Cobalt - this is getting ridiculous

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Vetenari, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. Vetenari

    C'mon SOE. I've been trying to get into Cobalt for 40 mins. I get the 'logging in' message for about 15 mins, then dumped unceremoniously to desktop.

    Its getting beyond a joke now.....
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  2. Starship-101

    same here, logging in for ours and getting kicked to desktop... :(
  3. Hoth

    ^^ this
  4. Ribero

    Oh man, hope this gets fixed before I get back from holiday. Really been feeling some PS2 lately.
  5. Aelyn

    Will there be some sort of compensation for these last two-three weeks? Because most of the time, Cobalt has been next to unplayable due to multiple problems like 500 ms ping, garbage hit detection and endless log-in screens. I've tried to log in several times today and none were successful. I have a boost on my character that is going to waste thanks to these problems that really should have been fixed within a week after the merge, but no...
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  6. UT40kGeodav

    same **** different day, lost a weapon and a load of cert+xp due to the update

    and they pay the staff to screw it up
  7. Zagareth

    same here - nice that a double XP weekend gets f*ucked up by this BS
  8. t31os

    Same here, just sitting here waiting.... and waiting.... and waiting some more...

    Off-topic: Loved the devs read mean tweets video, was funny(reminds me of celebs read mean tweets).
  9. djangIO

    Can't log in on Cobalt, keep getting disconnected on Emerald because another player connected on my account. Lol.
  10. Atlassilver1

    Rest in peace double xp weekend... :(
  11. t31os

    Logged in on Cobalt now.. finally..
  12. Pootisman

    Same here, waited ~35min in total on the login screen ...
  13. Matt879

    Extra double xp weekend for everyone because of the Cobalt and Miller downtimes and extremely high ping values, Higby pls. The US and aussies weren't affected by the problems, but I'm sure that they'll gladly have the double xp anyway.
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  14. djangIO

    Can't enjoy double XP on cobalt, login freeze still persistent.

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  15. Halkesh

    "Logging in..."
  16. Hoothers

    EVERY DAY xd
    This is becoming a joke now or what?
  17. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    I'm afraid there was a small login issue that lasted about 15-20 minutes but was fixed earlier in the afternoon (pacific time). Please let us know if you guys still have issues.