[Suggestion] Combine PS2 Implants with PS1 Implants in a proper system

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Aesir, May 21, 2014.

  1. Aesir

    As the title says and I also said this somewhere in the PTS discussion about them some long time ago ...

    "Can we combine all the drop and energy stuff from PS2 SOE definitly wants to push, with the PS1 toggle/drain system and balance the entire idea around this?"

    Because that actually would add depth and control over the system. Meaning you get your "stamina bar" which means you have a limited usage/effect out of your implant per life.

    The refill or consumption for your energy bar on the character could work differently depending on your Implant, some could be for free(like promised), some could regenerate slowly from your global pool, some could require a resupply at a terminal and some could be one time activation toggles that have a bulk cost for your entire life.

    Meaning, can we shift implants more in a active/choice ability. Were you activate it on your own or make the choice to use it in this situation because you gamble on something. We could treat them more as abilities, than perks ... because that would actually be a system with depth(something PS2 severely lacks) to enrich the experience.

    Then again, where is the "promised" free passive you get for not using Implants? It was discussed and actually told to us as "assurance" that we would get something like that.

    I actually was against the implementation of Implants right now, mainly because I think there were far more needed things that could have been done instead. I'm not directly against them as a system but the current moment just doesn't seem to be a good one to do them, but let's try to salvage this ... (SOE will most likely ignore any suggestion anyway, but it's worth the try)

  2. UberBonisseur

    Even as abilities, implants in PS1 were pretty meh.

    You had Surge aaaaaand that's it. Everything else was passive.
    I'm not sure why people see implants as a core feature of PS1...

    But still, you could equip and activate 3 at a time, and it would drain your stamina rather than a completely gameplay-unrelated energy bar fueled by money.
  3. Aesir

    It was part of the game and while Implants from PS1 were not directly a good thing ... they were still better implemented than the system PS2 has in mind.

    We could however, turn it into more ... Something that actually adds some sort of value to the gameplay experience, besides a cert sink ...