CM Mithril Reporting for Duty!

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Mithril, May 12, 2021.

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  1. Maelstrome26

    Welcome to the family Mithril!

    There's a bunch of dedicated, talented and highly experienced community application developers which uses your technical services to provide statistics to the playerbase. Such websites, and I'll list a few below, are the lifeblood of many of the members of the community and are used on a daily basis. Support for such tools, such as Jaeger access, observer cameras, launcher placements etc are essential for continued support and development.

    Example websites: - Alert Tracker / Statistics - Various statistics, replacement of many websites to date - The defacto standard for tracking naughty things like stat padding, as well as many other metrics

    You can find the dev community within the "official" Planetside2 Discord, in the #apidevs channel.

    You also have the key players within PlanetsideBattles, they are also important to keep stable and ensure they have the tools they need to execute their services for the community. However, make sure they don't get too complicant with their abilities, some are very ego-centric.

    I hope you will fit in well here, we've been sorely in need of a CM for a solid half a year now. Best of luck, and see you on the front soldier!
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  2. Pacster3

    Hello and welcome,

    as someone already mentioned: This forum is not used very much. However this does not mean that you can not bring it up to the level that it becomes the main source for info for players. That is up to you.
    The notorious problem of devs at planetside is that they never really established a place where you could get ALL the info and where the most important(newest) infos actually stay on the front page for everyone to notice even if he/her is not checking fpr a day or 2. Currently you basicly have to check several twitter profiles, reddit(and subreddits), this forum, the launcher and possibly even some youtube channels. So streamlining that and establishing one channel for all info might be a good start...
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  3. Lanzer

    Congratulations, Mithril! The community will be very glad to have you. As others have mentioned, this game has a very passionate playerbase who have invested many hours of personal time and money to building this game.

    Want to introduce myself. I'm Lanzer. I've been involved in organizing PS2 community events for the past 9 years. I applied for the CM job as well to fill that desperately needed void. No matter who was selected, the community wins. :) Very happy to see you on board and would love the chance to speak with you further about how I help you succeed, more on that at the end.

    If I could help point you in the right direct, here's what I would offer:
    • PS2 Discord is quite active, you'll get a lot of community interaction there.
    • PS2 Subreddit is very vocal, you'll find some of the most passionate of players there with many wonderful contributions to the community. It's also a hotbed of controversy :)
    • Lots of Tweets with #planetside2, I forgot to hashtag my own recent post about hosting a PS2 discussion with Arshee this Sunday. Bad on me!
    • There are very active player-led organizations hosting tournament matches in and outside of Live play. PlanetSide Battles (PSB) has been around for 9 years and was the group that organized the huge Guinness World Record Match. Reltor is currently the Head Admin. PlanetSide Infantry League (PIL) offers focused infantry matches. Znipsel and Ospreyy are a couple of the leaders.
    • PSForever is an emulator of the original PlanetSide game (separate from PS2). They were recently featured across PS2 channels for their hard work keeping the original game alive.
    • Many community content creators exist that do great work. Arshee, Camikaze, CMDR Cyrious, Deeg, Shoctorr. And there are so many others. I'm sure each would love the opportunity to connect with you and help wherever they can. I'm quite certain Deeg will want to sit down and have one of his famed streamed interviews when you get the time, or CMDR Cyrious include you in on his hot take news reports, or Arshee help you aboard the hype train! :)
    Hope this helps!

    I wrote a Reddit post about what I would do as Community Manager, day 1 of sitting down. I offer it freely in the hopes that it'll make you aware of what I see as key pillars to keep the PS2 community strong. If you're available in the near future, I'd love to connect and talk about how I can volunteer my time to help you succeed.

    Lanzer#0298 on Discord, /u/Lanzr on reddit, or @mrLanzer on Twitter. Any of them will reach me.

    Thanks, and welcome to PlanetSide!
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  4. YamiArashi

    Hello Mithril, its nice to welcome you in our big family, and it so great, finaly we have someone who whant speak with us :)
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  5. Daddy010

    Hey Mithril, good luck as new CM ;) Is there already infos on how to better reach out to you about stuff? Is it gonna be just this forum or also other platforms?
  6. Liewec123

    welcome to the mad house Mithril!
    we'll try not to be saltyvets too much ;)
  7. Mithril Community Relations

    Official social channels including here on the forums :)

    Thank you all for your continued support, I highly appreciate you all!
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  8. SpiderOz

    yes - this please - stuck on soltech - and communication is poor at best - and being defaulted to a non english server is just not an enjoyable experience
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  9. JustGotSuspended

    As people pointed out a lot of conversation has moved outside the forums because for the longest time, it felt the devs had completely abandoned them. I'm hoping that you will be able to get people to return to the forums with your presence, maybe even get a few UI improvements so it's easier to conduct consensus, etc through these official forums.

