Cockpit Kills

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Toshogu, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Toshogu

    I haven't had the opportunity to take a shot like this yet. But I was wondering if it was even possible to headshot people driving their vehicles and killing them?
  2. Kaellan

    Only on the Fury... as far as I can tell. I tried sniping a driver of a Sundy and it just hit the vehicle.
  3. Teribad

    This is correct.
  4. Toshogu

    So the fury and only the fury.... no other vehicle accept the fury...

    just to clarify
  5. Flaeb


    But yes, it's only the Flash.
  6. Kaellan

    Correct. It is very satisfying when you do it too. :)
  7. FA_Q2


    edit: well, except the flash as they pointed out.
  8. RobotNinja

    Yeah, that game trailer is a total lie. :p
  9. Schalla

    Thought the same when tested. That's sad...

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