Combined Wraith strategies

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  1. Moonheart

    The Wraith is probably, for me, one of the best part of the infiltrator, in terms of fun.
    It is already fun when you operate it alone, but it sometimes can get hilarous when you can combine it with other players, something I don't see done often.

    So let's speak about CWS "Combined Wraith stratégies", or "What the Wraith can do to make the day of allies getting a lot funnier"

    WITH INFANTRY: that's so good to have a passenger seat!

    1- Wraith + Heavy Assault

    AV-equipped Wraith can be a true pain to some clueless driver due how it can flank, disappear, harass, hit and run. But what is worst for the tank being bugged than a Wraith flickering around, with a passenger that shoot a rocket at short range each time it uncloaks and immediatly returns to cloaking.

    I had tons of fun with some very good HA on my passenger seat, some even sending me tells to ask me where they could find me after we got blown, eager to jump on it again... we one especialy, we succeed an 11 anti-tank kill streak on Esamir once... and recieved some rage tells in the process.

    Yes, rockets hurts a lot at point-blank and on rear armor.

    2- Wraith + Light Assault

    On the same type, cloak-carry a LA close to a tank, shoot some fury round to make it distracted while the LA raise about it and drop its C4 always make that job.
    That's even better with sunderers, since your fury rounds are going to complete the damage needed to blow it

    Once the LA has used its C4, you can always carry it discretly near the rear of a base so it can use its jetpack to enter it and take everyone by surprise or bring him safely on a spot he can get back more C4

    3- Wraith + Archer

    Just can't wait to test this one... what an engineer could hope more than get cloaking AND mobility when he takes its Anti-Material Rifle?

    WITH VEHICLES: a vehicle can hide another...

    1- Wraith + Lightning

    MBT are often very confident about their chances against a Lightning.
    They becomes a lot less confident when, having engaged one, they realize the Lightning was -not- alone and that your Wraith sneaked in the back and is hammering it why Fury shell while Lightning is still shooting at them from the front

    2- Wraith + Harasser

    Harassers tend to pratice hit-and-run on tank... they drive fast around it, shooting while they pass beside it and immediatly breaking LoS.
    Tank drivers always react to this the same way: they turn their turrets toward the running away harasser to try to damage it.... something that turns to be a good thing when you were cloaked a bit behind the harrasser and uncloak to pound the tank while its looking on the other side...

    Wraiths are also good patrolling an Harasser when its under repair... just climb on a little hill nearby, and keep watch and act as a diversion if something approach

    3- Wraith + Sunderer

    Wraiths are great scout to open the path for a sunderer. I always make sure to drive before it when I see ont travelling.
    Not only you can safely spot any incoming vehicle before it sees the sunderer, warning it from the danger, but also, that's amazing how most enemies will follow you out of the path of the said sunderer, unaware of a bigger target, if you shoot just two fury rounds on him and then turn left or right to jump out of the road...

    Please do post any combination you use as a Wraith Driver if you have some I did not speak about... oh, and yes, about just carrying pan of C4, but that's not fun for the other player.
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  2. EPIC389

    I've seen some people use wraith with decimators. I've seen some videos of wraith with phoenix. Its funny
  3. Daigons

    Don't forget...

    4- Wraith + Wraith - A pair of marauding Wraiths can be pretty nasty. Check out Paqu's 2x Wraith video.

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  4. Booface

    With a Heavy as a partner, AV grenades + Decimator work wonders. What you do is throw a couple AV grenades first, and then fire a rocket and open up with the Fury just as they blow for maximum burst damage. Doesn't work if the tank hears your decloak and turns his turret around right away, but if you can catch one by surprise you can blow it before it even knows it's under attack. Grenade Bandolier is a great way to squeeze a few more instant tank gibs out of a life after you use up the 2x C-4.

    Remember that AV grenades do directional damage. They use your relative position to the tank when they go off. So, if you are behind the tank when the AV grenades blow, they will count as rear armor hits.
  5. cobaltlightning

    I may be able to help you test Wraith + Engie, OP, but I can't promise anything as my aim generally sucks anyway.
  6. Moonheart

    Wow... 2 months and half to see someone reply to my thread ^^
    I've tested the Wraith + Archer since the patch, however, and it's nice, but slightly less funnier than Wraith + HA.

    All HA have a rocket launcher, not all engineers operate an Archer.
    It means that it is very rare to ride an engineer that knows what it does with this weapon, and even less one that get a clue of how to play once in on the wraith. I've seen ton of opportunities missed because the engineer didn't understand he had to aim BEFORE I uncloak the Wraith, because I won't stay uncloak more than a few seconds.

    HA are trained since years with the "fast aim/release/hide" thing with their rocket launchers, but engineers seems to have a long learning curve to do with that
    Still, it's probably worth to wait for them to get used to this.
  7. Booface

    If have a Heavy on the back, co-ordinate your attacks. I like to have my Heavy go Grenade Bandolier and 4 AV grenades. What he does is throws 2 (or just 1 for a Lightning) at the back of a tank, and fires his rocket just as they go off. If you time it right, and have 2 AV grenades and a rocket go off all at once on a tank's rear armor, it should only take a handful of Fury rounds to finish off.

    Since you go down in one hit from any sort of AV weaponry, it's usually best to try to turn a tank into slag before the gunner or driver can react.

    If you are up against tankers who are good at reacting quickly, another AV grenade strategy is to do nade-rocket really fast, and drive away. If you make sure to retreat in the direction of the tank's rear armor, the AV grenade(s) should still count as a rear armor hit when it goes off a couple seconds later.
  8. EqualWin

    which weapons is the most useful for the wrath? I want to buy one
  9. Biddion

    You have 2 AV options on the Flash: the Fury and the Basilisk. For AI there is the Renegade and the Kobalt.

    Which is best? The AI weapons for me are a split. The Renegade is a shotgun that is great since, after some practice, you never need to scope. The kobalt is surprisingly a super accurate weapon (It is a beast mounted on a Sunderer) that can be "hipfired" but also fairly good with a higher scope magnification.

    When it comes for the AV weapons the Fury is a clear winner. Most users will need to get fairly close to the target but with cloaking it is really easy to sneak up on a tank that is already busy and nail it in the rear. This is not a concern when attacking harassers. The Fury is also decent against infantry, making it the most versatile of the four and probably the most favorited.

    The Basilisk, in my opinion, just doesn't do enough damage in quick time to use it against vehicles. And against infantry, its spread makes it inferior to the Kobalt.

    Trial them or test out in VR.
  10. EqualWin

    thanks. I'll test fury and probably buy it. I want something useful for vehicles and infantry.

    I started using crosshair overlay yesterday and I decided to buy a flash weapon cuz of that i'll see how hard it is even with it.
  11. Biddion

    You might get banned for that. Not sure how they check that kind of thing.
  12. _itg

    Crosshair overlays are semi-officially allowed. After all, the only way to detect and ban crosshair overlay users would be to ban all overlays, and even if they did, they couldn't stop you from putting a dot in the center of your screen.
  13. Moonheart

    Well anyway, with training you don't need any crosshair. You aim use the 3rd view camera and learn aim using the head of your character as a reference
  14. RedArmy

    Wraith + Heavy Assault works very well with Phoenixes
  15. PanzerGoddess

    Wraith + Claymores = fun trolling

    I mean if were talking having fun, rolling up on crowds to poo out some claymores from said passenger and watching the kill trolling is always epic.
  16. EPIC389

    Wraith fury plus decimator heavy.