Comming back only to be slapped in the face with a 30 min queue...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zherot, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. Zherot

    Seriously?, like why are you even doing this?, this game doesn't even have enough people playing it to justify a que like that.

    You want people to play other factions?, then let us retain all our stuff, I'm not gonna play another faction and start from 0 i rather just uninstall and go to another game seriously.

    This just feels like a very dishonest way to try to get subscriptions.
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  2. ChUnKiFieR

    YOUR RIGHT!!! I would demand my money back if I were you. Oh,, that's right,,, it's a free game. Boohoo.:p
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  3. LtBomber1

    To be honest, those waiting times do not match reality very well in most cases. I had a 30 min queue, but could join in 3. Also, you now can have fun on Koltyr.
    Those high waiting times occur mostly when your empire has a very large surplus of soldiers or the cont is simply full. In both cases usually a 2nd cont should be available.
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  4. Prudentia

    It's a Population balance Queue, not a Server Population Queue, your faction is simply overpopped
  5. adamts01

    I really can't believe you guys are settling for purgatory. Not being able to group up with friends in an mmo is a death sentence for a game. There are better ways to balance faction pops. People over-pop for certs and iso, so buff those rewards for under-pop. Nerf over-pop nanite generation, and buffbut for under-pop. If that cuts in to subscriptions then I'm sure it would hurt less than the number of players leaving because they can't log in. Maybe let subscriptions nullify those penalties. But the system we have absolutely has to go.
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  6. Prudentia

    for explenation: i play VS, i pretty much never have to wait in a queue unlike TR and NC
  7. Erendil

    Agreed on all points. The current pop queue system was very poorly thought out.

    They should also do things that give the illusion of more equal pops without affecting the balance of individual firefights. Like giving underpopped faction(s) the following:

    • Reduced spawn timers
    • Reduced nanite costs for vehicles/equipment
    • Increased nanite recovery rates - EDIT: you alread mentioned this
    • More spawn point options on the spawn/redeploy screen
    • Faster respawns/redeploys
    • Shorter Join Combat timer
    People have been suggesting Pop Incentives like this since Beta but they keep falling on deaf ears because reasons.... :rolleyes:
  8. Lee Weldon

    I feel like when one faction has a 50% population, or close to, they should force the other two factions to team up. Maybe even in the form of some 2v1 alert, because in real life underpopulated people bind together for advantages but in planetside 2 when it is just a cert grind and there is actually nothing long term to lose by letting go of your territories it just becomes a matter of where can I get the easiest certs from and often that means that the two underpopulated factions fight each other until the overpopulated faction has captured all the territories that link the other two.

    You can later spit on that VS scum that you battled side by side with.
  9. adamts01

    I played NC on Connery to get away from TR and VS over-pop and cheese. But when NC was rarely on a role then people would jump ship to them and I couldn't log on. Connery's demographic exasperates the issue and the chronic bad fights and enough time in purgatory has kept me from logging in for the past couple months. Zerging is a difficult thing to tackle, but incentives and penalties are a quick and easy way to solve purgatory while letting anyone play any faction whenever they want. I really hate seeing people settling for it. Or maybe it's just me and OP that have a problem with it. I'm just keeping an eye on things and hoping some changes are made.
  10. Towie

    Well people moaned for ages about the VR purgatory - so they introduced Koltyr version (which is better) but people still moan about that.

    Fact is that playing the underpopped faction can be pretty miserable (some enjoy, most don't) so they do need to control populations. If someone is upset that they can't just jump to the overpopped faction and continue steamrollering the opposition - so be it. They need to understand that they are part of the problem and not the solution.

    If an alternative method can be created to better balance uneven populations then great but it's a big challenge.
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  11. adamts01

    As a player who purposefully joined the underdog faction on my server, I'm continually locked out of the game when my faction happens to be doing well for whatever reason. This system was a terrible move, and the solution is simple. Punish over-pop with a re-spawn timer and reduced manure generation, and buff under-pop with a reduced redrawn timer, increased nanites generation, increased ISO rewards, and an increased XP bonus. Maybe throw in an increased chance at rare cosmetics. Let memberships bypass all penalties. But most of all, people need to be able to log on and group up when they feel like playing.
  12. Ares8

    I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes to get into a server, no matter the population or time of day. Just wait it out. The queue is also still bugged so the wait times are a bit exaggerated.