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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Lord_Avatar, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. Lord_Avatar

    As per the title, guys. Can you please fill me in on the nitty gritty? I tried keeping tabs on the game via YT, but I haven't played in over a year (closer to two years, actually).

    What's changed, what's coming and what is the overall state of the game?

  2. Zizoubaba

    I know I'm gona sound like I am obsessed and it's the only thing I ever say ... BUT .... the biggest "point of interest" that has changed in 2 years, imo, is that the gamplay has shifted (a lot) from objective oriented to random fights.

    That can be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on whether you play the game "just to fight" (and grind those stats and certs) or whether you actually try to win Alerts and conquer territory.
  3. Exileant

    ;) On the Playstation side, we finally got Our Ants, which means they are more than likely going to finally give us the full game in all of its glory. Vanu, is finally getting some much needed love. :confused: The Magrider can now move a little faster. Ambush Boosters for light assault, A.S.P. program for Soldiers over 100 Battle rank which allows for a more diverse and robust character, this also includes reduced Nanite usage for just about everything should you choose the classification match. :D And the addition of a 4th Faction of Androids, that have not team of their own. They cross between the other factions at random in order to balance the numbers. The death cam now shows who killed you for a second and a half. :rolleyes: Far less useful or condemning than people are making it out to be... That is all I can think of. :eek: I cannot wait for base building. :cool: Welcome back.
  4. Liewec123

    VS: VS have several new guns with a new ammo type that works like "hitbox hack", you also have it for Cosmos on max,
    Magburner is now default so if you play VS you'll need to put certs back into it.

    TR: not many changes here but you do have a really good carbine called Kindred now.
    Prowler has received a new ability that goes in the defence slot, it puts up a shield wall that infantry can hide behind.

    NC: NC maxes have lost their "oomph" if you play NC max much i'd recommend Gorgons.

    there are new robots which subscribers can play, they will always play on the faction with the underpop when they warp to a continent, they dont have an ESF, max or MBT and can only use NS weapons. (pretty pointless to play them.)

    Orbital Strikes can now be used on lattice bases.

    new empire-specific flash weapons were added, but they're mostly quite bad.

    there is a new cross faction grenade launcher for heavy assault
    (don't bother checking out the incendiary ammo, it is bugged and won't stack)

    there are a few new alerts, one which makes all aircraft free and another which makes maxes free.

    spawn system was revamped to favour zerging and longer respawn times. :)
  5. AlcyoneSerene

    Sanctuary is apparently a work in progress social map.

    No word on any developments for Oshur as the new continent they're working on.

    Empire-specific doku-styled assault rifles should be incoming.

    Kindred carbine, used best with burst fire since RoF goes lower the more you hold the trigger, but no silencer option.

    Autenil, One of the PS2, has left.

    New death camera that gives wallhax live tracking of your killer, including all vehicles and infantry, for a few seconds after death.

    Prowler shield idea was reworked into what it is now on live, giving I believe 20% dmg resistance, but its health is the prowler's own hit points, does not drain or have any cool-down, has an very large hitbox when deployed, and cannot move when activated.

    Magriders have cooldown reduction on magburner, lock jamming, lateral magburner options. Vanguards have some new frontal shield option that trades I believe 1K hitpoints for something that auto-regenerates.

    Ambush jumpjets received nerfs in cooldown or when paired with aerial combatant implant, unsure which, and their jetfuel cool-down status is properly displayed as loading on the HUD instead of hidden.

    Air alert was reworked so each air vehicle can store different amounts of stuff collected by being inside the anomaly bubble and deposited by going to the center of the map at your respective empire floating pylon, which gives points towards alert and winner gets implant packs and air vehicle nanite cost reduction for duration of the map.

    Blatant cheaters still around, teleporting knifers, possibly still noclipping inside walls, one hit kill ramming ants, report these if you see them.

    New Planetside:Arena daybreak cash cosmetics in PS2 with sound effects to match. I've seen it for the NS15 LMG, probably more around or incoming.

    Not Planetside2 but related, PS:Arena released recently, free to play.
  6. ZDarkShadowsZ

    The spawn system was changed. Now you get to be frustrated as to why you can't spawn at the next base now more than ever.
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  7. Lord_Avatar

    All is well then. :D
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  8. tigerchips

    One hit kill ramming Ants? That's not a cheat if there is enough momentum. I sometimes ram Harassers, Flash and Lightning in one shot and it is not a cheat.
  9. adamts01

    They're basically undoing CAI on the pts right now.
  10. Towie

    No he's not talking about that - he's talking about a hack that means the Ant will destroy anything it touches (MBT, Sunderer etc.) - there was a spate of them maybe a month or so ago.
  11. TRspy007

    Less players, a "better" spawn system which lets you spawn in all the bases you own (longer timers depending on how far away from where you died and the allied pop at the base you wish to spawn. Instant action works more or less. New guns that look cool, new faction (for membership users only) that basically consists of robots assigned to help the current underpopped faction. The prowler ability got ******, annoying pop balance queues that don't even display correct times. New players get 100 certs leveling up until BR 100, ANTs can one hit kill ram almost anything.