    In any case it's super exciting and refreshing to finally get some vital signs from a dev in here!

    Welcome again, best of luck!
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  10. AssaultyFriend

    Short and simple, been thinking this for years. the game needs advertising to increase the community back to its "glory days". i know that's a no brainer but... as an average joe, not once have i ever seen an advertisement come up. in my opinion a good place to start would be facebook business. i'm not gonna go into detail since i don't know whether or not you guys do this in the first place. possibly, its too soon since were in the middle of the campaign. it would've been better if advertising launched before first campaign. and since were still undergoing all these new changes (revolving around the new campaign and whatnot) i can totally understand why you guys wouldn't want to start a big advertising campaign until after the game campaign is fleshed out and bugs are fixed. ok i said short and simple at first but i realise now i had a lot more to say haha. well this just my opinion on the subject of community since most people claim the game is dying, i don't think it's a bad idea to attract the more mainstream gamers to a new battle experience. afterall this game is truly one of a kind. what makes this game different from any other game should be the base platform for advertising the game in my opinion(giant map, airship carrier, esamir campaign, explosions, explosions, and EXPLOSIONS). thanks for listening in, and see ya on the battlefield
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  11. RevAngel

    Welcome and a good start into the job!
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  12. SgtShiutdown

    I would suggest setting up a discord bot people can add to their discord server. Might be one of the better way to broaden your audience.
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  13. Arctsa

    Hi Mithril, welcome and good luck! If you get a moment, please look into implementing alt text on social media posts, and try to correct captions on posted videos. I have a bunch of blind/deaf friends I talk to about PS2 all the time, and if the CM starts making PS2 media accessible to them, they might feel a bit more welcome/actually try the game!

    If you're not sure how to tackle either of those things or aren't sure what they are, definitely feel free to give me a poke, happy to provide some resources.
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  14. Valicious

    Firstly, this please. Being able to know what is going on without checking 10 different things would be nice.

    Secondly, the biggest positive change i could suggest is to not use client side hit registration. Currently taking cover fails more often than not. It would be a huge boon if we were actually allowed to make use of cover.

    Welcome aboard!!

  15. Dazerio

    Its good to finally have a CM again, and I see you're already being responsive to comments, this is good, this is what we want and what we need. The biggest gripes of the playerbase are that the issues we complain about are not being heard, or atleast we feel like they are not being heard. The issues we complain about have been issues for years but never seem to get attention, although recently some things have been addressed which is nice, but we would like more two-way communication on this and atleast know that various issues we discuss are recognised by devs. It would also be great if devs would come to us and ask our opinions on what we want every now and then.

    Ofcourse being the only link we have to the devs you might become the punching bag for some of the community whenever they're not happy with something and it won't be your fault. This can be very discouraging, but know that this is something that is likely to happen, and you need to figure out how to be okay with it and soldier on through to make things better for everyone.

    I wish you all the best, please save us.
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  16. FrankieLowNRG

    Hi Mithril ... welcome ... and while you're at it could you tell your bosses that after the last amazing update I went from 60 fps to 10 fps? Thank you.
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  17. Blaargh2K3

    Hello Mithril,

    It is nice to see communication lines open up and actually being asked for input to improve gaming experience.
    Good to have you looking out.

    On that note i do have an issue which i will be making a thread for.
    I hope there will be an informed reply to it at some point.

    Blaargh2K3 PS / PS2 veteran on Miller and formerly Werner.
  18. ThunderstormAT

    Hello Mithril, glad to have you as a community Manager. Im from Miller, and id love to talk to you about a major concern most of miller has. Is there a possibility to get in contact with you?
    Youd be the Hero of miller if you can resolve that stuff, so please let me know
  19. SpiderOz

    please for the love of god - get some people viewing in game - the blatant hacking on soltech (shooting through terrain and into protected spawns) is ludicrous - the reporting is obviously not working - the same people are doing the same thing on the same accounts weeks later.
  20. captaindaan


    I have waited for a fair while since this post emerged to reach out and here I am!

    Good sir Mithril, welcome to Auraxis & Planetside 2 - I would very much like to get in contact with you in order to establish communications regarding Emerald Community Events & Further Networking within the PS2 content creator & organized community Realm. I have sent a friend request over Discord to an account that might be yours, otherwise it's a well placed troll.

    Nevertheless. Feel free to reach out to Palpable#0066 for further communications. We have a discord with over 55 Emerald Outfits represented as well as numerous known PS2 content creators.

    2RAF Community Manager & Emerald Community Event Organizer.
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