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  1. ChUnKiFieR

    Wasted 750 certs for implants I already had.

    ALL 9 OF THEM! Big woop I broke them down and got a lousy 200 ISO's.

    Never again and no more money for a while till you guys get your act together.
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  2. breeje

    yep, i feel the same way
    i was really lucky with the implants on my main character, bought every implant i wanted with 900 certs on 3 small boxes
    yes i got the minor cloak and the cat thing, ammo printer, heal, mines, battle hardened and vampire
    but for my alt i wanted also some implants, so i decided to drop 10 € on it for 2 big boxes and 300 certs for one small box
    21 implants, all doubles :(

    DBG should at least give you one new implant if you spend money on them
    i feel ripped off and will never spend money on this implant system again (maybe even on this entire game)
    and the cert costs are just to high, the implant system is one big grind if you don't want to pay for them
    especially if you have 7 characters like me and want to play with all of them

  3. ChUnKiFieR

    Good point. Seems like we only get the good implants if you pay cash for them. Spending certs just gets us duplicates. Ah the cash grab.
  4. DeadlyOmen

  5. Shpiler Killer

    why go to the casion , the casion will come to you ;)
  6. Scifi

    Ohwell, lesson learnt. Never pay for owt in this game.
  7. JonnyBlue

    Yea then the game will fold and go bump well said genius......
  8. Liewec123

    yep, i can't see myself having more than 750 certs any time soon, i did waste some cash on implants on the first day, lesson learnt, when £4 converts to a few hundred "stupid-new-resource" you know you're being ripped off.
  9. Demigan

    It works perfectly fine.

    The Implant system was designed to be the cert-sink that people have asked for. Just like with anything else, you aren't supposed to unlock and upgrade everything. Just upgrading the Lightning fully would take around 15% of all certs I've ever earned.

    Implants are mostly convenience, and most implants have more than enough usefulness. I would even argue that the freely given Target Focus is one of the best general-purpose implants you can get in the game even at level 1, since most of the abilities of Target focus don't even change when leveling up and are what you are looking for in the implant.

    Also you can easily upgrade multiple implants to level 3 in quick succession. Level 3 is more than viable enough for most implants, then you can get level 4 for your favorite Implants. But getting to level 3 on some of your favorite implants? That's 300 ISO4 or a little bit less than 2 Deluxe packs. 1500 certs to pay for that is practically nothing in the grand scheme of PS2. You should be well geared up after 3000 certs with enough choice between implants and enough ISO4 to upgrade your favorites to a suitable level.

    With future alternative ways to achieve ISO4 it would become even easier to get implants and upgrade them. Add the future implants that will be added and the Implant system is geared for a good cert-sink and a massive amount of versatility in loadouts and battlefield capabilities.