Comment on new HC1 Cougar as of 04/10

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  1. MostlyClueless

    It is our only long range option (Well you could use the virtually identical NS-11C I guess)

    This does not mean it matches up to the Razor or Pulsar C for long range, because it does not. At all.

    The T5-AMC is not a good long range carbine. It is the best one we have, but it is not a good one.
  2. Nakar

    So just to check but like, you are aware that the Jaguar had better DPS, better DPM (by a lot), better hipfire, ALS, and SPA than the old Cougar, right? I understand the appeal of feel but really it wasn't a very effective weapon given how redundant its role was. The Jaguar and new Lynx completely supplanted it in every respect. It makes more sense on NC where they don't have the Jaguar and have the GD-7F instead of the Lynx.
  3. Bankrotas

    Hey, NC were telling your guys, that Cougar was awesome, your majority decided it's not.

    Thanks for Cougar stats. Hugs and kisses, NC. :)
  4. MostlyClueless

    No problem! Feel free to compare those stats to our Jaguar and see why we won't miss it much.
  5. Bankrotas

    I know the stats, I know how both weapons felt before and I know, that I have 1.5k certs saved up just to get that gun. I'd get it anyways, cause it looks 10x better than Razor, while being 10x more useful.
  6. MostlyClueless

    Having a worse version of the Jaguar is no bad thing for NC, you don't really have anything like the Jaguar right now.
  7. Cinnamon

    I hope they put you in charge of balance for TR because I'm going full time NC now and could use the easy certs to get all the stuff I have with my TR character.
  8. MostlyClueless

    The Bandit is worse than the Jaguar. It has less DPS, a LOT less DPM and a sharper damage fall off. For that it gets... +10m/s bullet velocity and an absolutely tiny reduction in stationary standing hipfire. That's it.

    I mean if you think the Bandit is better anyway then I guess good luck to you? Try out the Reaper DRM while you're on NC, it's a great gun.
  9. SharpeShooter

    Its a shame that most TR are blithering idiots.
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  10. NoctD

    Well its kinda off par really, given higher costs, worse recoil, worse ROF.

    Why isn't the T5 AMC a long range carbine?

    And given TR's trait, it should be 600 ROF even. 600 Cougar, 577 Pulsar C, 550 Razor.
  11. MostlyClueless

    Because it's not very good at long range mainly due to its starting cone of fire. It's an excellent mid range carbine though.
  12. Phaere

    So I'm guessing Zoran who called the T5 AMC and Good mid-ranged carbine but not so good at anything else:

    And Wrel who called the T5 AMC a mid-ranged all rounder:

    And both provide actual statistics, etc.

    Must being lying right? These people are some of the most well known people in the planetside 2 community I would much rather trust them over some random forum poster.
  13. minhalexus

    About how the old Cougar will be changed into the new bandit:-

    "One man's trash is another man's treasure"

    Just saying that the Razor solves most of the TR's long range problem.
    TR needed a 167 damage carbine that was good at long range they get one.
    The Razor is the best option for going mid-long range if you play NC.

    If the new gun is identical to the Razor then TR has its problem solved.

    TR gets a fine long range option, but they still aren't happy.
  14. d3adline

    Because the average TR pubby likes to sit in his HE Prowler shelling a tower, and when the Prowler gets blown up he proceeds to take pot shots with his carbine and thinks "Hurrrrrr the T5 dosen't quite cut it, NC pubbies use the Razor for that, I want that as well! Durrrrrrr"

    Most infantry fights are in the 0-40m range, everything else is irrelevant, the T5 does a good job with reaching out further (if you know how to use it properly) we don't need a Razor clone for that, as it is right now, I'm afraid we lost what could've been the best carbine ingame for higher skilled players to the NC, who already have a **** ton of high skill ceiling weapons. There is more to cqc than RoF, a high dps 167 tier weapon with SPA and ALS would have been exactly what the TR arsenal was lacking, another high skill ceiling weapon, right now we have only the SABR-13 for that. And thanks to people like you, it will remain the only one for a long time.
  15. NoctD

    Problem is its not even identical to the Razor, its hip accuracy can't even compare to the Razor. Looking at the stats posted, its just - bleh, a Razor minus accuracy for 5 additional bullets?
  16. MostlyClueless

    And we already have three carbines that do just fine in the 0-40m range. Take a Lynx/Jaguar/Trac-5 and go forth and kill everybody.

    What we don't have is anything like a Pulsar C or Razor. That's what we were missing.
  17. minhalexus

    Well you know most TR players were not happy with Cougar 1.0, so they changed it into a better ranged option and many players are happy now.

    Honestly its TR's own fault that they lost the old Cougar, I actually suggested the NC getting the Cougar 1.0 maybe SOE listened to me. :)

    Do you actually try to hip-fire with a gun that is supposed to be a long range option? You need to L2P.
    5 extra bullets are more beneficial for a gun thats intended for long range.

    Use the TMC if you want to hipfire while going mid range.
  18. d3adline

    I personally can't wait for those exact same people to start whining all over the forums and reddit how OP the Bandit is. It'll be glorious to witness.
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  19. minhalexus

    Well i dont see what they're gonna whine about.
    I mean they themselves told me that Trac-5 is the better option at every range.
  20. MostlyClueless

    Jaguar, not Trac-5. The Trac-5 is still awesome, but it's not the obvious upgrade to the the Bandit that the Jaguar is.