CM Mithril Reporting for Duty!

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Mithril, May 12, 2021.

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  1. Mithril Community Manager

    Hello PlanetSide 2 players!
    My name is Mithril and I am hyped and excited to work with you all as your new community manager!

    A little about myself:
    I’ve been managing various gaming communities for over a decade, you can rest assured your voice is being heard!

    I enjoy tabletop gaming, sci-fi films, screenplay writing, drawing and of course video games.

    I’ve been playing FPS shooters for many years and have become invested in the battlefield action of PlanetSide 2!

    I am presently sneaking behind enemy lines calling out enemy positions and dropping down spawn beacons as a Terran Republic Infiltrator. Check your corners for movement and watch out for my mines!

    I’ll be on the comms on social media and on the forums.

    If you have any suggestions or concerns game related or community related, I urge you to drop them here on the forums. Get a conversation going or contribute to an existing one, either way I’ll read it and report to the team weekly.

    See you on the battlefield, soldier!
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  2. Levtech

    Hey, FYI nobody uses the forums, where else will you be present?
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  3. Mithril Community Manager

    Greetings! I'll be scouring Reddit and our social media pages. Still going through some bootcamp here so I may not be actively posting on Reddit just yet, but I have already started reporting trends from there.

    I'll pop in on Discord soon! :D
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  4. Hagloping

    Welcome! I am very happy to see a new CM in the RPG team :D As Levtech mentioned above, forums are not very popular, so activity on the the (most unofficial official) discord server, subreddit and twitter (also in the game launcher, tho do not know if it is available for you to post things there) will definitely help with getting the player's attention!
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  5. TheWIngedGod

    Looking forward to see someone back in this position! Goodluck, may the dakka be strong!

    I also hope that you got enough room in your cupboard for all the salt! You are going to need it for sure! ;)
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  6. Levtech

    That's good to hear. You seem a lot more responsive than the last guy which is a good sign. Hope the transition goes well for you.
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  7. seancolbert01

    Can you please bring back server transfer for those who missed it when briggs gotten canned lol
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  8. Taklameric

    Welcome Mithril! Feel free to join the 2RAF outfit Discord server on Emerald, they have connections to many other Planetside 2 outfits, and can be a great resource to you and your job! Visit

    Hope this helps, and welcome! :)
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  9. Fleshious

    Another good place to lurk would also be the main planetside 2 mentor discord if haven't already joined.
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  10. HybridMK2

    Welcome, glad to have you on board!
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  11. Asic

    Great news, its fantastic to have a passionate gamer in this role. Any games we may know that you CM'd for before?

    I know you are very experienced and have a comprehensive understanding of CM duties, so while you get acclimatised and up to speed with everything here is just my tuppence of what I think could bring immediate benefit as we either don't have these, had them before, or could use improvements:
    1. Bugs feedback visibility - there is in-game /bug command. There are daily posts on reddit about the same issues. But there is no mechanism in place that could allow us to at least understand what's been acknowledged and is in the pipeline. Even a simple list of the 10 most reported items. People post the same on reddit every day because there is no info on the status. Sometimes Wrel confirms via twitter if fixes are coming for specific bug, but it's far from rule and more of a good will. We used to have a bug tracker based on JIRA, but it's no more.
    2. Suggestions feedback channel - there are tons of good suggestions particularity on reddit - from quality of life to whole new mechanics or vehicles. It would be great if it could be distilled into a list of the most popular items periodically for the team to at least look at and give some feedback to us. For ease of gathering you may just setup a form with right parameters that people could submit. Anything that could help us to help the team to make changes for better.
    3. Creative community - there are many talented people creating content for PS2. Some just stream they play sessions, others do cinematics, make PS2-themed music while some even do full 3d animations set in PS2 world. It would be great if such players could have a easier way interacting with the company - perhaps having a easier and more structured way to apply for observer camera and easier access to creative resources/creative team at the company. We also had n creative video contest last year. Just saying.
    4. Active participation in conversations - our previous CM was addressing and interacting with the community rather sparsely. I would love more energy and enthusiasm that would lead to more involvement with various conversations across various platforms. From posting the big news here and there to casual response to some of the more popular topics. In my mind this is the "community" part in the community manager role.
    5. 1st party Community events - we used to have those, now it is only players doing them.
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  12. MrSalty2U


    I hope and pray for good things to come as of late, I don't feel that the players are being listen to.

    #1: Removal of Kill Cams
    #2: Magriders
    #3: Vanguards and PShields
    #4: Liberators
    #5: Better Anti-Aircraft to specifically deal with Liberators
    #6: Better Base Building (Specifically Small Anti-Personal Turret, that is protected behind the walls)

    That is all for now! If you handle #1 sooner rather than later, this sniper would be VERY happy. I h8 scrub cams!
  13. Mithril Community Manager

    Very impressive list sir!

    Thank you for this, I'll take these elements into consideration as I brush up on current matters.

    Thank you all for the warm welcome and I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

    P.S. To answer your first question, you may know of my workings on APB: Reloaded, Warrock, and Vindictus to name a few.
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  14. Famif

    Pleased to meet you!
  15. Liquidrider

    Welcome aboard!

    Fair warning. Many of us are passionate gamers, some of us come off a .... bit .... direct but we mean well :). Can ask Wrel. Thick skin, a good helmet, and you'll survive this orbital strike.
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  16. CAMIKAZE78

    Welcome aboard Mithril! Very much looking forward to working with you in the long run!
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  17. SgtBlacksmith

    Hey Mithril, I don't think I've ever posted here before but I had to drop in. Welcome! I'm very excited about you joining the community! It's been a little quiet recently, and I'm sure there are a lot of other players who are just as excited as I am to have this open line of communication with the team.

    However, there will no doubt be a lot of vitriol you will be exposed to around here and especially on Reddit. Some people say things on the internet about Planetside and its developers they would never say if they were speaking face to face. Please don't be discouraged, though I know it will be straining and frustrating at points. There are many more players that will be happy to provide feedback politely, so hopefully you can learn to have a laugh and shrug off the spiteful comments you encounter.
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  18. Treogren

    Hails to you!
    Good luck, it wount be easy, planetmans are hard as game itself ;)

    btw, you may visit russian comunity (i am one of reps), coz we dont use reddit or FB or forums a lot, so disord - is only actual connection) feel free to ask roles, pm to EpicThingLPS or any other admin
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  19. Phastra

    Hi Mithril and welcome.

    I'm replying to this since you said you play infiltrator so I figured maybe you will be a bit more interested in this feedback/suggestion of mine. I play almost exclusively as stalker infiltrator and I love to use the Deep Operative implant. My suggestion is in relation to that implant. I would really love it if there was an indicator added to it in some form, to show when the implant is active and when not. Currently, there is no easy way of knowing whether its still active or not aside from trying to look at your cloak and judging if its "less visible" or not. A simple thing like a green "dot" next to the implant icon on the UI, that turns red when its off and is green when its on, would be more than enough. I already asked about this a few times but nobody replied or took it into consideration. I hope you can pass this on to the right people so its implemented eventually. Thanks :)
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  20. Greeno

    SolTech could use some love, the forum still lists briggs lol. I invite you to the RVNX discord
    Another great place to see the pulse of the community is twitch. Reddit gets a bit toxic upfront with any change but comes around I've noticed.

    I think everyone agrees the UI needs a facelift. The map screen especially, with the warp command etc, just clunky getting around and redundant pages, games learning curve beyond the skill is just navigating all that.
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