerfed, and part of me regrets my choice and part of me still thinks I did the right thing.
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  10. The Rogue Wolf

    So if they buff a weapon, should you be liable to pay extra to keep it, since the value has raised?
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  11. Halkesh

    The underboss is CONSIDERED as a trash weapon, I think its just an above average weapon when compared to pre-buff ES pistols. Now they are kinda balanced.
    The only thing that stop underboss from being a god tier weapon is that nanoweave armor add 1 more bullet to kill and that everyone use it.
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  12. Klondor

    It's an improvement because the commissioner was the only pistol anyone ever used anymore. With 450 damage, the same equip time as every other sidearm, and excellent accuracy to boot, no one used their faction's sidearms unless they were doing directives, or new to the game, even with that, people still consciously objected using their faction sidearms because they weren't strong enough.

    I think this change is perfectly fine. If you want to pull out a weapon that's stronger than a primary, you have to pay for it somehow. Same kind of tradeoff if you put a forward grip on something for more accuracy, you get a longer equip time. Buffing the faction sidearms was also a step in the right direction, it will get people to actually learn how to use their own weapons rather than crutching on Nanite systems. Hell, i'm seeing VS use the beamer a lot now that it's basically a hand held marksman rifle. Perhaps maybe they'll stop calling it bad, even though it wasnt.
    Cheers, time to pick up a Magshot and become a real quickdraw.
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