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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Eternaloptimist, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Eternaloptimist

    I have only recently started to put any serious time into learning how to play LA effectively so this may be a silly idea or one that has had it's day and is no longer talked about. Still, here goes.....

    All classes except LA and Engie have a unique weapon (LMG, AR, sniper rifle) as well as the choice of certian common pool weapon types. I really like carbines tbh but I'd quite like a more versatile shotgun weapon unique to LA (for when a shotty seems to make more sense in a particular scenario) - something more than the stock ES guns or the Baron.

    It is a real ball ache to equip a shotty then find the the fight you are in soon goes from point blank room clearing to more ranged fight between buildings or jsut out into open ground.

    I've heard (in real) about combat shotguns with big drum fed mags that can carry different ammo types in them and that sounds like a neat and unique shotgun option for an LA.

    So maybe it would be possible to switch between pellets and slugs the same way you can switch fire modes for certain auto weapons?

    Maybe even a third ammo type? but I don't know what. Maybe a explosive round? But I'd happily settle for just the two options. [Or maybe - and here's a really silly thought - you could give it an AP round as a third option and make the rocket rifle into something else]

    Even just a reworked 'normal' shotty specifically designed for LA would be something.
  2. Iridar51

    All shotguns can use a variety of ammo: door breaching rounds, flash or CS gas incapacitating shells, non-lethal rubber slugs, standard slugs, shot of various sizes, lighting shells, etc.

    In fact, that's the reason police / SWAT still uses pump action shotguns, as they are the most versatile when it comes to ammunition type. Open bolt breach and tube magazine mean it's real easy to discard currently loaded shell, and manually load a new one of a different type, and manual reload between shots mean the cartridge's powder charge will not affect the mechanism's reliability.

    Not sure about drum magazines with variable ammo, but there are shotguns with twin tube magazines, and the user can load different ammunition into them, and manually switch depending on situation.

    You're correct that current shotguns have extremely limited range that can make them irrelevant in a blink of an eye, but you shouldn't treat it as inherent weakness. It's a big deal that makes them unusable. Shotguns really need a big rebalance to make them less overpowering up close, and more relevant at least within 20m. Then there would be no need to switch on the fly between slugs and buckshot.

    The idea of giving LA a versatile shotgun is pretty interesting, but until the situation with normal shotguns gets addressed, there's not much point in going over it.

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