    Halloween event, new ARs and tank change coming soon. Dalton lib soon will one shot esfs, lib will get health nerfs. Grenades will soon get damage buffs and get faction specific effects. Somewhere between end 2019-beginning 2020 we should get a new continent. Before that, we should also get NS sanctuaries, a kind of star wars cantina where all factions unite to do idk, with inter faction proxy chat (potentially) nothing that really adds anything to the game though, but it's cool I guess?

    Overall, it's still Planetside, with a lot of promises, a few changes and still a ton of bugs. It's still the game we all know and love, the only groundbreaking thing that occurred during your absence would be the DX11 patch. That's right, the servers now run on DX11. That means you're gonna want a great graphics card to bump the settings, and a fast cpu to enjoy large fights. Game runs smoother than before I guess, save for the bug that causes the server to randomly drop client packets (more noticeable during large fights)and the average daily bugs (spawning a vehicle 2-3 times ext..)

    Welcome back soldier!
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  12. Lord_Avatar

    Well, a lot to unpack there - good and bad. All in all - I can't wait. I never would have "left" if not for my circumstances.
  13. Exileant

    :D Be glad you did... For all of the luster that is available now was not without their growing pangs... o_O Some of the updates were horrible thanks to the complainers. For example, when the new flash weapons were first released, they all were works of art. I actually rotated factions I enjoyed them all so much. :eek: After the crying, they killed Vanu's and then destroyed the Flashes cloak ability, by forcing you to use 25% of your bar just to turn it on, then gave it a 5 second delay... It made all the work those of us that EARNED all 3 weapons, for nought. The flash was only useful to ferry C4.... :p And that it did until they fixed it. :confused: The game is just now getting back to some means of balance. :( The Planes, namely E.S.F.'s, are still a mess compared to one another, with Vanu getting the short end of the stick as usual...

    ;) If you main T.R., try the Pillager on your Flash. It is so-so now that the Flash was given restrictions, but my friend it is a FLAME THROWER!!!! Just the idea will keep you amused for hours. Ha!
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  14. Lord_Avatar

    Well I do main TR so a flamethrower - a genuine flamethrower - would be fantastic! That being said, I was notorious for being the absolute worst damn driver in my outfit, so I never even bothered to kit my Flash out with anything but a Kobalt. :D

    Also, Vanu getting the short stick ESF-wise? That's a surprise - the flat Scythe is a beast in hover duels, unless that's not the meta anymore.
  15. Exileant

    :( It is a false meta. For those who actually know how to fly, the hidden beast is the Reaver. Shocking, right? :eek: The ugliest thing on the lot is the best performer you could ask for. Scythe's are the easiest to target for liberators and tanks that it is not aimed at, thanks to its width. :( And in a fleeing dodge, it absolutely inhales A.A. fire..... Not to mention they are the slowest fighter period, cruise and Afterburner... Meaning they cannot run from the other fighters very well. Someone told me a loooooooooooooooooooooong time ago, this did not used to be the case. :confused: I have no clue how true that is, but, with as many drastic changes they have made in this game, it would not shock me in the least. :D For now though it is slower than "Toast" after they burnt him on the Dyno.... o_O For a short time, the Scythe used to be able to perform the "Scythe Slice" if angled right which made ramming viable for our little horned donkey; but that quickly was altered thanks to the whiners. I think I was only able to make one video of me cutting into multiple fighters, and surviving.

    ;) As for bad driving; blessings for you, as you would expect from a flame thrower, it is Area as well as direct, so you can attack directly or indirectly and still nab a kill or 2, translating into: :p "Even the worst of shots will still be rewarded with decent damage." Granted to last past that initial assault, you will need to learn how to drive. Even in the golden days life on the Flash was still hard. Pillager's so called downfall is it has a kind of set range..... o_O If those ranges are close to mid-long. The reality of this however is you are restricted to things on the ground... MAINLY.... I have torched a few low fliers though. :D Not enough to kill them, but plenty so they pooed themselves getting back where they needed to be.
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  16. csvfr

    Considering returning myself after 9 months. Succumbed to demotivation prior to the NC MAX nerfs in feb/mar. First thing I'm gonna do is redeem the platinum Tengu and grind it for an auraxium medal. There were also platinum versions of the Tanto and Naginata released for free in the last 1 - 2 years.

    link to codes:
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  17. RRRIV

    probably dont consider comming back since BDG just let go of most of their dev team
  18. Exileant

    :eek: Oh I forgot to mention, no work necessary now, as the 3 Flash weapons are now for sale in the market. :p So do not let the neglect stop you.
  19. Lord_Avatar

    Oh hell no, just when things we're looking up again. Probably due to PS Arena being a flop (no surprise there). I sincerely hope Planetside 2 will survive this.

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