[Suggestion] Combine all the Tank armors into 1 armor.

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  1. Scr1nRusher

    So instead of currently having to choose between Top,Side & Front, you would just have 1 armor that covers all of them.
  2. LaughingDead

    Seems alright. I kinda don't see reasons why all the armors should be separate anyhow.
  3. JKomm

    Would actually make it more viable as you'd get a more resilient tank in all areas instead of one that helps from one direction. It'd almost be Blockade armour in a sense, hell it could be done so there is a slight resistance to C4(Enough where max rank will cause two C4 to set the vehicle on critical fire).
  4. ColonelChingles

    How about three different versions.

    The first is all-encompassing armour, which is pretty much all the armours that we have now combined into one.

    The second are front/side/top armours, but ones that are 300% as effective as we have now.

    The third are front/side/top armours that are 500% as effective as we have now, but with the downside that any part not covered is 100% more vulnerable to fire. For example, if I took this front armour I would have 500% protection to the front but -100% protection to the sides and top.
  5. Pikachu

  6. WTSherman

    There's a couple problems I see with those values, mostly having to do with how the armor's protection is additive. Even though it's listed as a percent, it's actually a flat value that is added to the tank's base armor (which is then calculated as a percentage damage reduction).

    A Vanguard with +30 side armor (3x the value of current side armor) would have 95% damage reduction on its sides (the base value is 65). As much as I might enjoy having a Vanguard that is nigh-indestructible at range, I don't think the other two factions would enjoy that very much. And of course, any tank with +50 side armor would be invulnerable on its sides, because all of them have more than 50 base armor.

    That said, consolidating the current armor upgrades into a single package that simply adds +10 to every facing would make it a good deal more competitive for highly-certed builds.
  7. ColonelChingles

    Of course the other two factions would have greatly improved tanks of their own. It's not too much of an issue overall I think. And even if they were invulnerable from one side, they would still be vulnerable from the others (or always of course the rear). This means that tank ambushes and flanks are much more important.
  8. Lemposs

    I am tempted to say yes, but I kind of feel like it would somewhat neglect an aspect of positioning and how to attack your target.
  9. LaughingDead

    When you think about what you could also use, all round armor is the only option that's competitive.
    Think about it like this: What do you lose to? Numbers, not getting the first shot, C4, tank bust, rockets. Almost none of that would be mitigated by reinforced armor, in fact the only situations that would really shine are when you only turn your tank broadside to rockets, reinforced armor is barely noticeable when it comes to tank shells. Since there is no AA tank why have top separate as well? It's not like you'll survive a tank bust from back anyhow.

    So when you combine all the armors, it actually becomes competitive with stealth, making it so that dealing damage and getting out is as effective as sticking around as an actual tank would.

    Undermines a players ability to turn, however this is completely moot on magriders, front is pretty much all they'd need.
  10. Lemposs

    I am not sure what your point is outside of it being competitive with stealth, which is an impossible comparison since the two are so widely different in what their goal is.
  11. Halkesh

    The front/side/top armor first goal is to help new player to fight against experienced player.
    Separating all the armor goal is to make this a noncompetitive choice over full certed slot (like nanorepair or stealth).

    Step 1 - Better description for new player
    All reinforced armor description are modified to give show the effective resistance change.
    A) Like the MAX kinetic armor (for example : increase vanguard side armor from 65% to 75%)
    B) Like the MAX flank armor (for example : reduce the amount of damage taken on vanguard side by X%) [I'm bad at math, probably around 30-35% ?]

    Step 2 - More choice for experienced player and competitive choice for new player
    Add bloackde armor, front armor, side armor, top armor in the utility slot. New player will get a full armor upgrade for free while experienced player won't choose this because the ES utility is far more effective. Note blockade armor don't stack with frontal armor, side armor or top armor.
    Front armor, Side armor, Top armor are available in both defense slot and utility slot and stack multiplicatively.
    Example with lightning side :
    Stock : 58% resistance - 7 142 EHP
    Side armor I : 73% resistance - 11 111 EHP (7 142 + 3969)
    Side armor II : ~80% resistance - 15 080 EHP (7 142 + 3969 * 2
  12. Mirta00

    This is a good idea, especially since Top Armor is almost too situational to even bother with.

    There's room for a complete balance pass on Armor tbh, the main cannon differences are marginal and if they aren't going to change them because of infantry concerns they could better tweak AP/HEAT/HE rounds to have different effects on a wider breadth of targets, specialising their roles against adjustments such as these.

    Why vehicle combat is so neglected in its depth (as a genre of its own) is quite beyond me. Rather than nerf vehicles, they could simply broaden their functions if they want people to use them for other things. Making them more 'all purpose' robust against general damage with armor, as is supposed to be their trait (especially with slow VG) makes sense. Especially considering the loss of stealth and other luxuries.

    Make stealth less the default option, and more that other options are equally as attractive given the right scenario.
  13. FateJH

    Even if it doesn't stack with the official Defense Slot armor, it won't interact with stealth, proximity radar, auto-repair, and the other things that go into the Defense Slot normally. I would definitely use Blockade Armor and skip Anchor Mode on some builds if it allows me one of those incredibly useful things. That's just me speaking as my TR character, though I can see reasons why my other-faction characters might have builds where that kind of flexibility is useful.

    On the other hand, if Blockade Armor blocked utilization of Defense Slot options, why not just put it in the Defense Slot in the first place, where it would do that anyway?
  14. Halkesh

    Blockade won't freeze Defense Slot, it just don't stack with Frontal armor, Side armor and Top armor. You can still use Nanorepair, Mineguard and Stealth.

    Indeed, you'll probably see more TR experienced player using blockade than VS or NC. All that mean is TR's ability isn't great for CQC/short range engagement while VS and NC have an ability far more versatile. But since blockade is available to everyone, I don't see how it would buff a faction over other faction.
    BTW, lightning will probably always prefer armor on utility (blockade or not) over fire supression or smoke. I don't think it'll be a problem.
  15. Pelojian

    I think if we did have composite armor for tanks protecting the front/top/sides while keeping the purely directional ones we have now more people would pick armor over other defense slot items (except stealth for tank ambushing).
  16. WetPatch

    Exactly, the Vanguard would become a absolute beast which would be able to just face role anything that's put in front of it.

    Prowler's sniping would became a ***** for the other factions also because they wont have to back away as often and wont have to worry about C4 as much.

    And the Magrider will still have to run Stealth because it lack the velocity for effective sniping, and would still get owned in a face v face fight with the other 2.