COLG/UCA Infantry Training every Friday 6-7pm PST

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    George here,

    If any NC are interested, on behalf of the UCA, COLG is holding an Infantry Training OP every Friday from 6-7pm PST. It will be headed by COLG and former CASH members who integrated into our ranks. Just look for the "UCA (COLG) | Infantry Training" squads and join up if interested.

    What will be covered:
    1. Pie (Corner approach)
    2. Buddy system.
    3. Proper clearing procedure.
    4. Unit cohesion/importance of following orders.
    5. Target prioritization.

    Just a piece of what's going to be discussed, with new content being added to the curriculum as time goes on. We'd prefer all participants hop on our TS3 and join the right channel.

    Pw: 1234
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    Just keep an eye on this thread for any schedule/content updates :eek:
  3. NytDragon

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  4. Killuminati C

    Might have to check this out next Friday. Thanks for hosting it.
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    Nice, you're all welcome to come. We might throw in armor/air training once in a while as well. I know we touched on that today.

    Overall it seemed to get generally positive reviews, so hopefully it continues :D
  6. Escorge

    If you give me a time and location, EXE drunk division can help your training. :)
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    Back of TR WG? You bring drinks? :eek:
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  8. Hibiki54

    Hope you you guys are successful in getting your peeps up to snuff. I may join in once in a while to observe and comment.
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  9. Excellentz

    I let my guys know about this on our forums. Hopefully we can get some of our guys in there to get trained! Thanks for putting this on.
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  10. kaptinkrunch88

    Vanu warpgate tonight at 7pm.
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  11. Riekopo

    I'll let We Should Game know about it. This is good stuff, but do you know that this time is the same as the Friday events?

    It's 6pm to 7pm PST, the other guys were just joking about the 7pm part.

    But we weren't joking about the beer :eek:
  13. boldeagle3

    The Bastards are in the process of a complete overhaul our structures and training regimes, when we're done though we will make Basic Infantry Training open, though Advanced Infantry, Leadership and Vehicle Specific training will be for Clan Only. ETA 2-3 weeks, training sesh's will be held at Saturday 7PM PST. Once we have something solid we'll holla at you again.

    Training OP canceled for today due to the Indar Alert.
  15. NytDragon

    The frequency and randomness of the alerts are consistent enough to make it impossible to plan around them. We've adapted to just running training on the alert continent... live-fire training. Do an initial rally with relevant information and demonstration, followed by life-fire experience joining the alert op.

    VAST only advanced training, is not always efficient and often disruptive to be on the alert continent. So, we just don't attend that particular alert. Training > Alerts... as they help provide improved skills for all future alerts.

    Also, I posted your training up on
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  16. kaptinkrunch88

    I ran on Connery with one of your VAST troops the other day. He was well trained and our little squad was far more successful with him in the mix. If he's an example of the type of troops you train then I must say you are training them right. /salute.
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  17. desdicardo

    Most of the time we ignore alerts for our training classes as well, but make sure that we're not on the alert continent so we don't lock out people that actually want to participate in the alert. If an alert has less than 30 minutes to go, I'll usually delay the start time, but other than that, it's business as usual.
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    The problem is, what I'm trying to do is train the randoms, who more often than not prefer the alerts to training. Outfit members have no problem going to these events, it's just the target audience does unfortunately.

    I'll keep trying it though. See if it pulls through.

    Held a Pilot training today. Discussed the usage of Hover and Racer airframe in 1v1 and multi-strike situations respectively. Pretty good turnout!
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